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DFS DraftPot Review - Week 11
By Jen Ryan

(Ease of Schedule Tool: http://www.footballdiehards.com/eosforecast.cfm)

I am really excited to be introducing you to Draftpot today. First I should give you a quick introduction as to what kind of contests Draftpot has to offer. For the most part there are two different types of contests. GM Mode is very similar to any standard fantasy site. players are priced, there is a salary cap, and you build your winning lineup within the constraints of the cap. What separates Draftpot from the rest is there alternative option of Fan Mode. When drafting in Fan Mode there is no salary cap. That’s right, no restrictions on who you can or cannot afford. It is almost as if you have all the first round picks in a season long league but in daily fantasy format. You can stack your team with top talent.

It may seem like an automatic win playing in Fan Mode but in my opinion it requires more critical thought to come out of a Fan Mode contest in the green. Fan Mode forces you to analyze matchups more than you maybe would have. It would be wise to utilize our Ease of Schedule tool when building a lineup in Fan Mode.

In GM Mode, the “pricing” is quite unique compared to other sites. players are not priced by salary but by DPPG, which stands for Draftpot Points Per Game. As explained by Draftpot customer service:

“DPPG is Drafpot Points Per Game cap. DPPG are calculated by accounting for a player’s most recent performance according to Draftpot’s specific scoring criteria for each sport. NFL and CFB DPPG values are calculated over each respective player’s last 16 regular season contests”. The salary cap in GM Mode is 140 DPPG.

Another valuable aspect of Drafpot is the amount of overlay. The site is still somewhat new and growing quickly, and some contests occasionally do not fill. It is incredibly advantageous to browse the lobby prior to kickoff and jump in GPPs that have not filled. Guaranteed money in a contest that is not full furthers your chances of cashing out. You would be hard pressed to find the amount of overlay on any other site than you can find on Draftpot.

Finally, Draftpot is currently offering no-rake H2H contests ranging from $1 up to a whopping $1,000. That’s right; the site is not taking any money on head-to-heads. If you jump in a $10 H2H and win, you will receive $20 as opposed to $18. It is a kind gesture by the site to forgo the rake in these contests and it translates to more money in your bankroll.

Whether you are an experienced player, casual player, or just getting your feet wet, there is a contest for you over at Draftpot. They will match your deposit and even offer a free roll contests. Head on over to Draftpot, make a deposit, have some fun, and win some money!

Here are a few players I feel are top GPP and cash plays on Draftpot.

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Philip Rivers – vs. Kansas City Chiefs – 20.19 DPPG
Rivers will be coming off of the bye with a home matchup against one of the worst secondaries in the NFL. Of the top five priced quarterbacks on Draftpot, I like him best to have a big day.

Tony Romo - @Miami Dolphins – 11.35 DPPG
This is obviously a risky play but given his low cost how could you resist? The Dolphins have allowed multi-touchdown days to Blake Bortles, Tyrod Taylor, and Brian Hoyer. Romo could look to make an impact in his return.

Running Back

Latavius Murray - @ Detroit Lions – 12.15 DPPG
Murray is a dual threat with little-to-no competition in the backfield. The Lions are generous to running backs on the ground and in the air. They have allowed 11 rushing touchdowns and 39 receptions to running backs.
Marshawn Lynch – vs. San Francisco 49ers – 14.27 DPPG
Lynch’s abdomen appears to be fine after being considered a 50/50 shot to play last week. The Seahawks are in must-win mode and will lean on their playmaker.

Wide Receiver

Eric Decker - @ Houston Texans – 14.43 DPPG
Decker has scored a touchdown in each game he has played in except one. Whether it is Ryan Fitzpatrick or Geno Smith under center he has a high probability of being targeted often and scoring.
Stevie Johnson – vs. Kansas City Chiefs – 7.44 DPPG
San Diego’s recently anointed WR1 is still on sale and has an excellent matchup at home against the Chiefs. No quarterback in the NFL is throwing the ball more than Philip Rivers and Johnson is his top beneficiary.

Tight End

Jason Witten - @ Miami Dolphins – 11.5 DPPG
Witten, who is eight receptions away from 1,000 in his career, has his best friend back. He should return to his usual routine of being targeted on third downs and in the red zone. Romo could lean on his old friend heavily in his first game back.

Jacob Tamme – vs. Indianapolis Colts – 5.56 DPPG
In his past two games Tamme has 16 receptions for 164 yards and one score. He has edged both WR2’s in Atlanta out as Matt Ryan’s second look after Julio Jones.


Baltimore Ravens – vs. St. Louis Rams – 7.06 DPPG
The Ravens will have to contain Todd Gurley but they will be facing Case Keenum in his first start this season. They should have no problem getting a few takeaways and keeping the scoring to a minimum.

Seattle Seahawks – vs. San Francisco 49ers – 6.06 DPPF
The Seahawks will be up against Blaine Gabbert and the sputtering San Francisco offense at home. I am not sure I need to add any more to that.


Steven Hauschka – vs. San Francisco 49ers – 11.25 DPPG
The Seattle offense has not exactly been on fire in generating points. This could be a big field goal day, especially if the defense does their job.

Matt Bryant – vs. Indianapolis Colts – 10.31 DPPG
A kicker on a high-scoring offense at home under a dome? Yes, please.
Good luck this week on Draftpot. Take advantage of their many different contests and free rolls. I hope to see you in the lobby!