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One of the primary functions that football diehards provides to you the customer is our fantasy football rankings. We have rankings in many forms including PPR, half PPR, standard, redraft, Dynasty and configurable rankings. The fantasy football rankings also include preseason draft-guide rankings and in-season weekly rankings.


Included in our fantasy football configurable / creator rankings is a printable output. Obviously, this is an important tool for you to take to your fantasy football drafts and be able to check off players and prepare for your next pick as the draft progresses. And obviously configurable rankings are extremely valuable to build in your fantasy football league scoring system in and get rankings in a cheat sheet format that is optimized for your league.


We also have a fantasy football ranking matrix of our staff. So, you can select which staff members you want to include in the system will take the average of those staff members and create an average or consensus ranking for your selections. This also includes overall ranking i.e. top-200, and each skill position: quarterback, running back, wide receiver, placekicker, and defense. The configurable (creator) rankings also include the flex position.


Below is an example of the user interface for the configurable rankings.

our fantasy football configurable rankings

Here is an example of the staff fantasy football matrix rankings. Notice Emil Kadlec’s rankings are unchecked, so his will not be part of the consensus/average matrix rankings.


the fantasy football matrix rankings


It's not all about fantasy football rankings - draft strategies, preparation, mock drafts are all important parts of a successful draft. Our STOMP draft article and tool include excellent well tested draft strategies that you can take advantage of. They include many tactics that can help you outfox your competition. It's a good idea as you prepare for your drafts, to review football diehards' strategies as you study for your drafts.


Preparation is very important! The successful manager spends a significant amount of time studying rankings and thinking about their draft strategy. And part of that preparation is doing a lot of mock drafts. Mock drafts are an excellent way to get a feel for when players are going in drafts and also reminds you of players you have "forgotten" about. Or perhaps you have devalued certain players for emotional reasons and these drafts help you rethink your positions. However, there is a thing called "Group Think" which can really bite you in the butt. Just because other people have a player ranked high or low, and you have a different opinion doesn't mean you want to change your opinion just because other people or a majority of people have a different opinion then you.


You need to separate your opinions from the competition - Think about ways to make your fantasy football rankings unique from the Group Think. It's important to study hard and find the unique positions where you think somebody's going to be a sleeper or a player is going to fall in value from the previous year.


Take advantage of "Group Think" and don't be afraid to be different. Being different is very important and if you think your strategies out and your rankings out carefully, you can come up with some significant players that you can focus on as sleepers or longshots.


You may even consider doing some low dollar best ball drafts. Yes, Best ball is different than a standard redraft league. Quarterbacks will go earlier and there will be extra players taken at positions, but it gets you that experience with fantasy players who are willing to pay 10 bucks or so to play in a draft. This raises the expert level of the draft and allows you to get more out of your preparation and practice drafts. Enjoy your drafts and we are honored to provide you with advice and fantasy football rankings to help you when your leagues.