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HEY NOW. ... Week 16 cranked up with the Jaguars taking down the Titans in Jacksonville on Thursday night football and it continues today with a pair of games -- the Eagles-Redskins and Chargers-49ers. As always, we'll be here through all this week's kickoffs doing what we can to help you become the best-informed owner in your league. Here's where we stand now:

TOP CONTENT: In addition to this week's Late-Breaking Updates, you'll find the usual assortment of Regular Features -- including Friday's UPDATED NFL Injury/Practice Report, the Week 16 Team Notes, MatchUp Notes, Player Performance Rankings and our Exclusive Cheatsheets -- all available now.

PLEASE NOTE: FSP's Staff Cheatsheet is updated, adjusted and conveniently color-coded to reflect -- and link to -- pertinent content through Sunday morning.

SPECIAL FEATURES: Brad Kruse's Sit-Start/Sunday Edition, Matthew Cherrin's Dollar Store, Mike Beacom's Week 16 Buy-Sell/Waiver Wire Report, David Cherney's Risers & Fallers and Chad Stapley's Fantasy Watch column are available now.

OTHERWISE: Feel free to holler if you have any technical problems. Now let's start thinking about kicking somebody's sorry a**!!

To Access Late-Breaking Updates: Scroll down the page; choose a headline from the list below; click on the headline; read the corresponding Update. ... Repeat as necessary. Remember: Headlines rarely reflect all the information included in a given Update.

» ATL: Local Observer: Jones No Decoy If He Plays Vs. Saints | 1:04 PT

» SF: Gore Ready To Suit Up Elsewhere In 2015; Will He Suit Up Tonight? | 0:51 PT

» SD: Floyd The Wideout Worth Watching Vs. 49ers | 0:34 PT

» PHI: Look For The Eagles To Go Pass Heavy To Get Off To A Fast Start | 0:13 PT

» WAS: Morris Will Be Busy... If The Redskins Can Keep Game Close | 0:02 PT

» GB: No Contract Talks For Cobb... But Rodgers Is Doing His Part | 21:12 PT

» CHI: So Who Might Be Interested In Dealing For Cutler? | 20:06 PT

» BUF: Offense Shooting Blanks, But Marrone Won't Blame OC Hackett | 19:39 PT

» MIN: Walsh Looking To Turn Season Around | 19:23 PT

» DAL: Report: Murry Medically Cleared; Decision All His | 19:09 PT

» SEA: Lynch, Helfet, Richardson All Probable; Moeaki Questionable | 18:07 PT

» NE: Blount, Edelman, Vereen, LaFell All Questionable As Expected | 17:31 PT

» ARI: Lindley Locked In As Starter; Fitzgerald, Williams Probable | 16:05 PT

» SF: Gore, Crabtree Questionable; Hyde Ruled Out | 15:45 PT

» SD: Rivers Officially Probable; Mathews, Allen Ruled Out | 15:37 PT

» HOU: Hopkins A Game-Time Decision; Foster, Johnson Probable | 15:25 PT

» MIN: Rudolph Officially Doubtful; Asiata, Jennings Probable | 15:20 PT

» DAL: Murray Officially Questionable... But Early Signs Point To Him Playing | 15:06 PT

» KC: Bowe Sits Again Friday, Officially Questionable; Charles Probable | 14:59 PT

» MIA: Clay Questionable As Usual; Thomas Doubtful | 14:55 PT

» NYJ: Harvin Officially Probable For Sunday | 14:26 PT

» CHI: Bears Rule Gould Out For This Week; Feely Up Again | 13:33 PT

» DAL: Murray On The Field Again Friday; Dreaded Game-Time Decision Coming | 13:25 PT

» GB: Lacy Probable Despite Eye Irritation | 13:20 PT

» NYG: Jennings Officially Ruled Out; Williams To Get The Start | 12:58 PT

» DEN: Manning Back On The Practice Field Friday | 12:46 PT

» BUF: Spiller Activated, Listed As Probable For Sunday; Role Still Unclear | 12:42 PT

» IND: Hilton Officially Questionable; Unofficially Not Looking Good | 12:29 PT

» ATL: No Surprises Here; Jones Questionable; White, Douglas Probable For Sunday | 12:20 PT

» CAR: Newton Probable, Ready To Return; Williams Available On Emergency Basis  | 12:05 PT

» NYG: Jennings Not On The Practice Field Again Friday | 11:50 PT

» IND: Hilton, Wayne Not Spotted On Practice Field Friday | 11:34 PT

» ATL: Jones Not On The Practice Field Again Friday | 10:43 PT

» CIN: Green Back On The Practice Field Friday | 10:31 PT

» TB: Bucs Need To Run, But That Doesn't Mean You Should Trust Martin | 10:28 PT

» DET: Lions Offense Needs A Shot In The Arm; Bears Could Provide That | 9:40 PT

» DAL: Report: Increasing Optimism About Murray's Availability | 9:29 PT

» GB: Packers Aren't Talking About Drops... But They're Working On Them | 3:01 PT

» HOU: Keenum Still Looking Like The Starter; Foster And Blue Will Be Busy | 2:26 PT

» IND: Wayne Could See Less Action Of Final Two Weeks | 2:05 PT

» BAL: Forsett Says He's Feeling Good; Eager To Show Houston What He's Got | 1:40 PT

» StL: Mason In Position For Rebound Performance Vs. Giants? | 1:28 PT

» MIN: Turner Impresseed With Asiata's Versatility | 1:13 PT

» PHI: McCoy Losing Goal-Line Work To Polk... And He's Kind Of Okay With It | 0:53 PT

» SD: Rivers Outstanding On Thursday; Mathews Increasingly Unlikely To Go | 0:49 PT

» BUF: Decision On Spiller Might Not Come Before Saturday... If Then | 0:33 PT

» DAL: Murray Seems Eager To Play; Cowboys Say He Can't Do Further Damage | 0:21 PT

» DEN: Manning, Broncos Seem Unconcerned By QB's Thigh | 0:10 PT

» JAC: Offense Shows Some Life In Win Over Titans | 0:02 PT

» TEN: Titans Have At Least A Few Positives In Loss To Jags | 0:01 PT

» SF: Harbaugh Deflects Questions About Michigan Offer | 21:12 PT

» CHI: Cutler Initially Shocked At Demotion; Dealing Much Better With It Now | 21:03 PT

» CLE: Manziel Putting In Extra Time; Disputes Notion Teammate Don't Back Him | 20:37 PT

» OAK: Carr Wants Sparano To Return; QB Worked Fully Thursday | 20:24 PT

» WAS: Gruden Realizes We're Paying Attention To His Takes On RG3 | 19:53 PT

» StL: Cook, Fisher Get Back On The Same Page | 19:41 PT

» SF: Harbaugh Optimistic About Gore; Crabtree Picks Up The Pace | 19:34 PT

» HOU: Graham Ruled Out; Hopkins Sits Again Thursday; Foster Limited | 19:32 PT

» SEA: Lynch Sits Again; Richardson Added To Injury Report; O-Line A Concern | 19:30 PT

» NE: Status Quo For Patriots; Edelmen, Blount, Vereen, LaFell Limited | 19:30 PT

» ARI: Fitz Works Fully; Williams Still Limited; Stanton Limited Too | 19:29 PT

» CIN: Gresham Worked Fully; No Worries For Green | 19:28 PT

» CAR: Panthers Having Williams Fitted For A Cast; RB Not A Lock To Play | 19:04 PT

» TEN: Wright, Walker Both Active Against The Jaguars | 18:08 PT

» KC: Charles Practices Fully; Bowe Still Battling Flu | 17:02 PT

» JAC: Jaguars Announce That Bortles Will Indeed Start Tonight | 16:46 PT

» GB: Lacy Still Dealing With Eye Irritation; Still Fully Expected To Play Sunday | 16:02 PT

» SF: Gore Back On Practice Field... In Non-Contact Jersey | 15:16 PT

» MIN: Rudolph Misses Another Practice; Jennings, Asiata Limited Again | 15:07 PT

» NE: Edelman's Presence On The Field Thursday A Good Sign | 14:40 PT

» CIN: Bengals Confirm Green Sat Out Due To Illness | 14:34 PT

» NYJ: Harvin Continues To Work On A Limited Basis; On Track To Play | 14:19 PT

» TEN: Titans Place McCluster On Season-Ending IR | 14:18 PT

» CAR: Rivera: Newton On Target To Play; Probably The Starter | 14:03 PT

» CIN: Green Sits Out Thursday, Nobody Seems Worried; Gresham On The Field | 13:33 PT

» CLE: Hawkins Held Out Of Thursday's Practice | 13:16 PT

» SD: Rivers Returns To Practice; Mathews Still Sitting Out | 13:14 PT

» NYG: Jennings Held Out Again Thursday; Still Not Looking Good | 13:01 PT

» HOU: Johnson Passes Concussion Protocol; Will Play Vs. Ravens | 12:47 PT

» CAR: More Details: Newton Tosses 65-Yarder In Thursday's Practice | 12:26 PT

» DEN: Manning Opts For Treatment On Thigh Over Team Drills | 12:22 PT

» DAL: Murray Continues To Work On A Limited Basis; Dunbar Ahead Of Randle? | 12:06 PT

» ATL: Julio Sitting Out Again Thursday; White, Douglas Back To Work | 11:41 PT

» CAR: Local Observer: Looks More Like Newton Will Start This Week | 11:38 PT

» IND: Hilton Held Out Of Practice Again Thursday | 11:33 PT

» HOU: Report: Texans Leaning Towards Keenum As Starter | 10:58 PT

» SD: Report: Rivers' Back Issue More Severe Than Advertised | 10:02 PT

» MIA: Miller In Line For Busy Day; Thomas Sits Wednesday; Clay Limited | 9:15 PT

» PHI: McCoy Says Not To Read Too Much In Polk Getting First Snaps At Practice | 2:49 PT

» ARI: Can Cards Run Vs. Seahawks? Fitzgerald, Williams Limited | 2:30 PT

» SEA: O-Line Worth Watching; Lynch Sits Wednesday; Heflet Back To Work | 2:07 PT

» OAK: Carr Limited By Sore Thumb; Sparano Not Very Concerned | 1:52 PT

» MIN: Rudolph Held Out Wednesday; Asiata Limited | 1:47 PT

» BAL: Torrey Smith Not On This Week's Injury Report | 1:40 PT

» BUF: Spiller Hoping To Be Activated Later This Week | 1:35 PT

» KC: Charles Limited Wednesday; Bowe Sits Out With Illness | 1:28 PT

» SF: Hyde Says He Needs A Miracle To Play; Gore Not Looking Good Either | 1:16 PT

» NE: Edelman Adds Concussion To Sore Thigh; Blount, Vereen, LaFell All Limited | 1:03 PT

» DET: Megatron Gets His Usual Day Of Rest; Bush Not On Injury Report | 0:59 PT

» IND: Pagano Hopeful Hilton Will Be Ready By Sunday | 0:45 PT

» NYJ: Harvin Working Through A Completely Torn Ligament | 0:41 PT

» HOU: Johnson Practices; Hopkins, Foster Sit; QB Decision Pending | 0:34 PT

» NYG: Not Looking Good For Jennings To Play This Week | 0:29 PT

» SD: Rivers Has No Doubt He'll Play; Mathews Not So Certain; Allen Ruled Out | 0:22 PT

» CAR: Still Too Early To Know If Newton Will Be Ready To Go | 0:15 PT

» ATL: Smith Doesn't Want A Daily Julio Watch; He'll Get One Anyhow | 0:12 PT

» DAL: Murray's Work On Wednesday Encouraging, But Not Definitive | 0:06 PT

» CHI: Cutler's Benching An Indication His Time In Chicago Is Over? | 0:04 PT

» TEN: Are There Any Titans You Trust This Week? | 0:02 PT

» JAC: All Signs Point To Bortles Playing Despite Questionable Designation | 0:01 PT

NFL Injury/Practice Report -- with status info for all but Monday night's game -- is available now (Monday night status will be added Saturday).

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