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by Michael Valverde Risers and Fallers going into preseason 2019Risers and Fallers going into preseason 2019
by Michael Valverde
Risers Kerryon Johnson Dating back to the last off-season Kerryon Johnson was getting recognition of someone who could be a bell-cow. The Lions had other plans when it came to the regular season. The coaching staff made sure that Johnson and LeGarrette Blount were going to split time evenly carr...
by Michael Valverde fantasy football rankings tiers 2019fantasy football rankings tiers 2019
by Michael Valverde
Tiers. This mechanism alone could win an owner a title. The first time I ever developed a tier sheet was around 2001. I heard this term "tier" floating around the fantasy football section of the internet and immediately I was all-in. It is essential and a great step in organizing a drafting strategy...
by Adam Hall NFL Strength of Schedule and Defensive Projections for 2019NFL Strength of Schedule and Defensive Projections for 2019
by Adam Hall
by Adam Hall and David Sciacca Luck is often defined as preparation meeting opportunity. In this article the rsum of each team is peeled back to expose the liabilities and strengths that the fantasy community can exploit to earn a leg up against the competition in the upcoming season. Through...
by Kyle Dvorchak 3 Best Ball Passing Stacks to Target3 Best Ball Passing Stacks to Target
by Kyle Dvorchak
Before we get into the best passing stacks for the 2019 season, is stacking quarterback and their targets beneficial in the first place? Stacking in 2018 Receivers Each week, in a Best Ball league, we want to have one of the top-scoring passers in the NFL. The top-50 individual games for qu...
by Kyle Dvorchak You want to be a DFS Millionaire?You want to be a DFS Millionaire?
by Kyle Dvorchak
Please, dont stop reading now, but I do not actually possess the secret to winning one million dollars. Think about it: If I did have that knowledge, would I be spending my time writing for a magazine? No. Without knowing how much one costs, I assume I would be on my island drinking fancy drinks. Cu...
by Gary Davenport
In the 21st-century NFL, offense is king. Teams are spreading the field and throwing the ball more than ever before. At the rate the rules are changing to favor offenses, within three years it will be a 15-yard penalty to look sternly at a receiver or say something mean to a quarterback. Unless y...
by Alex McCarthy Dynasty Stockwatch 2019Dynasty Stockwatch 2019
by Alex McCarthy
The NFL offseason may represent some much-needed time off for the players, but front offices are active year round. The seven months between the Super Bowl and Week 1 contain frantic flurries of activity in free agency, the draft, and the annual coaching carousel as GMs scramble to improve their tea...
by Bob Harris 2019 Offseason Marked By Some Major Changes2019 Offseason Marked By Some Major Changes
by Bob Harris
Change is a constant in the NFL offseason. It happens at all levels. In the league office. Team management. Coaching. All have some impact on the game. But none as much as player movement. That was even more prominent this offseason, with some of the biggest names in the NFL moving to new locati...
by Alex McCarthy Using Strength of Schedule Analysis to Get AheadUsing Strength of Schedule Analysis to Get Ahead
by Alex McCarthy
The Schedules The color-coded schedules that accompany this article are a graphic representation of the caliber of passing and rushing defenses each team will play over the course of the season. Projecting a teams defensive performance for next season begins with analyzing their performance from la...