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By Dave Hunter

The Hunter Report - DFS Week 18 Wildcard

No sugar-coating it. I didn’t do nearly enough to gain in the standings in Week 17 to net a Top 10 overall finish in the NFL $22 Season League. In fact, I sucked just enough to fall one spot to finish 12th place overall out of 46 teams. Am I crying? Am I bent? Not really.

I had some good weeks, along with some bad weeks, but ended up getting my entry fee plus a tad more back. I’m good with that in the end, and had a blast writing for you and trying to beat the competition. I have to admit: there are some solid sharks out there. I’m certainly not a fish, although I know I’ve got some work ahead if I want to be considered one of the best DFS players out there, but it’s nice to know I can play with the Big Boys at times.

My claim to fame in DFS is winning an 1150-entry NBA contest on DraftKings, although that’s kind of weak when you consider the millionaire winners out there. Still, I dig it. I’m sort of chomping at the bit for MLB though, considering that’s my best DFS sport. As I wait for MLB, there’s still some NFL-fun to be had, right?

I’ll be with you for the next three weeks, leading up to the Super Bowl. Ain’t that cool? You’ll notice a slight change in the way my piece is written for the playoffs, mainly cutting down on the options to roster considering the depth of the player pool.

Finally, if you’re interested, check out the yearly standings in the NFL $22 Season League. I’m “TheRolyPolyBoy” and as I said previously, I ended up in 12th place overall for the season:


Top Level

Ben Roethlisberger, PIT @ Cincinnati Bengals ($148,500) – This game has upset written all over it. And, Big Ben has the tools and the receivers – yeah, Antonio Brown – to crush the Bengals. Sorry, but if Andy Dalton was a for-sure option I might think a bit differently. I love Big Ben this week, and the Steelers in general. You’ll have to cut down at other positions, although it’s worth it to me to wrangle in Big Ben. Cha-ching!


Alex Smith, KC @ Houston Texans ($133,900) – There really isn’t a value at QB heading into the first week of the NFL playoffs, so I’m sort of going with the option that I think could explode. Smith is a reliable option week-to-week normally and Head Coach Andy Reid could keep Smith reigned-in, but I still have this sneaky suspicion that Smith will have a very good game. Is it worth it to roster him over Ben Roethlisberger or Russell Wilson? Tough call. You’ll have to be the judge depending upon the rest of your lineup.


Top Level

Marshawn Lynch, SEA @ Minnesota Vikings ($111,200) – So much for a top-tier RB option heading into the playoffs, eh? If you’re smart, you’ll spend your salary cap dollars at WR and QB and play the values at RB. So, with that said, is Lynch a top-level play? Not really, but he qualifies as my favorite. I’m just not getting excited about Adrian Peterson at $128.9 K facing one of the best defensive squads in the game, so that means I’m fading. I can spend my cap dollars elsewhere, more wisely. So can you. Lynch is a chance-y play of course, so keep that in mind. He should be ready to go, and I like him to be beast-like facing the Vikings.


Eddie Lacy, GB @ Washington Redskins ($87,000) – So, who’s the sneaky play at RB heading into the playoffs? Blah. I mean, I’m really disappointed here, lending to the fact I’m going all-in at WR and QB. I know Lacy hasn’t done much at all of late, but he’s my guy if I’m value-hunting at RB. You could go with Alfred Morris or Giovani Bernard, maybe James Starks, but the crapshoot there is just as wild as it is with Lacy. I don’t know, it’s more gut-feeling than anything but Lacy is my guy here at the value RB slot.


Top Level

Antonio Brown, PIT @ Cincinnati Bengals ($145,300) – Okay, so this may be the week to roster Big Ben Roethlisberger and Brown looking for the hook-up; however, keep in mind that there are some nice overall options at WR, including A.J. Green, Doug Baldwin and Jeremy Maclin. I like Brown to benefit from the upset victory that’s insight over the Bengals. Mmm.


DeSean Jackson, WAS vs. Green Bay Packers ($79,400) – Jackson is a big-play tournament option and I’d even feel comfortable playing him in cash games in the right lineup. Jackson is rested, he’s got a sizzling’ QB in Kirk Cousins and for the excellent low, low price of $79.4 price you can take advantage of Jackson’s talent. Go for it.


Top Level

Jordan Reed, WAS vs. Green Bay Packers ($133,300) – Reed is the bees-knees at TE for the first week of the playoffs. I expect at LEAST 10 targets by Kirk Cousins, maybe more. Reed is a TD magnet and can snag balls out of the air with the best of ‘em. You just have to get yourself over the $133.3 K price tag.


Richard Rodgers, GB @ Washington Redskins ($68,200) – This is more of a gut-call than anything, but Rodgers has the talent and the QB in Aaron Rodgers to succeed. The price is certainly affordable if you’re looking to cut down at the TE slot.

Good luck in Week 18! Feel free to stalk me on Twitter: