NFl Draft Winners and Losers from Round 1

By Chad Stapley
Chad Stapley

Fantasy Football WINNERS


Dallas Cowboys

Drafting Ezekiel Elliott at the 4th spot in the first round is going to pay dividends for the Cowboys in the long run. Elliott is easily one of the best RBs to be draft eligible in the last few years. Elliott ran wild over everyone in college, and with that Dallas offensive line he should make an instant impact in fantasy football. Elliott should come in right away and be the starting RB and a top 10 fantasy RB.


Houston Texans

Moving up and ensuring that they get their target at WR in Will Fuller was a great move. They already have their #1 WR in DeAndre Hopkins and adding Fuller just solidifies and rounds out the roster. Fuller gives the Texans a true #2 WR and he should be a top 30 WR if the whole Brock Osweiler deal works out how the Texans are hoping.


Denver Broncos

The Broncos have been in dire need of a QB since they won the Super Bowl. Osweiler and Manning are both gone and the best they can do in the offseason was add Mark Sanchez. Knowing they desperately needed a QB they move up in the first round to draft Paxton Lynch, who happens to fit their system perfectly. Lynch could be a top 15 QB right away if the Broncos decide to play him. As compared to the two other QBs drafted in front of him (Goff and Wentz) who have to compete with QBs whom have actually played and won football games in the NFL recently.


Fantasy Football LOSERS


LA Rams

Jared Goff

The Rams traded up to the #1 spot to grab a QB who many had ranked as the #2 or #3 QB on their boards. It makes sense, he is from California, he played college ball at CAL and now he is playing in LA, but this guy never won in college. His overall record was a joke considering the offense he played in and the skill players he had around him. He doesn’t play well in bad weather and he has tiny hands for a professional QB. Goff could very well end up being a bust.


Minnesota Vikings

Laquon Treadwell

Treadwell doesn’t have the speed to compete in the NFL, he really needed to go to a team with an established QB who could make him a better WR. Drafting him to be the #1 WR for Teddy Bridgewater most likely will not work out. Treadwell will struggle with getting open in the NFL as everyone is faster and he isn’t tall enough to consistently compete on the 1-on-1 jump balls. Treadwell could carve out a decent role as a #2 WR. However, the fact that the Vikings drafted him to be their #1 WR is just looney, especially with a mediocre QB like Bridgewater throwing it to him.