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By Dave Hunter

The Hunter Report - DFS Week 9

Let me fill you in on a little secret - knowing the kind of DFS player you are and NOT overstepping your bankroll limit is highly important.

Meaning: if you’re a $3 entry GPP league guy, and you know that’s your budget, why in the world would you drop $100 in a league to compete?

Know your limits. I know mine. Do you? I have my own system that works well for me. Would I love to do this for a living? Absolutely, but you’ve got to have a pretty big bank roll for that to happen.

Me? I’m married, two kids in the house and I don’t have the luxury of putting hundreds of dollars into my account; however, I do have fun. I play small entry-fee leagues and if I make some dough, I’m happy. If I break even, I’m not as happy, but not upset either.

Know your DFS goal. And, by all means, if you have the bank roll to go all-in… go for it! One day I will, maybe when I no longer have to support a family. Or, I get brave.

Week 8 was lovely for me. I did okay in the $22 Seasonal League (14th out of 46), but I made out like a bandit in my other leagues.

My lineup for Week 8:

QB – Matt Ryan, ATL (20.08)
QB – Andy Dalton, CIN (9.64)
RB – Ronnie Hillman, DEN (18)
RB – Alfred Blue, HOU (9.7)
WR – DeAndre Hopkins, HOU (19.4)
WR – Brandin Cooks, NO (23.5)
TE – Ladarius Green, SD (1.5)
FLEX – Mohamed Sanu, CIN (2)
FLEX – Devonta Freeman, ATL (16.1)
DEF – Atlanta Falcons (2)

I totaled 121.92 points, but fell behind “JBolt” and his 162.38 points for the week. I’m still in things for the season and that’s all that matters to me at this point. Thank you, Ronnie Hillman, and while I normally wouldn’t pay the bucks for Devonta Freeman I thought I found some good values to work him in. But, Hillman was my savior as he helped me in all my other leagues, netting $160-something bucks on about $35 spent. Cha-Ching!

You can check out the yearly standings for yourself. I’m “TheRolyPolyBoy”, and I rank 14th overall out of 46 for the year:

Good luck in Week 9! You’re in the midst of bye-week hell. Ugh.

Bye Week: Arizona Cardinals; Baltimore Ravens; Detroit Lions; Houston Texans; Kansas City Chiefs; Seattle Seahawks


Top Level

Tom Brady, NE vs. Washington Redskins ($157,900) – I’ve said it many times before: I don’t like spending this kind of dough on one player. Still, if I’m going to fork over the big bucks, Brady is someone I don’t mind going all-in on. On, Brady is averaging 26.63 FPPG. Quite excellent, eh?

Other choices: Drew Brees, NO vs. Tennessee Titans ($148,200)


Eli Manning, NYG @ Tampa Bay Buccaneers ($139,900) – Did you take my advice last week on Manning? I hope so. Manning more than made up for his two previous weeks where he was quite miserable. I’m rolling with Manning here again, considering the matchup facing the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. The Bucs give up the third most fantasy points to quarterbacks in 2015 through eight weeks of play.

Other choices: Derek Carr, OAK @ Pittsburgh Steelers ($135,300)


Blake Bortles, JAC @ New York Jets ($117,900) – My thoughts are finally creeping into others’ minds now on the Jets defense, which just isn’t as good as they’ve shown this season. I’m not saying the Jets’ D is bad, but I see other quarterbacks, like Derek Carr did in Week 8, picking apart their secondary. Bortles will throw the ball a ton this week and the price tag sitting below $120K is attractive to me.

Other choices: Marcus Mariota, TEN @ New Orleans Saints ($124,400)

Over-Value: :

Ben Roethlisberger, PIT vs. Oakland Raiders ($145,800) – Big Ben may throw the ball a ton against the Raiders without Le’Veon Bell in the lineup, although I’m not convinced Big Ben lives up to his $145.8 K price. I’d rather spend a bit more on Tom Brady.


Top Level

Devonta Freeman, ATL @ San Francisco 49ers ($146,700) – It’s funny to think that 16.10 fantasy points is a “down” week for Freeman, but that’s what he put up in Week 8. We all saw some amazing performances from him earlier in the year, but 15 points is what you should expect; however, the potential for more this week is why you lock in on Freeman facing a suffering 49ers club. Plus, I’m not a huge fan of the upper-end choices in general at running back this week. I’m tempted to stay in the sub-$100 K range for my lineups.

Other choices: Todd Gurley, STL @ Minnesota Vikings ($153,400)


Chris Ivory, NYJ vs. Jacksonville Jaguars ($127,300) – Ivory was shut down last week by the Raiders, although I know he wasn’t exactly 100 percent regarding his health. Ivory bounces back in Week 9 – count on it. I dig the price and that he faces a Jaguars team that gives up the 8th most points to running backs. Expect some hard-charging runs from Ivory, and don’t be surprised if he amasses the most points at the position this week.

Other choices: Dion Lewis, NE vs. Washington Redskins ($122,700); Mark Ingram, NO vs. Tennessee Titans ($130,800)


Darren McFadden, DAL vs. Philadelphia Eagles ($102,000) – The matchup isn’t the best, so take that into consideration before slotting McFadden into your lineup. I really like how the Cowboys are putting the ball into his hands, giving him plenty of opportunities to run and catch the ball out of the backfield. Without Tony Romo at the helm and the disappointing fade of Joseph Randle, the Cowboys are desperate for production. Expect to see tons of chances for D-Mac yet again this week.

Other choices: Eddie Lacy, GB @ Carolina Panthers ($94,100); DeAngelo Williams, PIT vs. Oakland Raiders ($85,900); Ronnie Hillman, DEN @ Indianapolis Colts ($84,100)


Adrian Peterson, MIN @ St. Louis Rams ($138,400) – What? Peterson an over-value play? Just a bit, I think, facing the Rams defense who has only allowed opposing teams to get over 100 yards rushing twice this season. You’ve got better choices out there.


Top Level

Odell Beckham, NYG @ Tampa Bay Buccaneers ($139,800) – If you believe in Eli Manning this week, then you have to believe in Beckham, don’t you? That’s my thinking anyway, and I love the idea of having a QB/WR hook-up in my lineup. Manning and Beckham will certainly boost your lineups, although I have a feeling that there will be lots of other teams using their services too. It’s something to think about if you’re going the contrarian way. Beckham is averaging 16.59 FPPG this season, although that number will continue to rise.

Other choices: Alshon Jeffery, CHI @ San Diego Chargers ($131,900); Demaryius Thomas, DEN @ Indianapolis Colts ($133,100)


Emmanuel Sanders, DEN @ Indianapolis Colts ($116,000) – I believe in the Broncos’ wide receivers this week, listing Demaryius Thomas above in the “Top Level Other Choices” section, and now Sanders here. This is the week that Peyton Manning and the Broncos’ wide receivers get on track. Facing the Colts is a bit of added motivation for Manning and the matchup presents good opportunity as the Colts have allowed 10 TDs through the air to opposing wide receivers in eight games.

Other choices: Amari Cooper, OAK @ Pittsburgh Steelers ($114,600); Randall Cobb, GB @ Carolina Panthers ($112,800)


Allen Hurns, JAC @ New York Jets ($84,900) – I like what Hurns gives in FPPG (13.54) for the salary paid. I like the Jets to pay attention to Allen Robinson and leave Hurns open a bit more than he should be. I see at least one score for Hurns and about 80 yards or so.

Other choices: Jordan Matthews, PHI @ Dallas Cowboys ($75,200); Pierre Garcon, WAS @ New England Patriots ($73,700)


Antonio Brown, PIT vs. Oakland Raiders ($142,500) – You can spend your dollars more wisely, even with Ben Roethlisberger back in the saddle for the Steelers. The Raiders won’t be an easy run through for Brown.


Top Level

Rob Gronkowski, NE vs. Washington Redskins ($138,100)


Jordan Reed, WAS @ New England Patriots ($104,300)


Charles Clay, BUF vs. Miami Dolphins ($86,200)


Greg Olsen, CAR vs. Green Bay Packers ($115,100)

Good luck in Week 9! Feel free to stalk me on Twitter: