2021 Fantasy Football Mock Drafts

Here are the latest 2021 Fantasy Football Mock Drafts for your studies. Click on the title to go to that draft or go to the main Mock Draft page for more mock drafts. Special thanks to MyFantasyleague.com for providing the service.

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Free Agent Search Tool

One of the more invaluable tools during the regular season is the Free Agent Search Tool. This allows you to query a specific player and the Free Agent Search Tool lets you know if that player is available across all your leagues - across all the commissioner platforms. On top of this, each Tuesday morning the Free Agent Search Tool will proactively give you players in each of your leagues that it believes you should bid on it in the waiver wire process and attempt to pick up.

Lineup Optimizer

The Lineup Optimizer is an interactive assistant tool that gives you its opinion on who's you should start each week. You can block out players that you don't want to start or you can force players you do want to start and the Lineup Optimizer will fill the rest of your team with those conditions in mind. It also includes starting percentages and owner percentages across the fantasy nation. And it also includes up-to-date injury status for each player.

Roster Evaluator

The Roster Evaluator gives you analysis of each skill position on whether you have a top skill position or a week skill position. This team also will let you know if there are any free agents within each league that should be picked up.
This tool not only gives you instant evaluation of your roster you can also you it for post-draft analysis. So, if it shows a weakness right after the draft, you can look to make trades or pick up free agents to help improve a skill position weakness.

Link Your Teams

You can link your teams from the major Commissioner platforms including ESPN, NFL Fantasy, Yahoo!, CBSSports, My Fantasy League, Flea Flicker, Sleeper and Real-Time Sports. Once you link your teams each year your work is done! My fantasy GM tool takes care of the rest.

Injury Concerns

Injury concerns provides you daily the status of each of your players whether their Questionable, Doubtful, Probable, Out or on Suspension. A very valuable piece of information to have as you figure out your free agency or your starting lineup or trades.

Droppable Players

This tool lets you know which players it believes are cuttable for each of your teams. As you're picking up free agents in bidding on waiver wires you obviously have to decide who you're going to cut. This tool gives you its opinion on who to cut.


Trends gives you information around the fantasy nation whose being picked up and who's being cut. This gives you a few extra hence on what the people are thinking out they are in the nation, so you can potentially gain additional knowledge on players you could consider picking up.

Email Setup

My fantasy GM will also send you emails as the week each week progresses. You can set up specifically the things you want to be emailed about. This helps you not get overwhelmed with things you don't want to see in your email and make sure you are receiving important information that you want.

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Click > 22 Deep

Scoring Rules
  Range Score
Passing yards:
Passing TDs:
Rushing yards:
Rushing TDS:
Receiving Yards:
Receiving TDs:
Points Per Reception:  
Mock Draft Rounds: 55
Starting Lineup: Starters: 22 | QB: 1-2, RB: 2-6, WR: 2-6, TE: 1-5 PK: , DEF:
The last six draft selections
47.08 Hall of Famer
Ferrell, Clelin
47.07 Norwegian Hammer
Campbell, De'Vondre
47.06 The Outhouse
McCoy, Colt
47.05 Billa
Beebe, Chad
47.04 Mudhorns
St-Juste, Benjamin
47.03 Golf Ace
Gregory, Randy

Click > SiriusXM Post-NFL Free Agency Fantasy Football Draft

Scoring Rules
  Range Score
Passing yards: -50-999 *.04
Passing TDs: 0-10 *4
Interceptions: 0-10 *-2
Rushing yards: -50-999 *.1
Rushing TDS: 0-10 *6
Receiving Yards: -50-999 *.1
Receiving TDs: 0-10 *6
Points Per Reception:   *1
Mock Draft Rounds: 16
Starting Lineup: Starters: 9 | QB: 1, RB: 2-3, WR: 3-4, TE: 1-2 PK: , DEF: 1
The last six draft selections
15.12 Dan Clasgens
Brown, John
15.11 Scott Engel
Seahawks, Seattle
15.10 Brad Evans
Patriots, New England
15.09 Jeff Mans
Toney, Kadarius
15.08 Rosterwatch
Campbell, Parris
15.07 Jim Bowden
Bills, Buffalo

Click > DFB Invitational

Scoring Rules
  Range Score
Passing yards: -50-999 1/25
Passing TDs: 0-10 *4
Interceptions: 0-10 *-1
Rushing yards: -50-999 1/10
Rushing TDS: 0-10 *6
Receiving Yards: -50-999 1/10
Receiving TDs: 0-10 *6
Points Per Reception:   *1
Mock Draft Rounds: 33
Starting Lineup: Starters: 10 | QB: 1-2, RB: 2-6, WR: 2-6, TE: 1-5 PK: , DEF:
The last six draft selections
4.12 Davis Mattek (Tanking)
McKoy, Isaiah
4.11 @TheSeigeDFS | CJ Kaltenbach (EliteFantasy)
Rountree, Larry
4.10 Danny Kelly (The Ringer)
Palmer, Josh
4.09 Graham Barfield - Fantasy Points
Johnson, Cade
4.08 Danny Kelly (The Ringer)
Schwartz, Anthony
4.07 @LordReebs (Rightful Heir to the Throne)
Mitchell, Elijah