Football Diehards' Staff

Football Diehards Staff Bob Harris
Our staff is led by Senior Editor Bob Harris. Bob is one of the original Fantasy Football Diehards, starting the TFLReport in 1993. He received one of the highest honors in the industry, the "Writer of the Year" award, from the Fantasy Sports Writers Association ( in 2005. He is informative and funny -- not a bad combination!
Football Diehards Staff Lisa Ann
Lisa Ann is living out her fantasies playing fantasy sports. A multi trophy holder in her first two years of playing the game, she is dedicated to studying the fantasy prospects for the future. Lisa Ann takes all fantasy factors into consideration when she is busy setting lineups, reviewing past matchups and player profiles.
Football Diehards Staff Mike Beacom
Mike Beacom is the director of sales for Fantasy Sports Publications. His written work has been featured in FSP magazines since 2003, and he now writes a regular column for Beacom also serves as the president and chairman of the Fantasy Sports Writers Association.
Football Diehards Staff John Laub
John Laub, the man previously behind the highly respected Audibles Web site and information service, has won more than $10,000 in national Fantasy contests. Now his focus is on providing weekly regular-season rankings to FlashUpdate readers. Laub might not be infallible, but we'll put his career-track record up against anybody you'd care to name (we've also told him "no more tuxes").
Football Diehards Staff Bill Robertson
Bill Robertson is co-founder of Fantasy Sports Publications, Inc., which features the Pro Forecast, CheatSheets, DraftBook and Football Diehards magazines. Bill is known for his sharp player rankings and gutsy drafting. Make sure and check out his current rankings on our live, customizable, Web Cheatsheets page.
Football Diehards Staff Emil R. Kadlec
Emil Kadlec isn't worth much, but we keep him on anyway! Sure, he started the Pro Forecast Magazine in 1990 and co-founded the Big f-ing deal... Seriously folks, Emil is president of Fantasy Sports Publications, Inc., the largest publisher of Fantasy Football magazines in America. FSP ( has been in business for over 22 years and this year will distribute over 850,000 copies of four Fantasy Football magazines -- the CheatSheets, Pro Forecast, DraftBook and Football Diehards Magazine -- and is the company responsible for
Football Diehards Staff Jen Ryan
Jen Ryan
Jen is a two-fisted fantasy expert, providing DFS articles each week on optimal lineups and also providing season long analysis on SOS Strength of Schedule, Red- zone efficiency and other statistic analysis.
Jen was an finalist in 2016 best fantasy football series!
Football Diehards Staff Armando Marsal
Armondo Marsal
Football Diehards Staff Dave Hunter
Dave Hunter
Football Diehards Staff Chad Stapley
Chad Stapley
Football Diehards Staff Jeremy Munter
Jeremy Munter aka Muntradamus lives in Las Vegas where he spends all of his time at the sportsbook. He is a Daily Fantasy Sports Legend who has Qualified for 9 Different Fantasy Championships. He is heavily mentioned on FantasyPros and spends every second of his life studying the game. If you want to BEAST your Fantasy Leagues, look no further. @Muntradamus
Football Diehards Staff Carl Tempesta
Carl Tempesta is a devoted fantasy football player, starting at just twelve years old and never looking back. He has won over $2,000 dollars playing low stakes daily, as well as season-long fantasy sports. Carl has several different strategies when playing fantasy football, and is looking forward to sharing them with the community.
Football Diehards Staff Matthew Cherrin
Matt Cherrin
Football Diehards Staff Brad Kruse
Brad Kruse is an avid Fantasy Football High Stakes player and currently ranked 28th in the world. Brad grings his excellence in drafting and team managent to our football diehards staff.
Football Diehards Staff Wilfred Winkenbach
Honorary staff member Wilfred (Wink) Winkenbach created Fantasy Sports way back in the late 50s. He passed away in 1993 and should be remembered by all Football Diehards!
Football Diehards Staff Travis Spieth

Travis Spieth, Daily Fantasy Expert

The winner of the 2013 FanDuel Fantasy Football Championship — and its $1 million purse — Spieth is now CEO of Rogers-based Fantasy Picks LLC. The consultancy offers up expert personnel recommendations for fantasy sports enthusiasts who don’t have time to dig through a trove of Byzantine statistics to assemble a decent team.

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