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More Fantasy Football Strategy Articles 2018:

Team by Team Analysis

By John Bragg

20 Rd/Basic PPR Draft
This format starts 1 QB, 2 RBs, 3 WRs, 1 TE, 2 FLEXs (RB/WR/TE), 1 DST and 1 K.

Team 1:
QB: D. Brees, P. Rivers
RB: J. Charles, R. Mathews, T. West, A. Williams,
WR: M. Floyd, M. Evans, S. Watkins, H. Nicks, K. Britt ,A. Dobson
TE: R. Gronkowski’s Take: Nice start with Brees at QB, and Rivers as QB2 is fantastic. Charles & Mathews are a great 1-2 punch at RB. West and Williams are below par as backups. Bye weeks and injury are going to be a problem here. Taking Brees & Gronkowski early led to a fundamental weakness across the board at skill positions – and that is going to hurt. Floyd is a mid-tier WR2, and Evans is a WR4. The lack of top end WRs on this team is going to be its downfall. Gronkowski is a home-run or bust TE, as we’ve seen over the past 2 years. (At least he’s not on trial for murder.) If he stays healthy, he and Brees will have a ton of work to do in order to make up for lack of starter quality WRs, and RB depth. Despite Brees, Charles and Gonk, this is a B- roster, at best. Team rating = C+

Team 2:
QB: J. Cutler, R. Tannehill,
RB: A. Ellington, J. Bell, L. Miller, K. Davis, D. Freeman
WR: C. Johnson, R. White, K. Wright, T. Williams,
TE: M. Bennett’s Take: Too many players taken ahead of ADP. This is a nice team, but from Ellington, to Roddy, to Wright, to Terrance Williams, to Ladarius Green, to Devonta Freeman, this team is littered with good skill players that likely could have been had at least a round later, in most circumstances. You must know your ADP. It’s too valuable a tool not to understand. We like the players drafted, and there is nice balance, but why not add an Andre Johnson, or an Aaron Rogers, or others to your team early? While we like the players, it’s missing top-end talent because of early selection. Ellington is a break-out candidate we love. We also like Bell, and think Miller has a chance to perform as a RB2, if he can hold off Moreno. Calvin and Roddy are a phenomenal 1-2 start at WR! Wright and Williams are a great subset of WRs. This WR corps will be a strength of this team, and if Ellington, Bell and Miller can perform well, it should make a run at the playoffs. We like Cutler late, and Tannehill as a QB2. Well done! This is a solid, if unspectacular team. Team rating = B+

Team 3:
QB: A. Rogers, J. Flacco
RB: L. McCoy, B. Sankey, S. Ridley, C. Hyde,
WR: J. Edelman, B. Cooks, A. Boldin, J. Cotchery
TE: J. Thomas, V. Davis,’s Take: Rogers is a stud. McCoy is a stud. Julius Thomas is a stud. After the top 3, this team is destined for mediocrity. Taking DST in the 10th is not advisable. Sankey doesn’t have the starting gig, and is struggling with pass protection. Edelman is a nice WR2, but because of the top end QB and TE, this team is weak at WR. In this format (starting 3 WRs & 1 FLEX), being weak at WR is a problem. Cooks has upside, but is a WR2, at best. Boldin and Costery are WR4s, at best, and Ridley and Hyde have no immediate starting value. Hunt the waiver wire for WRs and RBs early, and if you get a little lucky, and manage the team well, this team has a shot – however unlikely. Team rating = B-

Team 4:
QB: C. Newton, S. Bradford
RB: S. Vereen, Pierre Thomas, F. Jackson, L. Dunbar, R. Helu
WR: D. Thomas, A. Jeffrey, A. Johnson, Ty Hilton, C. Shorts, M. Lee
TE: K. Rudolph, T. Kelce’s Take: Newton is an average QB, but that’s OK. He was taken in the 12th round, so that’s QB value. Bradford is a below average QB2. Vereen, Thomas, and Jackson is a nice stable of RBs. They should score a decent average weekly, and with 3, there is flexibility for BYEs and injury. It’s not a sexy RB corps, but is should prove both effective & deep. Demarius Thomas, Alshon Jeffery, Andre Johnson, TY Hilton and Cecil Shorts?!?!?!?! WOW! THIS OWNER KNOWS WHAT HE’S DOING! What a fantastic WR cops! Best in the league, hands down. In this format, this strategy, and wise player selection, will certainly pay off. The starting 3 is as good as we’ve seen in any competitive draft, and makes this team an absolute powerhouse! We LOVE Rudolph too! He’s in for a breakout year, especially with Norv Turner calling the shots. He did wonders for Antonio Gates, and we expect big things (finally) from Kyle Rudolph. Kelce is likely the best long-shot sleeper TE, and like Rudolph, has bee proving he’s going to be a force thus far in the pre-season. This team is built for the playoffs. Well done! Team rating: A

Team 5:
QB: C. Kaepernick,
RB: M. Forte, A. Foster, B. Tate, R. Hillman
WR: R. Cobb, P. Harvin, T. Smith, R. Wayne, K. Stills, D. Amendola, J. Gordon,
TE: H. Miller, G. Graham’s Take: Kaepernick is a solid low-end QB1, but like the last team, the 12th team value was superb! Forte & Foster are a great starting duo of RBs, and Tate has potential to start at FLEX each week. Nice job! Cobb and Harvin is a very solid start at WR. Wayne is a decent WR3, and Stills, Amendola and Gordon give depth, and potentially upside – especially if Gordon only sits half the season or less. We have no problem taking Gordon in the 10th round. He was the top WR in all of FF down the stretch LY, and we expect him to score well if he plays. TEs are not spectacular, but they’re both serviceable, and solid values. This is a solid team, and with the right breaks, will make a playoff run. Team rating = B

Team 6:
QB: P. Manning, M. Ryan
RB: A. Peterson, R. Jennings, MJD, Jeremy Hill, C. Ivory
WR: L. Fitzgerald, E. Sanders, E. Decker, S. Smith, C. Latimer
TE: G. Olsen, D. Walker’s Take: Manning and Ryan are a great QB1 & QB2, obviously. Peterson, Jennings and MJD offer a solid RB trio. AP has #1 upside, and a high floor, while MJD might have enough in the tank to put up RB3 #s, offering this team nice depth at the position. Fitzgerald is a low-end WR1, and Sanders looks like a WR2. With Welker’s concussion, Sanders could be in for more touches, and in that offense, that could mean big time fantasy #s. Decker is the Jets WR1, but likely a WR3 for fantasy purposes. The Jets want to run and win ugly, and their QB is not known for producing big numbers for fantasy purposes. (Decker’s ex was pretty great in that capacity!) Olsen and Walker should suffice at TE. This is not the sexiest of teams, but it has a chance, and is well balanced. Team rating = Solid B.

Team 7:
QB: A. Luck, C. Palmer
RB: E. Lacy, M. Lynch, J. Stewart, j. Starks
WR: J. Nelson, V. Cruz, J. Maclin, J. Hunter, K. Benjamin, J. Boykin
TE: Z. Ertz, C. Clay’s Take: Luck & Palmer are a nice QB1 & QB2. Lacy and Lynch are a solid starting RB duo, and Stewart looks poised to finally make a run at a full season. Starks is a nice handcuff for Lacy. Nelson, Cru and Nelson are a solid trio of WRs. Hunter, Benjamin and Boykin are a fantastic WR4-6! This depth will truly help this team through injuries, BYE weeks, and perhaps finding a gem at the position that could surpass a Cruz or Maclin in the starting lineup. Waitin until the 9th round and finding Luck there was an expert move, showing patience and solid draft strategy. Erts is a solid low-end TE1, but Clay is a sleeper, performing as a top 7 TE in 2013 (not many people know that.) This team looks strong, and should contend. Team rating = B+

Team 8:
QB: T. Brady
RB: L. Bell, A. Morris, F. Gore, S. Jackson, L. Blount
WR: D. Bryant, K. Allen, W. Welker, D. Hopkins, R. Cooper,
TE: J. Witten, A. Gates’s Take: Tom Brady should rebound, so getting him in the 11th round is awesome! He still has top 5 potential, especially if his weapons can stay healthy. (Big “if.” We know.) Bell, Morris, Gore and SJax are all vale RBs, so getting 4 of them should prove to work well as both RB 1-2, and weekly FLEX. The key to this team though, is WR and TE strength. While it is solid at RB, this team is very strong at WR and TE! Dez & Keenan are a fantastic WR1/WR2. Welker has concussion history, but still has game, if he can stay on the field. Hopkins and Cooper should be productive WR3/4s, and Witten is as safe a TE selection as there is. He is steady in the top 7 every year, with top 3 potential. He has been scoring more TDs of late, and although the Cowboys offense is going to have to score in bunches due to their lack of defense, nobody is talking about the Cowboys TE as a potential top 5 talent. We are. Witten in the 7th was a no-brainer, and could help this team compete for the title. Team rating = B+

Team 9:
QB: N. Foles
RB: M. Ball, CJ Spiller, T. Richardson, K. Robinson,
WR: AJ Green, P. Garcon, m. Colston, R> Randle, T. Austin, J. Jones
TE: D. Pitta’s Take: Nick Foles should prove to be a mid-tier QB1. We think Montee Ball will break out in Denver this year – even more than most. He has top 3 potential, and if he can stay healthy, should be as safe a RB as there is in 2014. We’re not too keen on Spiller as a RB2, or TRich as a RB3, but they should be given the opportunity to excel. AJ Green, Garcon and COlston are t nice trio of WRs. Randle, Austin and Jones could also prove to be steady off the bench. Dennis Pitta is a candidate for comeback player of the year. All-in-all, we like this team a lot. With a little luck/help in the RB arena, maybe they will make a strong run. Team rating = Solid B.

Team 10:
QB: M. Stafford, B. Roethlisberger
RB: Z. Stacy, T. Gerhart, D. Woodhead, K. Moreno
WR: A. Brown, C. Patterson, D. Jackson, D. Baldwin, B. Hartline, R. Streater
TE: J. Graham, D. Allen’s Take: Stafford and Big Ben are a very nice QB1/QB2. Stacy, Gerhart and Woodhead are a nice trio of RBs. If Gerhart can break out with his increased workload in JAX, this team could flourish. Antonio Brown is one of the best fantasy WRs out there, despite his diminutive stature. He catches everything, and is as fast as any WR out there. …and Roethlisburger loves him! Patterson is primed for a break-out season, and will be a focal point of the MIN offense. DJax & Hartline should produce sporadically, but Baldwin and Streater are both questionable bench fodder. If Jackson can find a weekly role in WAS, he could be plugged into the WR3 spot, but the WAS offense is crowded, and RG3 already has a favorite Receiver. Jimmy Graham is the crowned jewel for this team. This team is constructed with nice balance, and Graham has the potential to lead all fantasy WR/TEs in scoring on this season. The Saints should be good this year, and Graham should lead the team in receptions, yards, and TDs. If he does, this team will be in the race for the title, for sure. Team rating = B+

Team 11:
QB: T. Romo
RB: D. Murray, D. Martin, CJ2K, D. Sproles, D. McCluster
WR: B. Marshall, M. Crabtree, G. Tate, M. Wheaton, J. Matthews,
TE: J. Cameron,’s Take: Tony Romo is the below-the-radar QB this year. Dallas is going to have to pass, and he’s very capable, with fantastic weapons. If he can stay healthy, he’s a lock for top 5 2014. Murray and Martin are a nice start at RB. We’re not too high on Martin, but Murray has upside if he can stay healthy. CJ2K looks good this preseason, so he’s got FLEX possibilities. Sproles and McCluster will be tough to predict on a weekly basis. They are both guys you are likely to have on your bench when they explode, and will have in the lineup when they whiff. Brandon Marshall is a stud. Period. Crabtree could produce WR2, but with Stevie Johnson & Boldin very similar in capabilities, we’re not sure he’s in for an improvement in performance. Golden Tate and Marcus Wheaton are both fantastic mid-round gambles on top WR potential. They are both in great positions on their respective teams, looking for opportunities to break out in their own rights. We expect them both to do well this year. Matthews is young, but will suffice as a part time fantasy starter, or FLEX play. Cameron is an elite TE. If Murray can stay healthy, this team should be in the hunt. Team rating = B

Team 12:
QB: Robert Griffen III, R. Wilson
RB: G. Bernard, R. Bush, R. Rice, M. Ingram,
WR: J. Jones, V. Jackson, M. Wallace, D. Bowe, K. Thompkins
TE: J. Reed, T. Eifert’s Take: RG3 and Russell Wilson being selected in the 11th/12th rounds is a testament to expert patience and strategy. They are both top 12 QBs with upside, and each great values at 11.12 and 12.1. Bernard and Bush are a solid PPR duo of starting RBs. Rice still has potential. He was once a top 5 overall pick, and the future of the Ravens backfield. 2013 put an end to that, but he’s lighter, and more impactful in his abilities than Bernard Pierce. We expect him to lead the team in fantasy points, although Pierce will have an opportunity to earn more time with good performances over the first 2 weeks. Jones and VJax are a great WR1/2 duo. Jones is coming off a season where he was put on IR due to a foot injury, but he was on pace to set records at the time. he’s still a beast, and at 2.1 he’s worth the risk. Wallace and Bowe are both #1 WRs on their respective teams, so they will have opportunity. We like both of them. Wallace will be moved around more in Miami’s version of the “Chip-Kelly” offense, and everyone expect that to lead to more catches/yards/TDs. Bowe had a great camp, and although he’s sitting week 1 due to a failed league drug test (weed), he seems to be :clickng” with Alex Smith. He’s a great value at 8.1. Reed is an upside TE with all the skills. He has his own concussion issues to overcome, but if healthy, should produce like a high-end TE1. Team grade = Solid B+

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