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Benson Says Deal With Drew Brees Is Close
(4/13 2:11 PT)

The Facts:
Following up on the ongoing story. ... Saints owner Tom Benson said Friday that he thinks the team and their franchise QB are close to a new deal. “I talked to Drew Brees this morning, personally, and told him what was going on and he was very excited about it. He’s due in next week and we close.  Reported by the Fredericksburg Free Lance-Star

Fantasy Football Diehards Line:
Benson, who made the announcement at the press conference announcing him as the new owner of the NBA’s Hornets, added: "You know how those things work, and it just takes a little more time, a little patience and we’ve got a few other things going on with the draft and players that’s keeping us real busy. We haven’t forgotten about him. We work on it every day. As I told you, I talked to him personally this morning. He felt very good about us getting involved with this club, with the Hornets. I think that (contract for Brees) will be done shortly. ..." In case you haven't been paying attention, Brees can't join his teammates when the team's offseason program starts on Monday without either a new contract or without signing his franchise tender. Given all the other issues the Saints are dealing with, it seems like getting Brees in the fold would be a very good idea. Stay tuned.


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