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Arbitrator Rules That Jimmy Graham Is Indeed A Tight End
Following up on the ongoing story. ... In a development that works out in the favor of fantasy football owners, NFL Network is reporting that arbitrator Stephen Burbank ruled Wednesday that New Orleans Saints star Jimmy Graham is indeed a tight end.

In case you've been in hibernation, the NFL Players Association had filed a grievance on behalf of Graham in May arguing that he deserved to be designated as a wide receiver under the franchise tag because he spent more time out wide and in the slot than at the line of the scrimmage, as a traditional tight end.

According to NFL Network's Albert Breer, Burbank's decision found that when Graham was detached, but close to the offensive line, he was still playing tight end. NFL Network's Ian Rapoport reports other factors included the fact Graham takes part in tight end meetings, the Saints drafted him as a tight end and, yes, Graham's Twitter bio is in the ruling.

Graham's bio on his Twitter page (@TheJimmyGraham) reads: "New Orleans Saints Tight End #80. Private Pilot."

As Breer suggests, the ruling is "a precedent setter."

It's certainly a big deal for Graham. The difference between the franchise tender amounts is nearly $5.3 million, with the tight end tag worth $7.035 million -- the amount of the tender made to Graham -- and the receiver tag worth $12.312 million.

Graham can appeal the decision to a three-person panel, per the CBA. It's something for him to mull over now.

Meanwhile, the Saints have until July 15 to work out a long-term deal with Graham's camp, or he will either be forced to sit out the season or play under a one-year contract.

So a holdout is still possible. ...

Meanwhile, from a fantasy football perspective, it's worth noting that Graham's 2013 totals would have made him the 8th-ranked wide receiver on a points-per game basis. That's a far cry from being the most dominant tight end in the league on a per-week basis.

The difference would have been enough to push Graham from a first or certainly no worse than a second round down to the third round or lower. And now it's all moot.