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Money-Making DFS Tips From A Million-Dollar Winner 2022

By Jamie Calandro
Jamie Calandro If you follow me on twitter or if you've read my other DFS strategy articles, you know that I advocate for the safest, easiest way to grind out winnings. This is largely because the millionaire contests are so top-heavy that they're designed for you to lose, and the glitz and glitter of them will keep you donating your money every week. That said, a lot of times we still can't resist going for that life-changing money, and SOMEONE has to win it. I was lucky enough to be joined by one of the best large-field tournament players in the industry by the name of Brian Jester. Brian is the Co-Founder of Occupy Fantasy and the host of the Emotional Bankroll Podcast, and most importantly for our discussion, is a DraftKings Millionaire Winner and FanDuel World Fantasy Football Championship Runne... Premium subscription is needed