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By Dave Hunter

The Hunter Report - DFS Week 20 Playoffs Round 3

Ah, the NFL Conference Finals! Are you diggin’ it? I’m sure you are.

Keep in mind there’s still plenty of DFS action to partake in, with websites like offering up some pretty snazzy contests (please note the salaries below are from This will be the last piece you’ll see from me for the 2015 NFL season, even as sad as that is. I’m sure I’ll be back for the 2016 NFL season, where I hope to improve upon my production from the previous year.

Until the 2016 seasons starts, have fun watching the Super Bowl and good luck this week!


Top Level

Cam Newton, CAR vs. Arizona Cardinals ($151,400) – There isn’t a better quarterback if you’re looking for a “for sure” thing. Newton does it all, with his arm and legs, and I have no doubt he’ll give DFS owners at least a 20 fantasy point performance. Yes, even against the Cardinals tough defense. Newton is pricey, so if you’re rostering him you’re building around him. I’m good with that, in case you were wondering. This is a perfect week to go pure Studs-and-Duds with your lineup. I love that plan.

Tom Brady, NE @ Denver Broncos ($146,500) – If you’re not loading Cam Newton into your lineup, and then you better have Brady in there. I’ve got a bad feeling about Carson Palmer and Peyton Manning is untouchable, even in a contrarian lineup - blah on Manning. Brady gives DFS owners confidence, and he’s going to find Rob Gronkowski and Julian Edelman. Pay up for Brady if you’re not rostering Newton. It’s a toss-up between the two.


None – Just because Peyton Manning is listed at $111.5 K, it doesn’t mean he’s a value. I’m not willing to risk Manning even at that price, even at home, even with two fantastic receivers like Emmanuel Sanders and Demaryius Thomas. Pass.


Top Level

David Johnson, ARI @ Carolina Panthers ($129,800) – Yeah, the matchup is tough for Johnson. But, considering the running back options this weekend it’s tough to ignore Johnson and his receiving abilities out of the backfield. That’s the key if the Cardinals are going to be successful against the Panthers. They need to utilize Johnson in the receiving game – lots of screens and wheels I say. Johnson may not get over 50 yards rushing, so don’t expect a massive rack-up there, although his receiving skills will make Johnson worth adding to your roster.


Jonathan Stewart, CAR vs. Arizona Cardinals ($108,800) – I love Stewart here. The price is great on Stewart and he can easily be worked into your lineup, especially if you go high-end quarterback and tight end. Stewart will be healthy come game day and is one of my favorite plays. He’s a lock for me, even facing the Cardinals. I’d love to try to work Stewart and David Johnson in my lineup, but it will be tough.


Top Level

Julian Edelman, NE @ Denver Broncos ($125,300) – Edelman is facing a tough defense in the Broncos, although I expect him to be a reception whore over the weekend. Tons of looks from Brady, that’s what you can expect if you roster Edelman. I see Edelman finding the end zone at least once, and don’t be surprised if Edelman finds it twice.


John Brown, ARI @ Carolina Panthers ($93,100) – The deep threat with Brown lands him here. Brown is more of a gut feeling, and I do like Larry Fitzgerald, but I’m not willing to pay the price for Fitz. Brown is the better value in my eyes and he’ll find a way into your lineup easier than Fitz.


Top Level

Rob Gronkowski, NE @ Denver Broncos ($133,800) – Comparing talent, I don’t see a better option than Gronkowski. I’m tempted to go high-end quarterback and tight end and one wide receiver, then value hunt the rest of the way. But, as much as I like Gronkowski this week, I like Greg Olsen better. Dollar-for-dollar, you’re getting more with Olsen than you are Gronk. Still, if you can work Gronk into your lineup while rostering Cam Newton or Tom Brady, props to you.


Greg Olsen, CAR vs. Arizona Cardinals ($109,500) – Olsen is a huge value in my mind, considering the potential he brings this weekend for the $109.5 K price tag. True, Olsen suffered a stinger last weekend but it seems he’ll be just fine for the NFL Conference Finals. I like Olsen to be targeted by Newton at least 10 times, with 6-7 catches for Olsen and 1 TD. That’s a minimum I expect from Olsen.

Good luck in Week 20! Feel free to stalk me on Twitter: