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Terrelle Pryor Signs One-Year Deal With Redskins
Turmoil be damned. Terrelle Pryor wanted to be a No. 1 receiver and the Redskins had a serious need for the same after losing DeSean Jackson and Pierre Garcon in the first day of free agency.

So after visiting with the team on Thursday -- and despite considerable front-office tumult -- Pryor signed a one-year deal worth $8 million with Washington today.

The one-year term isn't a shocker given the Redskins reluctance to tie up their own franchise quarterback, Kirk Cousins, with a long-term deal and if probably works from Pryor's perspective as well. It's the same approach that Alshon Jeffery chose in signing a one-year deal with the Eagles on Thursday instead of taking a three-year offer from the Vikings given a softer market than he hoped for.

Like Jeffery, Pryor has something to prove. Okay... He has much more to prove.

As a converted quarterback, Pryor came out of nowhere last year to catch 77 passes for 1,077 yard despite dealing with a quarterback situation and slightly less-than-mediocre offense in Cleveland.

But what's really interesting here is how Pryor fared against the NFL's top cover corners. The guys best known for shadowing the opposition's top wideout -- something we track at here at

And only one NFL receiver, A.J. Green, fared better than Pryor against shadow coverage last season thanks to impressive outings against Miami's Byron Maxwell, the Titans Jason McCourty, Darrelle Revis and the Giants' Janoris Jenkins among others. Combining those successes with the poor quarterback play and an unimpressive supporting cast and you could make an argument that his 2016 season wasn't a fluke.

Assuming Cousins sticks around, the notion of Pryor duplicating last season's success isn't a reach -- and we're talking about a guy who finished 20th among all wideouts in PPR scoring. In Cleveland.

I'm not saying he's heading into elite territory yet -- nor should you pay for him as such. But a fantasy WR2. Not a stretch at all.

It's certainly safe to say having the large, athletic Pryor will be helpful to Cousins, Jamison Crowder and Jordan Reed. And if Josh Doctson shows up this season after missing almost his entire rookie campaign with chronic Achilles issues, the Redskins' passing attack might not be in as dire condition as it appeared before Pryor's arrival.