Fantasy Football Testimonials
Daily / DFS Articles 2018:
By Dave Hunter

The Hunter Report - DFS Week 3

As wonderful as I was in Week 1, I was absolutely awful in Week 2. So, guess what? There won’t be any gloating this week. I’m sure you’re stoked about that, huh? I finished 37 out of 46 teams in Week 2, only netting 94.4 points compared to my dominating 190-plus showing last week.

Here was my Week 2 suffering lineup, in case you want to beat me up:

QB – Drew Brees, NO
QB – Carson Palmer, ARI
RB – Justin Forsett, BAL
RB – Doug Martin, TB
WR – Donte Moncrief, IND
WR – Charles Johnson, MIN
TE – Martellus Bennett, CHI
FLEX – Tavon Austin, STL
FLEX – Khiry Robinson, NO
DEF – Miami

Quite pathetic, isn’t it? There were some good plays there, but I went with too many unreliable options that have no proven themselves. I will pat myself on the back for Donte Moncrief, however.

I’m going to bounce back this week, count on it. I think I’ve finally figured out how to be successful in leagues. I may just touch on that a bit more next week, but I want to see if my theory holds water in Week 3. I’ll give you a seasonal update of the leader board in Week 4.

Good luck!


Top Level

Russell Wilson, SEA vs. Chicago Bears ($148,900) – The Bears have not been able to stop opposing quarterbacks to this point, which is why I have Wilson listed here as my favorite Top Level option. The Bears have given up 7 TD passes in two games. Cha-ching! I’m locking in Wilson if my goal is to go quarterback heavy.

Other choices: Tom Brady, NE vs. Jacksonville Jaguars ($165,100); Andrew Luck, IND @ Tennessee Titans ($144,500)


Matt Ryan, ATL @ Dallas Cowboys ($139,500) – It seems like Matt Ryan ends up here frequently in my early writings so far, although deservingly so. Ryan is averaging over 330 passing yards and over 17 fantasy points a game on I like him heading into Dallas with the Cowboys being quite wonderful at defending the pass. Still, Ryan will overcome and give owners that take a chance on him a solid return.

Other choices: Sam Bradford, PHI @ New York Jets ($126,600)


Jameis Winston, TB @ Houston Texans ($115,900) – Winston improved upon his Week 1 performance, netting DFS owners 18.58 points. Winston’s legs got into the mix on Sunday, as he provided the offense with pass and rush touchdowns. Winston won’t dominate this week; however, I see him being well worth the $115.9 K.

Other choices: Johnny Manziel, CLE vs. Oakland Raiders ($120,100)


Cam Newton, CAR vs. New Orleans Saints ($135,700) – Let’s just say I don’t expect Newton to score three TDs like he did last week. Sure, it was a lovely performance but even as porous as the Saints defense has been, Newton won’t be worth the money it will run you to secure him.


Top Level

Le’Veon Bell, PIT @ St. Louis Rams ($134,500) – Sure, I’m hopping aboard. Why not? I certainly don’t see the Rams holding Bell back after a two-week suspension to start the season. Expect Bell to run and catch his way to a 20-plus fantasy day for owners that use him in Week 3.

Other choices: Jamaal Charles, KC @ Green Bay Packers ($131,900)


Latavius Murray, OAK @ Cleveland Browns ($113,000) – Murray combined for 87 yards and a touchdown last week and the Browns defense will have a very difficult time stopping his all-purpose abilities. Look for Murray to exceed the 100-yard rushing mark for the first time in Week 3.

Other choices: Jeremy Hill, CIN @ Baltimore Ravens ($109,200)


Arian Foster, HOU vs. Tampa Bay Buccaneers ($100,000) – It’s really looking like Foster could play this week, which means that this $100 K price is just ridiculously good. I’m making the play now and locking him, and if I have to adjust my lineup later if he can’t go? So be it. Reports out of Houston have Foster practicing and looking good. Just keep in mind there’s always a chance he won’t return until Week 4.

Other choices: Dion Lewis, New England Patriots ($92,500)


LeSean McCoy, BUF @ Miami Dolphins ($125,900) – This is more of a bang-for-your-buck deal-io and McCoy will not have the easiest time facing the Dolphins front seven anyway. I would much rather put this kind of dollar figure towards a wide receiver.


Top Level

Antonio Brown, PIT @ St. Louis Rams ($157,600) – I almost want to suggest Brown each and every week moving forward in the Top Level slot, although that would be kind of lame. Just keep him in mind, no matter the salary, if you’re having a tough time selecting upper echelon receivers. Big Ben Roethlisberger will continue to toss Brown the ball, and you have to figure that the Rams pass defense won’t be able to stop Brown’s progress. The price tag is steep, though, so I won’t fault you if you place your dollars elsewhere.

Other choices: Demaryius Thomas, DEN @ Detroit Lions ($139,500); Emmanuel Sanders, DEN @ Detroit Lions ($133,900)


Calvin Johnson, DET vs. Denver Broncos ($117,700) – Megatron bounced back from a disappointing Week 1 showing for the Lions, grabbing his first score of the season in Week 2. Look for Matthew Stafford to look Megatron’s way more often. The potential and talent you’re getting here for $117.7 K is wow-ing to me, even facing the Broncos defense. Sure, it will be a challenge for Megatron although don’t be surprised to see at least one fade TD over the weekend.

Other choices: Larry Fitzgerald, ARI vs. San Francisco 49ers ($114,800); Brandon Marshall, NYJ vs. Philadelphia Eagles ($113,500)


Terrance Williams, DAL vs. Atlanta Falcons ($95,600) – You thought Williams would step up massively for the injured Dez Bryant last week, didn’t you? Well, the kid did a pretty decent job landing 84 yards and 1 TD. With Tony Romo out of action for the foreseeable future due to a shoulder/clavicle injury, this may be a risky idea. I’m okay with that, with the amount of times I expect Williams to see the ball heading his way. He has 15 targets through two games so far this season, with a very respectable 12.45 FPPG average.

Other choices: Sammy Watkins, BUF @ Miami Dolphins ($94,800); Roddy White, ATL @ Dallas Cowboys ($73,200)


DeAndre Hopkins, HOU vs. Tampa Bay Buccaneers ($117,600) – This play depends on if you believe Hopkins is good enough to go this week. I don’t think he is, considering concussion protocol. I wouldn’t take the risk at this price, even though the matchup is highly attractive. I’d be very wary about locking in Hopkins.


Top Level

Travis Kelce, KC @ Green Bay Packers ($109,500)


Greg Olsen, CAR vs. New Orleans Saints ($95,600)


Ladarius Green, SD @ Minnesota Vikings ($66,500)


Jason Witten, DAL vs. Atlanta Falcons ($102,100)

Good luck in Week 3! Feel free to reach out to me on Twitter: @TheRolyPolyBoy