NBA Cash Games March 6 2018

By Bobby Gomes
Bobby Gomes

NBA Cash Games

Tuesday, March 6th

My plays are strictly cash game lineup plays. They will usually be the
highest owned players on the slate, but in cash that is a good thing. Threw
in a couple tournament pivots as well.

Main Plays

1) Eric Gordon, Houston Rockets - $4,900

Eric Gordon under 5k is a good play in cash he should easily exceed value. Tough to pass up EG here in a pace up game.

Tournament Pivot - Fred Van Fleet -4,200

By the end of the day Van Fleet will probably be pretty Chalky probably making him more than a cash game play than a tournament pivot.

2) Anthony Davis, New Orleans - $11,600

How much Anthony Davis is too much anthony Davis??... Usage rate is through the roof. Clippers as are a team that are abysmal versus the center position. The game itself has a 237 total, highest total on the board, one of the highest totals all season. You should probably must have a couple of different guys in this game but Davis is the must have guy.

Tournament Pivot - Russell Westbrook - $11,200

Think I’m going to be above the field on Westbrook tonight. Honestly just makes a lot of sense being that he’ll be pretty low owned with all the AD exposure and Chris Paul defense.

3), Tobias Harris, Los Angeles Clippers - $7,500

Great spot for harris in a pace up game versus the Hornets. Obviously were total chasing in cash, but Harris has played great since joining the Clips and the price is solid.

Tournament Pivot - Hassan Whiteside - 6,900

Great matchup versus Gortat defense. Price is great under 7k. Can go with an alternative roster build if you roster whiteside that will help you differentiate yourself from the field.

Thoughts on Roster Build

Think the majority of rosters will be built around Anthony Davis in both cash and tournaments. In cash my core will be the aforementioned Eric Gordon, Anthony Davis, and Tobias Harris but in tournaments I think you can probably take a chance being below the field in terms of your exposure to Davis and stacking the other parts of that game. With Harden, Curry, Westbrook also on the slate they're are other options than AD. It’s not that I don’t think Davis is a fantastic play but he has a propensity to leave games due to injury so there's always that risk, and he’ll probably be the highest owned player on the slate so being below the field in tournaments isn’t a terrible idea.