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Emil Kadlec

Emil Kadlec

Video Draft Strategy 3 with Emil and Armando 2018

Video Draft Strategy 3 with Emil and Armando 2018 with Emil at 11 and Armando at draft slot 8. It you cant get the video to full scree - you can use this link to do so on youTube.       Full Story

Video Draft Strategy 2 with Emil and Armando 2018

Hello and welcome to the second draft strategy video with Emil Kadlec and Armando Marsal. In this draft Emil Kadlec has draft slot 2 and Armando Marsal has draft slot 12. We go through each round with our analysis as the draft progressed. We describe our strategies as they evolve in real time. Full Story

Video Draft Strategy 1 with Emil and Armando 2018

This video draft strategy is our first of the preseason series featuring Emil Kadlec and Armando Marsal. We go over around by around strategy as the draft occurred. This is the best ball 12 team draft, PPR. Emil Kadlec at draft slot 6 and Armando at 10. Enjoy and they'll be more next week Full Story

Stomp prep for SBFFC draft 2017

Here’s another video using the stomp draft tool. I have a draft tonight in the SB FFC, Southern Bluegrass Fantasy Football Championship in Kentucky -- I’m drafting online. My top plan right now as I go into the draft is I’d like to get Michael Thomas who’s been going basically the last pick in the f Full Story

Football Diehards Staff PPR Draft with Analysis 2017

Football Diehards Staff PPR 2017 Draft with Analysis With experts Bob Harris, Mike Dempsey, Gary Davenport, Jen Ryan, Brad Kruse, Armando Marsal, Justin Lonero, John Laub, Lisa Ann, Evan Tarracciano, Chad Stapley and Emil Kadlec Here is a video of Football Diehards Staff PPR draft 2017. Jen Ry Full Story

STOMP Draft Tool Tutorial Video

STOMP Draft Tool Tutorial Video using the Football Diehards staff PPR draft an example with Emil Kadlec. Click here for: STOMP Draft Tool Full Story

Video of Football Diehards live ESPN Draft No. 1 Review

Video of Football Diehards 8/11/2017 live ESPN Draft Review with Mike Valverde and Emil Kadlec. See where Z. Elliott was drafted. PPR 10-team ESPN League Full Story

STOMP Fantasy Football Draft Theory

STOMP Draft Theory (Strategic Targeting Of ADP Mapping) Click here for: STOMP Draft Tool (Keep your eyes open at all times during your draft!) Fantasy football managers are always looking for new and innovative ways to help them prepare for and execute well during their dr Full Story

fantasy football best ball leagues history

Click for: Best Ball Articles Way back in the summer of 1998, a bunch of fantasy football fanatics were running a site called Fan Ex which stands for Fan Experts. Yes, I too am not enamored with the term expert. Their mission was to provide the millions of fantasy football manager with draft a Full Story

Diehards Staff Draft Analysis and predictions

Click here for: Diehards Draft Video - using commissioner draft board here The Football Diehards staff got together for their first league draft since training camps opened. And what a time it was -- a 12 team PPR with 18 man rosters. The following are staff reviews from the Full Story

USA Today Expert Mock Draft

On July 20, 2016 USA Today ran a mock expert draft which we were fortunate to be in. The following is some pre-draft analysis video along with video and discussion throughout the 16 round draft. Hopefully this will be helpful in your draft preparation for this season. We had the 10th pick in the Full Story

Opponents set for 2016 NFL season

Opponents set for 2016 NFL season Here is the opponents for each NFL team for the 2016 schedule. The weekly schedule should be out around April 22. The first regular-season game this year will be Thursday, September 8 and the Super Bowl will be played on a Sunday, February 5, 2017. AFC EAST Full Story

NFL preseason 2016 schedule

It's finally here, the NFL preseason 2016 schedule is out for us to peruse. The annual NFL Hall of Fame game is on Sunday, August 7 featuring the Green Bay Packers versus the Indianapolis Colts. Week one of the preseason schedule starts Thursday August 11th. The final preseason games which is we Full Story

Emil Kadlec Biography

Mr. Emil Kadlec serves as the President of Fantasy Sports Publications, Inc the largest publisher of Fantasy Football magazines which got started publishing in 1990. Fantasy Sports Publications distributes over 850,000 copies of four Fantasy Football magazines annually. Also the First fantasy servic Full Story