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Dwayne Bowe Scares Some... But He's Still Going To Get Paid Tuesday, February 12, 2013 | Time: 12:21 PT |  Reported by
The Facts: Speaking of stars available in free agency, one scout told me the other day: "I am scared to death of Bowe. Like him a lot, but not sure what we'd be buying if we signed him. Too much baggage."
Diehards Line:So wrote's Peter King on Monday in a general overview of available talent in the upcoming free-agent market. As's Josh Alper reminded readers, Bowe’s stay in Kansas City had its rocky moments, including a four-game PED suspension and some clashes with coaches. There have been issues with dropped passes and weight over the years as well. That said, none of the top wide receivers on the market come without risks. Greg Jennings was hurt last year, Brian Hartline has had one season of high performance and Mike Wallace hasn’t quite made a convincing case about his overall package of skills. Bowe, meanwhile, has been a consistent producer despite playing with a series of lackluster QBs. ... According to's Gregg Rosenthal, the biggest concern might be how Bowe will react to earning big money. He's played his best the last two years while playing for a new contract. This prompted Rosenthal to sum up: "He won't get Vincent Jackson-caliber money, but Bowe should do very well, even if he scares some scouts to death."