Hunter Report Conf Champ Week 20 2017

By Dave Hunter
Dave Hunter As we head into the NFL Conference Championship playoff weekend, which is the last piece of the 2017 for me, I’m going to list my favorite picks regardless of salary, while also listing my value picks.

So, let’s get right to this week’s suggestions. Keep in mind that I use as the basis of my write-up. Good luck!

Divisional Playoffs



Case Keenum, MIN @ Philadelphia Eagles ($6,600) – I was a bit surprised that Keenum didn’t give us more last week. And, he’s very lucky that he had the end-game numbers he did considering the heroic, nutty, last play of the game from Stefon Diggs, but I really like Keenum to put up better overall numbers. Keenum has the most potential for a big day at a value price. Yes, I consider Keenum’s price tag a value. There’s Tom Brady, of course, although you’ll have to pay up ($7,700) for him facing the best secondary in the game. Is Brady matchup proof? Well, yeah, but there’s still less of a will to slot him into my lineups due to the price and matchup.


Blake Bortles, JAC @ New England Patriots ($5,000) – I look at Bortles as a value play, mainly since I like his rushing numbers over the playoffs and he’s at a decent price. He’s averaging 7.5 carries a game over the playoffs, while racking up a bit under 8 yards a carry. We all know that his passing numbers have suffered of late, from a total number perspective, although Bortles has shown efficiency when needed. I expect to see him throw the ball a bit more facing the Patriots pass defense, and the matchup is very desirable. If you’re looking to save at QB, Bortles is the only way I’d go at his $5K price tag.



Dion Lewis, NE vs. Jacksonville Jaguars ($8,100) and Leonard Fournette, JAC @ New England Patriots ($7,200) – You’ll need to have at least one of these guys in your lineup if you expect to cash. And, I love the idea of putting both in your lineup. Cash or tournament play, it doesn’t matter. A pairing of both, with Blake Bortles at QB, could make for an interesting tournament lineup. Whatever you decide to do, realize that both the Patriots and Jaguars are using Lewis and Fournette respectively in a huge way. Expect plenty of carries, but realize that they’ll get looks in the passing game – plenty of looks. I do realize that Lewis is priced a bit high for most tastes, so assuming you can get over his price tag he’ll pay off for you.


Jay Ajayi vs. Minnesota Vikings ($5,200) – I’m not thrilled about the matchup at all, so I understand if you steer clear of Ajayi. Still, if you’re looking to squeeze in a reasonably priced RB, I can see using Ajayi in tournament play. You’re going to need someone like Ajayi to go off for you in a boom lineup. I mean, why not him? The Eagles are giving him the touches, plus, it’s his receiving ability of late that I dig. You could guess which Vikings RB is going to score, or get the most points, but that’s a risk that would be tough to prognosticate. I’ll stick with Ajayi with a similar price tag.



Adam Thielen, MIN @ Philadelphia Eagles ($7,400) – I’m leaving Thielen here from last week. I was certainly disappointed in his output. It’s not that Thielen had a bad game, far from it, but he didn’t find the end zone like I thought he would. Sure, Thielen wasn’t exactly an “end zone” guy this season. I get it; however, I do like the number of looks he gets in a game from Case Keenum. Thielen is still Keenum’s No. 1 guy, even after the Purple Miracle last weekend. You can trust in Thielen, and he’s worth taking a chance on at the upper-most WR price tag of $7.4K. I like a short-yardage TD score this week, aiding the Vikings to a win. I also expect to see at least 5 catches for 80 yards.


Brandin Cooks, NE vs. Jacksonville Jaguars ($6,100), Nelson Agholor, PHI vs. Minnesota Vikings ($4,800), Alshon Jeffery, PHI vs. Minnesota Vikings ($4,600) and Dede Westbrook, JAC @ New England Patriots ($3,900) – Sometimes you must ignore matchups in DFS. This is one of those times in Cooks. The Jaguars could shut him down, but Cooks is a top-level talent playing on arguably the best team in the league, with one of the best QBs in the league in Tom Brady, and he’s at a very respectable $6.1K. I really dig Cooks for a bounceback game, not relying upon Danny Amendola to repeat last week. The Philly duo of Agholor and Jeffery also represent good value, but you go the risky route facing the Vikings defense. I don’t expect both to have a good game, only one of ‘em. So, which one you say? A-ha! That’s the question, isn’t it? Westbrook disappointed last week. I really thought he’d play more of a role in the Jaguars offense, alas, it was not to be. What about this week? At $3.9K, Westbrook is worth the gamble in tournament play. And, considering the short field, I’d feel okay using him in some cash lineups.



Rob Gronkowski, NE vs. Jacksonville Jaguars ($7,900)

Zach Ertz, PHI vs. Minnesota Vikings ($5,300)


Marcedes Lewis, JAC @ New England Patriots ($2,500)

Trey Burton, PHI vs. Minnesota Vikings ($2,500)

Good luck this week! Feel free to reach out to me on Twitter: @TheRolyPolyBoy