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Scroll down this page to review some of the most frequently asked questions regarding the FlashUpdate with answers provided by Editor Bob Harris. Who knows? We just might have the answer to your question...

Can you define the "Combinational Scoring Method" used to compile the FlashUpdate Player Performance Rankings?

Here you have it...

In order to cover the widest variety of scoring systems you'll find individual players included in these rankings are listed in order of their Scoring Value (SV) under a Combinational Scoring Method based on the points system outlined below.

Quarterbacks, Running Backs, Wide Receivers and Tight Ends receive:

  • Three (3) points for all passing TDs.
  • Six (6) points for all rushing TDs.
  • Six (6) points for all receiving TDs.
  • One (1) point for every 20 yards passing.
  • One (1) point for every 10 yards rushing
  • One (1) point for every 10 yards received.

    Kickers receive:

  • Three (3) points for all field goals made.
  • One (1) point for all extra points made.

    Scoring Values (SVs) for individual players can be found in the column farthest to the right on each page...

    Defensive Scoring Values are based on the following:

  • Two (2) points for safeties and quarterback sacks.
  • Four (4) points for fumble recoveries and interceptions.
  • Six (6) points for defensive touchdowns.

    Points and Yardage Yielded are not used to calculate the SV.

    Who should I contact if I lost, didn't receive or otherwise don't know my FlashUpdate username and password?

    Send e-mail to Fantasy Sports Publications.

    Who should I contact when I encounter technical difficulties while accessing the FlashUpdate?

    Technical difficulties? You must be mistaken. Technical difficulties aren't possible with FlashUpdate.

    C'mon. Really... Answer:
    Okay. Send e-mail to Fantasy Sports Publications. Please provide as many details regarding the problem as possible...

    How come Bob Harris never answers my questions when I send him e-mail?

    I'm a busy guy. And while I always appreciate any criticism, suggestions or news tips you care to send me, with thousands of subscribers it's difficult to answer every piece of mail I receive. And I never answer individual questions regarding lineups.

    The bottom line is, I can either answer e-mail or I can write updates. I can't do both.

    How come I often see players listed on the Cheat Sheets that haven't been mentioned in the Team Notes or the Late-Breaking Updates page?

    Because the Cheat Sheets are provided by our experts, who rank players according to their own criteria and preferences.

    Remember, our experts, John Laub, Thom Eads and Adam Caplan, are all highly regarded in their own right and their opinions, ideas and information don't necessarily reflect the information appearing elsewhere in the FlashUpdate.

    The bottom line is that you should use all the different sections of the FlashUpdate along with your own experience when making your lineup decisions.

    Why shouldn't I just read the Late-Breaking Updates and forget about the rest of the stuff?

    Hey... It's your dime. Do what you want.


    If you only read the Late-Breaking Updates you're going to miss out on a lot of good information. And if you write me a stupid question wondering why I didn't cover a certain situation that's actually been covered more than adequately in the Team Notes or MatchUp Analysis pages, you can count on a snotty reply...

    How come Bob Harris is such a jerk?

    I'm not a jerk. I'm just busy.

    Well... I still think Bob Harris is a jerk but I want to sign up for next season. Who should I contact?

    Send e-mail to Fantasy Sports Publications.

    Hey, I don't care if Bob Harris is a jerk, I still want to contact him. How can I reach him?

    C'mon. I'm not a jerk. Really. I'm just busy...

    You can click here to send me e-mail.

    Remember: You're best chances of getting a reply come when you contact me on Monday or Tuesday...

    What is FSP's full copyright policy?

    The FlashUpdate, and any other pages bearing the FSP copyright, are subject to the following copyright policy unless otherwise stated:

    It is permissible to copy FSP web pages when the following conditions are met:

  • The source of the information must be named.
  • Information must be used for non-profit purposes.
  • It must be stated that the information is subject to FSP copyright policy.
  • Information must be rendered unchanged.

    Otherwise, the text, graphics, look and feel of this web page are considered the property Fantasy Sports Publications, Inc. and images or text from these pages may not be resold, redistributed or republished without prior written permission from Fantasy Sports Publications, Inc.

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