2019 Rookie Dynasty Mock Draft

By John Laub
John Laub




    Rookie Dynasty Mock Draft

                February 16-18, 2019





The UConn men’s basketball team has disappointed for the third consecutive season. Fortunately, I have the Alliance of American Football (AAF), Spring Training and the NFL Draft to keep me busy during the month of February.

Like many Dynasty zealots, I am gearing up for my drafts by studying and assessing the incoming college prospects. Having scouted numerous rookies in detail over the past six months, I am ready to kick off the Draft season. 

In order to acquire insight into the value of prospects this season, I asked eleven other Dynasty mavericks to join me in a mock draft. The results are provided below along with analysis and insight provided by the participants. I love the Dynasty season! 

Draft Order and Participants
1. Jan McKissack, @TheRealPatriot1
2. Miguel Chapeton, @DynastyGuruFF
3. Dennis Bennett, @Culture_Coach
4. Mookie Carlson, @MookieBlayloc11
5. Garret Price, @GMP_33
6. Geoff Lambert, @GeoffLambert77
7. Michael Forster, @ForsterMichael9
8. Chris Nelson, @THEffVigilante
9. John Laub, @GridironSchol91
10. Ryan Stern, @rstern33
11. Jeff DiMatteo, @NFL_DiMatteo
12. Matt Walker, @DFF_Walk

First-Round Recap and Analysis


1.01: WR D.K. Metcalf, Mississippi
“I have to preface this by saying I’m not a huge fan of this year’s draft, at least on the offensive side of the ball. My first pick of D.K. Metcalf was easy. To me, he’s far and away the best pick at #1. He’s electric and a beast on the field. He does have the injury bug, but he also has so much room to grow which is scary. He plays at a high level in a very competitive conference which is huge for me and his highlights speak for themselves: with his size, speed, moves and separation he is going to be fun to watch for years. Reminds me of Terrell Owens, but bigger and with longer arms. Can’t say enough about this player.”
Jan McKissack, @TheRealPatriot1


1.02: WR N’Keal Harry, Arizona State
“N’Keal Harry is the best WR prospect in this class hands down. You want college production? Check. You want the only Power 5 receiver to breakout at age 18? Check. You want spectacular highlight-reel, play-making ability? Check. He’s the only wide out who checks both the analytical and film boxes to be a potential star in the NFL. The only question surrounding Harry’s ability is his athletic profile. In my opinion, prospects with these production profiles rarely post poor athletic numbers, and I think the same will apply here. He may not be the athletic freak that DK Metcalf is, but he doesn’t need to be. Harry just needs to be athletic enough to be a successful playmaker in the NFL. Does it matter by how much? No, it does not. With the 1.02 pick this is as safe as it gets in this draft.”
Miguel Chapeton, @DynastyGuruFF



1.03: RB David Montgomery, Iowa State
“At 5-foot-11 and 219 pounds, prototype size and runs with power and balance. Won’t always get to the edge but has enough speed to pick up big chunks of yardage when he gets through the hole. A two-year starter who ran for over 1,100 yards and double-digit touchdowns in each season while averaging 29 receptions. Should be able to step into a starting role.”
Dennis Bennett, @Culture_Coach


1.04: RB Josh Jacobs, Alabama
“This pick was easy for me. I’m not sure there isn’t anything he doesn’t excel at on the gridiron. He has quickness, power, balance, blocking and receiving ability. Top end speed might be the only trait he is lacking. Jacobs looked good in the National Championship with quick and decisive cuts, making the NFL-caliber Clemson D-line frequently miss. There are concerns regarding Jacob’s production at Alabama, but that doesn’t worry me for two reasons. First, because he shared the backfield duties with (senior) Damien Harris while at Alabama. Second, Nick Saban has never had a QB like Tua, who attempted 100 more passes than Jalen Hurts did last year as the starter. Jacobs is my #1 overall Dynasty player available in this year’s draft.”
Mookie Carlson, @MookieBlayloc11


1.05: WR Kelvin Harmon, North Carolina State
“With my first pick, I was thrilled to see Kelvin Harmon there at number five. I personally have him as my third-rated player overall so this felt like a steal. I think Harmon has the raw ability to be a legitimate alpha dog. He has really strong hands and is a very physical player often winning fifty-fifty balls. I think the Julio comps are a little far-fetched, but I could see Mike Evans with a tad more speed.”
Garret Price, @GMP_33


1.06: RB Rodney Anderson, Oklahoma 
“Anderson would be the clear-cut No. 1 overall pick if not for his injury history. His combination of vision, elusiveness, balance and receiving ability make him the most complete RB in this draft class; however, three season-ending injuries in four campaigns has caused him to slip down draft boards. The risk may be too great to draft Anderson as a top three Dynasty pick, but with the sixth-overall selection, the upside of potentially landing the best ball carrier in the class was too good to pass up. As with all these rookies, landing spot will play a huge part in their rookie outlooks, but given the right opportunity, he could end up being the best overall player in this draft.”
Geoff Lambert, @GeoffLambert77


Pick Owner Player Pos. School
1 Jan McKissack D.K. Metcalf WR Ole Miss
2 Miguel Chapeton N'Keal Harry WR Arizona State
3 Dennis Bennett David Montgomery RB Iowa State
4 Chris Carlson Josh Jacobs RB Alabama
5 Garret Price Kelvin Harmon WR N.C. State
6 Geoff Lambert Rodney Anderson RB Oklahoma
7 Michael Forster A.J. Brown WR Ole Miss
8 Chris Nelson Hakeem Butler WR Iowa State
9 John Laub Devin Singletary RB Florida Atlantic
10 Ryan Stern Marquise Brown WR Oklahoma
11 Jeff DiMatteo Darrell Henderson RB Memphis
12 Matt Walker Damien Harris RB Alabama


1.07: WR A.J. Brown, Mississippi
“Probably the most pro-ready receiver in the 2019 class, A.J. Brown is a refined route runner specializing in the short and intermediate areas of the field. He generates consistent separation, shows strong hands, and has experience playing in the slot and outside. Although Brown may lack the upside of the pass-catchers taken earlier in this mock, his high floor makes him a solid choice at this stage of dynasty rookie drafts, particularly in PPR formats.”   
Michael Forster, @ForsterMichael9


1.08: WR Hakeem Butler, Iowa State 
“Hakeem the Dream is 6-foot-6, 225 pounds and everything I could possibly want in a receiver and will undoubtedly be the most productive wideout at his size the NFL has ever seen. Getting him here at the eighth spot was awesome considering I have him ranked in my top three for receivers. Even if others don't have him as high, there's no way he should make it outside of the top ten picks come rookie draft season.
Chris Nelson, @THEffVigilante 



1.09: RB Devin Singletary, Florida Atlantic
“I waited patiently as the elite players were plucked off the board. I longed that one of my top running backs would remain available at the ninth pick. Bingo…I immediately hit the submit button. I am bullish on Devin Singletary, who is my third-ranked, pre-Combine runner. The former Owls’ luminary rushed for over 1,000 yards all three seasons on campus and scored 54 rushing touchdowns the past two years. A compact frame at 5-foot-9 and 200 pounds, Singletary is a downhill runner with breathtaking balance and burst. He will not likely be available this late in Dynasty drafts much longer as the scouting community highlights the dynamic gamebreaker.”
John Laub, @GridironSchol91


1.10: WR Marquise “Hollywood” Brown, Oklahoma
“In a rookie class that lacks a whole lot of excitement at the skill positions, I had an opportunity to grab the most explosive at 1.10, so I grabbed him. Hollywood has the skill set to become the next Tyreek Hill, but has every chance of being the next John Ross.” 
Editor’s note: The draft took place before the report on Brown’s lisfranc injury became public.
Ryan Stern, @rstern33


1.11: RB Darrell Henderson, Memphis
“It’s hard not to be excited about a guy that boasts over 3,500 career rushing yards and 8.2 YPC. On film, he looks like he runs in the low 4.5s, which may not be as fast as you’d like but he has outstanding balance. At times defenders seem to slide off of him as if he were made of Teflon. I’m not worried about his top-end speed as his elusiveness and contact balance will translate very well to the NFL regardless of team.”
Jeff DiMatteo, @NFL_DiMatteo 


1.12: RB Damien Harris, Alabama 
“Not my favorite Bama back but still a proven producer during his four-year tenure in Tuscaloosa. He was dominant in a backfield that included soon to be first-round Dynasty draft pick Josh Jacobs and potential future first round Dynasty draft pick Najee Harris. The Senior maintained a solid 6.4 ypc average across 477 career carries and crossed the now famous 20-catch season threshold in 2018 (shout out to Zac Reed). Solid not sexy, but hey, singles count as hits too!”
Matt Walker, @DFF_Walk