Best Free Agents Still Available

By Chad Stapley
Chad Stapley

 Best Free Agents Still Available



This is by far the most depleted position in free agency if your team still happens to be looking for a starter. Everyone on this list is a situational starter at best but better suited as a backup QB.

Austin Davis – Davis actually has the most upside of any FA QB available as he was thrown into a starter’s role last year and had some pretty decent games. He seems like a career backup, but one you can trust to win a game or two when absolutely needed.

Michael Vick – Everyone knows what Vick can bring to the table athletically. He is just so fragile especially as he continues to age. Vick is still a pretty decent option to be a backup QB for any team that has a proven veteran starter.

Josh Johnson/Tavaris Jackson/Matt Flynn/Jason Campbell – These guys are all grouped together because they have all proven that they are not capable of being starters anymore. Johnson has the most upside as he is extremely athletic, but he has bounced around a couple of teams already. Jackson, Flynn, and Campbell have all been given opportunities to start and proven incapable. These guys are decent backups whom you don’t really want starting football games for you.


Running Backs:

The career life of a RB in the NFL has dramatically shortened in the last few years as teams transition to pass heavy offenses and want RBs that have game breaking speed, not guys who run between the tackles. The list of available RBs is long, the list of quality available RBs is depleted and nearly empty.

Pierre Thomas – Thomas got cut from the Saints this offseason but he can probably still churn out a few more decent years of production. Thomas is nowhere near the athlete he once was but he could be a good pick up for a team looking for a solid #2 RB.

Daniel Thomas – Thomas looked lost most of his time with the Dolphins but that is not entirely on him. Thomas went through some drama in his short run with the Dolphins and they played musical chairs at RB for the last few seasons. Thomas still has a lot of gas left in the tank and he could be worth the risk if a team gets him on a one year deal.

Lance Dunbar – Dunbar actually did pretty well in the preseason and was expected to play more than he did this year. Of course when the guy in front of you leads the NFL in rushing and doesn’t happen to get hurt once in the process it’s hard to get any playing time. Dunbar can be a solid #2 for a team looking for a RB. He never really got the opportunity to showcase his talents in Dallas. He could be a surprise pickup for some lucky team.

Wide Receivers & Tight Ends:

Michael Crabtree – Crabtree never really amounted to his draft position and the 49ers finally had enough of him. He is a former first round talent and could prove to be a worthy pickup for a team that has a proven QB and he is not depended on to be the #1 WR. Crabtree is at best a #2 WR on any given NFL roster.

Greg Jennings – Jennings never really got it going with the Vikings after he switched over from the Packers. Jennings was cut mainly because he was out played by a guy on the roster that no one had heard of until the season started. Jennings is also dealing with an injury so he might be available until that injury gets taken care of. Jennings needs to go to a team with a proven QB that needs him as a second or third WR not their primary target.

Greg Little/Brandon Tate/Donnie Avery/Robert Meachem/Denarius Moore – All of these guys have had spurts of great play and then completely disappeared in the same season. Meachem is probably a product of the Saints offense and needs a fast paced constantly moving offense to do well (maybe the Eagles). Little and Tate both were let go from the Bengals as neither of them really ever clicked with the team. They both could be good pickups as a 3rd or 4th WR off of the bench. Avery and Moore are the biggest names out of this group but Avery never seems to stay healthy and Moore has never had a QB and most of his stats came in garbage time when the Raiders were well out of contention to win a game.

Zach Miller – Miller was let go be the Seahawks after a year where he didn’t play much due to injury. Miller has proven he can be a capable and reliable target throughout his career when healthy. He would be a good addition to a team needing a veteran TE to help teach a younger TE or for a team who run a lot of two TE sets.

Jermaine Gresham – For as much grief Gresham has taken over his career for not living up to his draft potential he actually has pretty decent stats. He is entering his 6th season in the NFL and he has never had a season where he has played less than 14 games or had less than four TD receptions. In fact he was tied for second on the Bengals for TD receptions and had sole possession of second place on the team for overall receptions. He is absolutely worth taking a one year flyer on him.