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Bryant Still Awaiting Full Reinstatement; No Practice Until He Does
Martavis Bryant was reinstated by the NFL on a conditional basis in May meaning the talented-but-troubled young wideout could participate in team meetings and off-season workouts effective immediately. The initial plan said he's also be allowed to participate in training camp practices and preseason games provided that he demonstrated before camp that he has made the necessary arrangements to continue drug treatment in Pittsburgh.

Apparently, that hasn't happened.

Steelers GM Kevin Colbert released the following statement on Bryant on Thursday afternoon: “Upon his conditional reinstatement in April, Martavis Bryant was made aware it was only the beginning of a process toward a return to being a full contributing member of the Pittsburgh Steelers. We have been informed by the NFL that Martavis is still in the process of being fully reinstated.

"Until that time, Martavis will be permitted to take part in off-the-field team activities at training camp, but he will not be permitted to practice or play in any games.”

So the waiting game begins.

Once he's reinstated, there's no doubt what Bryant brings to the table.

We're talking about a player who averaged 17.3 yards on 76 catches during his first two seasons and scored an impressive 14 touchdowns in just 21 regular-season games. In addition, Bryant has been on the field for at least 70 percent of the team's pass plays during 12 of his 24 career games (including three postseason appearances). According to ESPN's Mike Clay, during those 12 game, Bryant handled 9.5 targets per game.

And now, Bryant is in line to build on those numbers playing in a prolific offense alongside Antonio Bryant and Le'Veon Bell with the experienced and capable Ben Roethlisberger as their trigger man.

It's an appealing situation. As long as Bryant is actually able to hit the field.

So stay tuned. More to come.