Hunter Report Week 9 2017

By Dave Hunter
Dave Hunter Let’s get right to this week’s suggestions. Keep in mind that I use the as the basis of my write-up and do not include Thursday or Monday games. Good luck!

Week 9:


Top Level

Deshaun Watson, HOU vs. Indianapolis Colts ($8,100) – With almost 1,700 yards and 19 TD passes on the year, Watson has been pure stud-muffin. Just in case you’ve been in a coma or something, Watson has been carving up defenses and draws a lovely matchup facing the Colts pass defense. I’m expecting at least 2 TD passes and 300-plus yards. The only thing you have to worry about here with Watson is high ownership percentage, even though I do love him for all DFS formats and don’t mind paying the $8.1K price tag.

Other choices: Russell Wilson, SEA vs. Washington Redskins ($7,300); Drew Brees, NO vs. Tampa Bay Buccaneers


Alex Smith, KC @ Dallas Cowboys ($6,300) – I love Smith at this price point and expect to see a nice improvement over his last game numbers facing Denver. In fact, we should see a good amount of scoring in this game overall. With 16 TD passes and zero INTs through half the season, Smith is having a career year. I’ve got Smith pegged for 20-plus fantasy points and like him for both cash and tournament play. If you’re not using Smith at this price point, then Dak Prescott is the only other choice for a similar amount. I’m staying away from Matt Ryan and Carson Wentz this week.

Other choices: Dak Prescott, DAL vs. Kansas City Chiefs ($6,700)


Kirk Cousins, WAS @ Seattle Seahawks ($5,700) – Apparently, as everyone in the business is saying now, the Seahawks defense is overrated. I agree somewhat, and I really don’t have any sort of hesitancy in using Cousins in my lineups. His price tag has dropped significantly of late as well, meaning that I’m actually all-in on Cousins for Week 9. He’s going to get the ball to his receivers. Too bad Jordan Reed isn’t going to get any of the action with his 73rd hamstring injury over his career.

Other choices: Brock Osweiler, DEN @ Philadelphia Eagles ($4,500) – Need a dart throw? Here you go. At this point, the Broncos can’t do any worse at the QB position.


Cam Newton, CAR vs. Atlanta Falcons ($6,300) – It wasn’t but just a few weeks ago when Newton was on a roll with a string of three good performances. Now? He’s been struggling and it hasn’t been pretty. Do you want to pay $6.3K for Newton with better comparable salary values out there? Not me. Maybe you take a chance on Newton for a tournament lineup but no way should you use him for cash play. Cam is too risky for me.


Top Level

Leonard Fournette, JAC vs. Cincinnati Bengals ($8,400) – Fournette is practicing again and is primed for a big game facing the Bengals. On paper the Bengals aren’t too shabby on defense with only 3 TD allowed on the ground, but Fournette will find his way with one of his better scoring games of the year. Expect Fournette to be used in the passing game as well, as the Jags are starting to increase their usage of him in a very positive way. It’s a boom day ahead for Fournette.

Other choices: Todd Gurley, LAR @ New York Giants ($8,100); Mark Ingram, NO vs. Tampa Bay Buccaneers ($7,600)


Chris Thompson, WAS @ Seattle Seahawks ($6,100) – Thompson has scored at least 15.6 fantasy points in every game he’s played but one. Will that trend continue? I’m taking my chances that it will, and rostering Thompson is an intriguing call for DFS owners. With the way the Redskins use Thompson in the passing game and with how valuable he’s been – just ask Jon Gruden – we’ll see another strong game. Thompson is a sneaky-under-the-radar play for owners in Week 9.

Other choices: Alvin Kamara, NO vs. Tampa Bay Buccaneers ($6,300)


Adrian Peterson, ARI @ San Francisco ($5,600) – Peterson is primed for a bounceback game after the Rams shellacked the Cards in Week 7. AP will get 20-plus carries and the opportunity for a TD score or two. The Niners are pretty hapless this season and won’t be able to stop AP at all. That’s good for the Cards as their passing game will suffer some without Carson Palmer.

Other choices: Carlos Hyde, SF vs. Arizona Cardinals ($5,200); Joe Mixon, CIN @ Jacksonville Jaguars ($5,100); Alex Collins, BAL @ Tennessee Titans ($4,600)


Alfred Morris, DAL vs. Kansas City Chiefs ($5,500) – I think Morris will struggle in his first game as a starter for the Cowboys this season and I also believe he’ll be way too chalky. Yes, the Cowboys have a fantastic o-line so there is that to consider. The Chiefs’ strong point on defense is with their run-stopping ability, so that just pads my thoughts a bit to pass on Morris. Everyone and their brother will be looking to roster Morris so I’m staying away.


Top Level

Will Fuller, HOU vs. Indianapolis Colts ($7,000) – DeAndre Hopkins would seem like the obvious call here in this spot but I don’t dig his salary at all. I elaborate a bit more on Hopkins below in the “Over Value” section. What about Fuller? I like him to get more targets than he’s been averaging and I love him to find the end zone at least once and won’t be surprised if he scores twice. Fuller is a great cash game play, but don’t be afraid to use him in tournament play.

Other choices: Michael Thomas, NO vs. Tampa Bay Buccaneers ($7,200)


Tyreek Hill, KC @ Dallas Cowboys ($6,700) and Dez Bryant, DAL vs. Kansas City Chiefs ($6,400) – Okay, maybe I’m getting a tad rambunctious with the Chiefs/Cowboys game, although I see many opportunities to take advantage of. I’m not confident the Cowboys will be able to run the ball with Ezekiel Elliott out to suspension finally and that means Dak Prescott will have to toss the ball frequently. That’s only good news for Bryant and the Cowboys receivers. Alex Smith will highlight his day by utilizing Hill and Travis Kelce. You have to figure Hill’s unique particular set of skills – his pinball bouncing speed – will be utilized heavily. Both Hill and Bryant are safe cash game plays in my mind.

Other choices: Larry Fitzgerald, ARI @ San Francisco 49ers ($5,900); Devin Funchess, CAR vs. Atlanta Falcons ($5,400); Ted Ginn Jr., NO vs. Tampa Bay Buccaneers ($5,000)


T.Y. Hilton, IND @ Houston Texans ($4,900) – Suggesting Hilton is all about his salary, sitting at a low, low $4.9K tag. Go ahead and kick the ol’ tires on Hilton for a tournament lineup or two. I’m definitely taking a chance on him considering the price and that he’s one of the best and most talented WRs in the game. We all just have to hope that Jacoby Brissett sees him in the slot. I mean, Hilton has been wide open at times and has been missed completely by Brissett. Does Brissett have vision issues? It’s pretty obvious he does, not seeing the field well at all. Again, we’re taking a chance all things click this week.

Other choices: Robert Woods, LAR @ New York Giants ($4,300); Sammy Watkins, LAR @ New York Giants ($4,200); Marquise Goodwin, SF vs. Arizona Cardinals ($3,800)


DeAndre Hopkins, HOU vs. Indianapolis Colts ($9,200) – The price is pretty steep for Hopkins. We know a lot of that is due to his massive performance last week, so if his targets/catches say “Yeah, give me Hopkins”, then I won’t blame you because of the Watson/Hopkins connection to this point. Still, $9.2K is a ton of dough to spend on one player, especially with the other weapon in Will Fuller that Deshaun Watson has to throw to.


Top Level

Zach Ertz, PHI vs. Denver Broncos ($6,800)

Travis Kelce, KC @ Dallas Cowboys ($6,700)


Jimmy Graham, SEA vs. Washington Redskins ($5,000)


Vernon Davis, WAS @ Seattle Seahawks ($4,100)

Over Value

Evan Engram, NYG vs. Los Angeles Rams ($5,600)

Good luck in Week 9! Feel free to reach out to me on Twitter: @TheRolyPolyBoy