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DeAndre Hopkins Ends Holdout After One Day
Following up on a previous item. ... Fantasy football owners didn't have to wait long for resolution on this one. ... DeAndre Hopkins is returning to the Texans after a one-day holdout to protest his current contract and the team's unwillingness to negotiate a new deal.

In a statement, Hopkins said he’s returning to the team “to play for a Super Bowl” and that he’s excited about what’s ahead for the Texans.

The statement says Hopkins remains “disappointed” in his current contract situation and has “expressed [his] sincere position” on the matter. So, the negotiation continues — but the work does, too.

Hopkins will address the media in Houston later Sunday afternoon.

A first-round pick in 2013, Hopkins would like to have the final two years of his rookie deal torn up and replaced with a new contract.

But an extended holdout would have been costly. Hopkins would have been subject to $40,000 per day in fines, partial forfeiture of his signing bonus, loss of a $445,000 roster bonus that is due Aug. 4, and eventually the loss of a year of credit to free agency.

So now he returns to work -- hopefully with his point made. Perhaps the Texans will soften their approach with Hopkins softening his.