NFL College Mock Drafts - View

The NFL draft and the speculation leading up to it is a great time for us fantasy football players. So we have added a NFL mock draft contest to add to the excitement!

The contest is FREE and you can have up to two mock drafts and your mock and comments can either be shown publicly or kept private.

There are cash prizes for the top-10 mock drafts (based on round one and correct order) and $25,000 to the round one with all 31 correct players actually taken (order not important). Ties will share equal amounts of the $25,000.

1st round with all 31 correct players drafted. Order does not matter! $25,000

Place Prize
1st $500
2nd $200
3rd $100
4th $50
5th $50
6th $50
7th $50
8th $50
9th $50
10th $50

Have fun and thanks for being Football Diehards!

Emil Kadlec

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