Veteran Faces in New Places

By Chad Stapley
Chad Stapley

 Veteran Faces in New Places

Frank Gore – RB – Indianapolis Colts

Gore is coming off quite the career with the 49ers and last season alone he ran for 1,106 yards to go with four TDs. Gore is coming to a team that has the mentality of Super Bowl or bust with all the recent FA acquisitions and the players they drafted in the draft. Gore should continue to add to his already dynamite career and push the Colts in the right direction.


DeMarco Murray – RB – Philadelphia Eagles

Murray is fresh off the best season of his career, where he captured the rushing title and put up ridiculous stats. For some reason the Cowboys opted not to pay Murray which the Eagles were happy to do and he should flourish in that fast paced quick hit offense Chip Kelly runs. If anyone knows how to get the most out of their RBs it would be Chip Kelly, look for Murray to keep up the same pace from 2014. His offensive line is nowhere near what he had with the Cowboys but that shouldn’t be a huge deal in this offensive scheme.

LeSean McCoy – RB – Buffalo Bills

McCoy has been a stud since he entered the NFL but he and Chip Kelly didn’t see eye to eye so he was shipped out. The Bills who have been seemingly looking for a starting caliber RB for years finally got their workhorse. McCoy has the luxury of not having a proven QB or passing game so the Bills will most likely rely on the running game often and early. He has already proven he can be the #1 RB in the NFL a few seasons ago and Rex Ryan is notorious for being a run first Head Coach.


Jeremy Maclin – WR – Kansas City Chiefs

Maclin is the only WR who was ranked in the top 20 statistically last season to switch teams. This proves how highly valued a good quality WR is in the NFL these days. The Chiefs did not have one single TD recorded by a WR last season which was a new NFL record for all of the wrong reasons. Maclin ranked as a top 10 WR last season, this match should benefit both parties especially if Maclin can continue on the tear he was on last year.


Andre Johnson – WR – Indianapolis Colts

Johnson is coming off a year in which in terms of his career you can call it a down year. He caught 85 passes for 936 yards and three TDs, which for most WRs in the NFL would be a successful season. Johnson however has been a top 10 WR for the majority of his career that had been spent entirely with the Texans. He moves on to a Colts team whom is doing all the right things in order to win now and he will be playing with a far superior QB in Andrew Luck. Johnson will not be relied on to be the teams #1 WR as they have a lot of young talent but he will get plenty of targets.


Kenny Stills – WR – Miami Dolphins

Stills got traded to the Dolphins after one of his best seasons thus far in his young career. Stills caught 63 passes for 931 yards and three TDs in an off year for the Saints offense. He joins a Dolphin team that has the arrow pointed in the right direction with a QB who is beginning to hit his true potential. Stills should be one of Ryan Tannehills top targets and his TD total should increase by a few this year.


Julius Thomas – TE – Jacksonville Jaguars

Thomas caught 12 TD passes which is outstanding for a TE but most likely over inflated as he was catching passes in a high paced Denver Bronco offense led by Peyton Manning. Thomas has the skills to compete with the best of them and he is a one on one nightmare matchup for linebackers. However, he is coming to a team that is led by a 2nd year QB named Blake Bortles who had a rough rookie season. Thomas should still be an upper tier type of TE but he probably won’t grab double digit TDs again this season.