Drafting The Perfect Player to Each Team in the Top 10

By Chad Stapley
Chad Stapley

The following is a fantasy mock draft, we will draft the perfect offensive player to each team based on the biggest team need in the top 10 of the upcoming draft.

Tennessee Titans:
Laremy Tunsil – OT – Ole Miss
As much as the Titans seem to need a franchise RB as bad as any team in the NFL, their offensive line is also a nightmare. Adding a dynamic tackle like Tunsil to the Titans will immediately help protect their first round draft pick from last year, Marcus Mariota. They also drafted two RBs in the most recent drafts in David Cobb & Bishop Sankey so it looks like the Titans will at least go one more year with that tandem at RB.

Cleveland Browns:
Jarred Goff – QB – Cal
The Browns always seem to mess up their draft. With that being said you could absolutely see them reaching for someone like Paxton Lynch or Carson Wentz who might have a higher upside than Goff in the long run. Goff played against far superior competition in college and he basically turned a Cal football team around on offense that had been a joke for the years prior to him being the QB. Goff absolutely needs a year to sit behind and learn the NFL offense, which is why Josh McCown sticking around for another year would be the best plan for the Browns.

San Diego Chargers:
LaQuon Treadwell – WR – Ole Miss
The Chargers need help on the offensive line as well as another RB, TE, and WR help. Their biggest need is grabbing a WR that can line up across the field from Keenan Allen to give opposing defenses nightmares. Pairing Treadwell with Allen would form a dangerous young WR duo that could really hurt teams with Phillip Rivers throwing them the football.

Dallas Cowboys:
Paxton Lynch – QB – Memphis
This a team that had the talent on their roster in 2015 to compete for a playoff spot, unfortunately with injuries to Tony Romo combining with getting absolutely nothing from their backups left the Cowboys with one huge hole at QB. Romo should be back next season injury free, which would give Lynch a year to learn under Romo. With Romos’ injury history Lynch could end up playing quite early. The Cowboys have an above average offensive line so breaking in a new QB shouldn’t be a big hurdle for them.

Jacksonville Jaguars:
Ronnie Stanley – OT – Notre Dame
The Jaguars don’t have very many needs on offense outside of the offensive line. They have really good young WRs in Allen Robinson and Allen Hurd. They have good young RBs in TJ Yeldon and Dennard Robinson. Finally they drafted their franchise QB two years ago in Blake Bortles, grabbing the best available offensive linemen can help a team that surrendered a ton of sacks over the last two years.

Baltimore Ravens:
Michael Thomas – WR – Ohio State
The Ravens need a WR in the worst way. Going into last season their #1 WR was Steve Smith and he got injured early in the season. They ended the season with Marlon Brown and Kamar Aiken being their leading WRs. The average NFL fan has probably not heard of either Brown or Aiken meaning the Ravens need WR help big time. Add in Thomas who has killer straight line speed and very consistent stats at Ohio State even though he played with two different QBs. Thomas caught nine TDs each of the last two years at Ohio State going against some of the best competition in the nation. Thomas should help the Ravens immediately.

San Francisco 49ers:
Connor Cook – QB – Michigan State
It is clearly obvious that the 49ers need a QB, Blaine Gabbert and Colin Kaepernick are not cutting it. Unless Chip Kelly can get the Kaepernick production from two seasons ago then both of the 49ers current QBs are lost causes. It sounds like they are going to give Kaepernick at least one year under Kelly to see if he can return to the QB they thought he once was. This is perfect for the 49ers to draft Cook and let him learn the NFL and the complex Chip Kelly offense.

Miami Dolphins:
Ezekiel Elliot – RB – Ohio State
The Dolphins would love to resign Lamar Miller at RB who turned in his best season in 2015 but it seems like he is going to want to try and get a lot more money than he is worth. The Dolphins should let some other team pay him the big bucks and draft Elliot who is probably going to have a longer and better NFL career. Elliot is far and away the best RB in this draft and would fill a need for the Dolphins.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers:
Corey Coleman – WR – Baylor
The Bucs might need a RB if they let Doug Martin test the waters in FA. However, the idea of adding Coleman to a stacked WR core of Mike Evans and Vincent Jackson could be too good to pass up. Coleman will give the Bucs another scary option at WR for Jamesis Winston to throw to. They could also use an upgrade at TE but at #9 there is no TE worthy of drafting this high.

New York Giants:
Derrick Henry – RB – Alabama
The Giants went into 2015 with Andre Williams and Rashad Jennings at RB and those two clearly did not work at RB. Williams probably won’t be in the NFL in three years and Jennings has been injury prone ever since they signed him. The Giants need a workhorse RB, enter Henry who just won the Heisman and pretty much ran over everyone in his way all last season. Henry has a lot of qualities in a RB that make you think he can be in the NFL for many years.