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It's Official: No Suspension For Ezekiel Elliott
Following up on a previous item. ... The NFL has informed Ezekiel Elliott and the Cowboys that the star running back will not be suspended in the wake of Tuesday's meeting with the league.

The NFL offered the following release on the subject.

"Immediately following reports of an incident in Las Vegas in May involving Elliott, the NFL conducted a comprehensive investigation that included interviews with multiple witnesses, including security personnel and others with direct involvement, as well as a review of documentary and other information.

"On Tuesday, as part of the review, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell met with Mr. Elliott to reinforce the standards of conduct expected of him and the consequences for failing to meet those standards.

"Mr. Elliott acknowledged that he demonstrated poor judgment and committed to make better choices in the future. He volunteered to take advantage of the resources available to help him continue to grow personally.

"Commissioner Goodell determined there was no violation of the personal conduct policy and no further action is warranted."

As NFL Network's Mike Garafolo suggested, it's still not a great look for Elliott and the point of yesterday’s meeting was to get him to understand he shouldn’t put himself in positions like that.

But Goodell and the NFL decided the incident itself didn’t meet the threshold for punishment this time.