DFS Hunter Report Week 2 2018

By Dave Hunter
Dave Hunter
How about Week 1, eh? Yeah, I don’t wanna talk about it either.

Let’s get right into Week 2, with the hopes that more of our NFL stars will remain injury-free. Please. Pretty please?

Week 2 features the DraftKings NFL $4.6M Roman Fantasy Football Millionaire ($1M to 1st). I’ll have a $20 entry in, as I did in Week 1. I was only able to muster 168.84 points, a bit out of the money. I needed another 15 points or so to cash. Players like Joe Mixon, Mike Evans, Keenan Allen and Rob Gronkowski hit home runs for me, but Blake Bortles – I purposely punted QB in Week 1 – and Peyton Barber tanked.

As I mention every week, I’ll be basing my weekly write-ups off DraftKings salaries, keeping in mind all suggestions are not equal and some players I like more for tournament or cash lineup builds over others.


Top Level

Drew Brees, NO vs. Cleveland Browns ($7,200) – As of this writing, the Vegas line has Cleveland +9, although I like the Browns to play this a bit closer. Still, Brees is going to be chalk enough that I will probably fade him in tournament play; however, Brees is an excellent play for cash lineups. The salary is reasonable enough for me to build around Brees to net safe return production. Plus, Michael Thomas and Alvin Kamara are money right now, producing incredibly so far. You got to figure Brees will take advantage in the passing game.

Other Choices: Philip Rivers, LAC @ Buffalo Bills ($6,700); Deshaun Watson, HOU @ Tennessee Titans ($6,300)


Josh Allen, BUF vs. Los Angeles Chargers ($4,600) – Allen is strictly a dart-throw option and he should only be in a tournament lineup or two. The matchup looks pretty good on paper though, considering the Chargers’ secondary right now, but you’ve to consider this will be Allen’s first start ever in the NFL and defenses usually aren’t very kind to rookies. If you’re stacking your lineup with excellent RB and WR and need to punt QB, Allen is your guy. I actually trust Marcus Mariota and Derek Carr more so, although each will run you some more dough.

Other Choices: Marcus Mariota, TEN vs. Houston Texans ($5,600); Derek Carr, OAK @ Denver Broncos ($5,500)


Ben Roethlisberger, PIT vs. Kansas City Chiefs ($6,900) – The placement of Big Ben as an “Over-Value” is about one thing only: a bruised throwing elbow. Go with Big Ben if you’re looking for a contrarian play, mainly as I believe there will be plenty of others like me that avoid him due to the injury. News reports have Big Ben playing with no worry to the elbow, but I’m not messing around with him at all. I’m passing.

Other Choices: Tyrod Taylor, CLE @ Pittsburgh Steelers ($5,900); Ryan Fitzpatrick, TB vs. Philadelphia Eagles ($5,500)


Top Level

Alvin Kamara, NO vs. Cleveland Browns ($9,500) – Listen, if you don’t mind spending almost $10K on Kamara, like me, then he’s your guy. The Saints and Drew Brees will continue to use the football monster in Kamara every way possible. Kudos to those of you that rostered him in Week 1 as you were rewarded heavily with 46.1 points. Kamara scores on the ground and through the air, but the targets alone are eye-popping. I know a lot of those targets were due to the Saints playing catch up in the second half, but you can’t ignore how Kamara is used in the passing game. I’ll have him in lineups, both cash and tournament play.

Other Choices: Todd Gurley, LAR vs. Arizona Cardinals ($9,200);


Phillip Lindsay, DEN vs. Oakland Raiders ($4,400) – Is Lindsay real? I think that’s the question most of us are asking right now. So far Devontae Booker is pushed out, while Royce Freeman and Lindsay split the load. The advantage to Lindsay after Week 1 is that the Broncos used him in the passing game. That’s key considering our PPR love in DraftKings. I have enough faith in Lindsay at $4.4K that the Broncos will continue to feed him the ball. I mean, he’s certainly worth the gamble, right? The only negative is that his ownership percentage may be higher than I’d like to see in tournament play. Also, if you don’t like Lindsay this week, check out all the options below. Man, there are a ton of RBs worth playing in Week 2. I’m fairly certain I’ll be using a pass-catching RB in my Flex slots this week.

Other Choices: Dalvin Cook, MIN @ Green Bay Packers ($6,500); Chris Thompson, WAS vs. Indianapolis Colts ($5,900); Adrian Peterson, WAS vs. Indianapolis Colts ($5,500); Tevin Coleman, ATL vs. Carolina Panthers ($5,300); Derrick Henry, TEN vs. Houston Texans ($5,200); Jordan Wilkins, IND @ Washington Redskins ($4,400); Royce Freeman, DEN vs. Oakland Raiders ($4,300); Duke Johnson, Jr., CLE @ New Orleans Saints ($4,200)


David Johnson, ARI @ Los Angeles Rams ($8,200) – Johnson is fighting a back injury right now, so I’m hesitant to pay up for him. I also don’t like him facing the Rams defense, which is definitely a top unit in the NFL. I’d rather spend the dough to roster Todd Gurley II or Alvin Kamara. There are some pretty good values on the books too in Week 2, so don’t feel the need to force DJ into your lineups.

Other Choices: Kenyan Drake, MIA @ New York Jets ($5,800); Leonard Fournette, JAC vs. New England Patriots ($6,800); T.J. Yeldon, JAC vs. New England Patriots ($5,600)


Top Level

Antonio Brown, PIT vs. Kansas City Chiefs ($8,800) – The matchup is enticing for the best WR in the game today, even with Big Ben fighting injury. Brown gets enough action this week from Big Ben to get close to earning $8.8K, while Big Ben should be passed upon. Yep, I’m saying – I like Brown, but not Big Ben. You’ve seen it plenty of times where a WR puts up good numbers but his QB does not. Well, this is one of those moments.

Other Choices: Michael Thomas, NO vs. Cleveland Browns ($8,600); Julio Jones, ATL vs. Carolina Panthers ($8,400); Keenan Allen, LAC @ Buffalo Bills ($7,800); Mike Evans, TB vs. Philadelphia Eagles ($7,300)


Josh Gordon, CLE @ New Orleans Saints ($5,800) – Gordon played a bunch more than we expected, given the news out of Cleveland he’d only be available for about 20 snaps. Well, that information was certainly wrong. Gordon was on field for most of the game and we should see some good looks from Tyrod Taylor in Week 2. Gordon’s downfield presence is quite lovely for $5.8K, all while facing a pretty pitiful Saints passing defense.

Other Choices: Larry Fitzgerald, ARI @ Los Angeles Rams ($6,000); Kenny Stills, MIA @ New York Jets ($5,700); Chris Hogan, NE @ Jacksonville Jaguars ($5,400); Kenny Golladay, DET @ San Francisco 49ers ($4,800)


Tyreek Hill, KC @ Pittsburgh Steelers ($7,600) – After Week 1, we all knew Hill’s salary would jump, but I think $1.1K over last week is too much and there’s no way that Hill earns that salary. I’d rather go with other WR options, ones I’m not overpaying for that offer plenty of potential. Also, expect Travis Kelce to be much more involved in the Chiefs passing game, taking away targets from Hill.

Other Choices: Amari Cooper, OAK @ Denver Broncos ($6,600)


Top Level

Rob Gronkowski, New England Patriots ($7,000)

Zach Ertz, PHI @ Tampa Bay Buccaneers ($6,100)

Travis Kelce, KC @ Pittsburgh Steelers ($5,900)


Ben Watson, NO vs. Cleveland Browns ($3,400)

Jonnu Smith, TEN vs. Houston Texans ($3,100)



Good luck in Week 2! Feel free to reach out to me on Twitter: @TheRolyPolyBoy