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More Fantasy Football Strategy Articles 2018:

Week 3 Pre-Season Winners

By Chad Stapley,



Vince Young Green Bay- Talk about a resurrection of the old VY, he played relaxed and stuck to what made him the star he once was. He ran 3 times for 39 yards and he completed 6/7 passes for 41 yards and a TD. He didn’t try to force passes and be a “Pocket QB”, he ran when he didn’t see anything and was efficient when he had to pass. There are some QB needy teams out there that may be calling very soon. Hello Jets/Raiders/Jaguar fans.

Terrelle Pryor Oakland- It was a very small sample size, and I am very much looking forward to seeing him start in the final week of preseason, but Pryor shined when he was in the game. He completed 7/9 of his passes for 93 yards and a TD, also running 4 times for 37 yards and a TD. Wondering about how his QB competition faired for the day? Each other QB that played for the Raiders threw 2 INTs, and No that is not a typo. When will people give up on Matt Flynn?

Kellen Moore Detroit- Moore looked like he was back to his Boise St. winning ways. He completed 9/12 of his passes for 150 yards and 2 TDs. He did enough to make the Lions think he was a solid #3 if not a contender to backup Safford. We know this is true because the Lions traded the 4th QB on their roster (Thad Lewis) to the Bills.

Bills - QBs - Another preseason and yet another year where there is extreme uncertainty at the most important position on the field. It is such a mess that the Bills get their own mini segment in the QB section.

Jeff Tuel- He didn’t have another great game like we have seen thus far from him, but early reports are that if Manuel isn’t healthy by week 1 then Tuel will be the starter. I like Tuel, and I think he has played wonderfully. Having said that, he is too young to lead this team to road victories against teams like the Patriots and the Dolphins. I hope I am eating my own words in a couple of months but his 4-22 record at Washington State doesn’t give us a lot of hope.
Kevin Kolb- He is essentially done. Even if he was healthy I don’t think he is an NFL caliber QB, he throws timidly and is scared to death to take a hit.
E.J. Manuel- Lets just pray for the Bills fans that he is healthy for week 1 and that he stays healthy for an entire NFL season. That is the Bills only chance of even thinking about the playoffs.

Rex Grossman/Pat White Washington- These two played well enough to think about trying to lure in some more offensive weapons for RGIII by trading away Kirk Cousins. Cousins proved he is a capable starter last season, and there are teams our there that I am sure are salivating at the chance to get their hands on Cousins.

Mike Glennon Tampa Bay- His stats won’t trick anyone into thinking he is ready to be an all-star in the NFL yet, but he seems to find the end zone every week. That is going to keep things around Tampa Bay interesting, especially if Freeman starts firing off INTs like a mad man again this year.

Chase Daniels Kansas City- Daniels makes this list because I do not trust Alex Smith to stay healthy for the entire year. I think Daniels has the tools to shine in the NFL; he just needs to fix a few things. The biggest thing is his awareness; he took 4 sacks in 2 quarters of play. But he has shown he can throw the ball going 14/24 for 152 yards and a TD, he also ran the ball 5 times for 45 yards. He led his entire team in rushing yards for the game. Fantasy owners should keep an eye on the health of Alex Smith, because Daniels is just waiting for his chance.

Nick Foles Philadelphia- For a guy who just got demoted to backup, Foles played a hell of a game. I think someone forgot to tell him the QB competition was over, Foles went 10/11 for 112 yards. I think Foles is better than about 5-8 current starting QBs in the NFL, and someone is going to call the Eagles soon inquiring about him.

Jake Locker Tennessee- Is it cheating to put Locker on my list? Yes, kind of. Locker is still trying to live up to his potential dating back to his college days. He has been injury prone since college but I think he is finally going to show everyone why the Titans drafted him a couple years ago. In extended starters minutes he went 11/13 for 133 yards and a TD, he also ran the ball 3 times for 22 yards.

Chase Keenum Houston- It looks like Houston is giving Keenum a long look at being the backup. He looks poised in the pocket and makes great reads. It looks like a year of learning the offense has been a blessing in disguise for a guy that was undrafted and from what we saw in year 1, Keenum was nowhere near an NFL caliber QB.

B.J. Daniels/Colt McCoy/Seneca Wallace- One of these guys is going to be QB2, one will be QB3, and one will be a practice QB. Wallace makes the most sense to be backup with this type of offense, but McCoy knows the offense better thus far. Daniels is too raw to actually be in the mix just yet, but I think this time next year Daniels is QB2 for the 49ers, he is a raw athlete with a good arm. One year learning from the likes of Harbaugh and Daniels is going to look great next preseason.


Christine Michael Seattle- Michael can do it all, and he showcased that in week 3. He caught a pass for 25 yards and he ran the ball 11 times for 97 yards and a TD. He is a stud and he makes the Seahawks backfield a nightmare for defenses.

Michael Ford Chicago- In my eyes there is no way that Ford doesn’t make this team as a 3rd option at RB. He ran for 58 yards and a TD and he returned 4 kicks for 102 yards. Ford is a stud; if Bush or Forte gets hurt I would plug Ford into my RB/WR/TE and start him as long as he got solid PT.

Bobby Rainey Baltimore- Another multi-purpose back that is going to make the team as a 3rd option at RB. He does it all; he had 3 rushes for 31 yards, 1 catch for 6 yards, and 3 returns for 122 yards. Track his progress closely; Rainey could be calling for more and more minutes each week.

Kerwynn Williams Indianapolis- Williams is a 7th round pick out of Utah State, and I think he is going to make some major noise for the Colts this year. He ran 9 times for 37 yards, not eye popping by any means, but I think he may be a strong #2 behind Ballard.

Denard Robinson Jacksonville- Is he a WR? Is he a RB? Who knows, what we do know is that Robinson is going to line up all over the field. I think he becomes instant fantasy stud and even makes the likes of Blackmon, Shorts, and Jones-Drew better in all aspects of their games.

Joseph Randle/ Phillip Tanner Dallas- Everyone knows that Murray has been very injury prone thus far in his career; one of these two guys is going to be getting a lot of carries. I think they are both capable of being a solid backup, when it comes to starting I think Randle has more starter potential then Tanner. Randle actually looks like he could be the Cowboys RB of the future.

Fozzy Whittaker San Diego- Week in and Week out I keep seeing his name pop up on the stat sheet, nothing gaudy or spectacular. Each week it looks like the Chargers have increased his workload and he keeps responding with pretty good production. He is going to take a lot of heat off of Ryan Matthews.

Mike Gillislee Miami- A rookie out of Florida, Gillislee can really make plays happen all over the field. He is technically a RB, but I think he is going to turn into a Sproles type player. He is going to catch passes out of the backfield and run quick hitting plays. And eventually I think he can really make a difference in the return game.


Stephen Williams Seattle- Williams is going to make the Seahawk fans miss the production they expected to see out of Percy Harvin a little less. He is a stud from what I’ve seen so far, through 3 games he has 3 TDs. Williams is in his 3rd year but he is finally coming into his own.

Jermaine Kearse Seattle- He is kind of like a Hines Ward type of WR. He has the capabilities to have huge receiving games, but he is more of a move the chains type of guy and makes huge blocks down field just like Ward. Kearse made an amazing downfield block, which helped spring Christine Michael for a TD run.

Alshon Jeffrey Chicago- Is he finally going to bring the type of production that the Bears drafted him for? He looked like he was ready in game 3 of preseason, catching 7 balls for 77 yards. I think he may actually be a top 25 WR this year in that offense.

David Gettis Carolina- I know Gettis has been around for a couple years here now, but we are just not starting to see his potential. He is absolutely shredding DBs this preseason, if that type of competitive play carries over to the regular season watch out for the Panthers.

Kenbrell Thompkins New England- Thompkins is a 25 year old rookie from Cincinnati, and all signs are pointing to him pulling ahead of Dobson (the rookie who was drafted ahead of him). He started in week 3 and he did not disappoint catching 8 balls for 116 yards.

Quinton Patton San Francisco- Patton is a rookie from a small D1 school, but he is playing like a seasoned vet. He was in the game catching Kaepernick fastballs with a broken finger! That’s saying a lot for a rookie; don’t forget the MLB drafted Kaepernick so he is throwing some serious heat.

Marlon Moore San Francisco- Moore came over this offseason from Miami and he is vowing for a starting spot. He is originally from the Fresno area so let’s hope being close to home will bring out some of the production he is capable of.

Aaron Dobson New England- Dobson is a rookie, and a lot of speculation seems to be hinting that Dobson is not ready to start in the NFL yet. He had 4 receptions for 50 yards in week 3. He looks more like a chain mover right now then a playmaker, but once he gets a better grasp on the offense I think he is going to blossom.

Joeseph Fauria TE Detroit- Fauria is huge, standing 6’7 and weighing 255 lbs. He had 3 receptions for 44 yards and a TD in week 3 and looks like he is going to be a serious red zone threat.

Jordan Reed TE Washington- Reed is a bit undersized for a TE standing only 6’2 but he is very athletic and can stretch the field with ease. He is going to be a nightmare for LB’s to cover; he could have a big year if RGIII stays healthy.

Griff Whalen Indianapolis- Whalen is a 2nd year guy out of Stanford so you know he is most likely a high football IQ type of guy. He played with Luck in college so they already have a natural connection. The only problem is that the Colts have a lot of WR depth with the addition of Heyward-Bey. I like Whalen to make the team and be the 5th WR off the bench.

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