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By Dave Hunter

The Hunter Report - DFS Week 7

Well, well, well… I redeemed myself after a miserable Week 6. Man, thank goodness, eh? Dude was about to go ballistic.

I’m getting right to it this week and not prefacing last week’s picks too much, so here was my Week 6 lineup which scored me 166.14 points for 3rd place out of 46 clubs:

QB – Matthew Stafford, DET
QB – Ryan Tannehill, MIA
RB – Chris Ivory, NYJ
RB – Shane Vereen, NYG
WR – Julian Edelman, NE
WR – DeAndre Hopkins, HOU
TE – Martellus Bennett, CHI
FLEX – Anquan Boldin, SF
FLEX – Richard Rodgers, GB
DEF – Texans

For the season, I rank 16th out of 46 teams so there’s some real hope for me heading into the middle of the season. Funny, but my Week 6 lineup was a “Studs-and-Duds” turnout, although I still want to be a bit more consistent across the board if I want a chance at winning this thing.

Congratulations to “mike191” for netting 1st place with 201.72 points – dude killed it!

I know this doesn’t pertain to this write-up, but I’m in a 224 person Survivor League on and I got 1st place for Week 6 running with Matthew Stafford, Arian Foster and Calvin Johnson. Boom!

Nice to get 1st place for anything, isn’t it? Sorry, had to say it.

Bye Week: Chicago Bears; Cincinnati Bengals; Denver Broncos; Green Bay Packers


Top Level

Andrew Luck, IND vs. New Orleans Saints ($139,400) – Okay, it’s time to get on the Andrew Luck bandwagon. The Saints aren’t exactly the greatest pass-defending club out there and Luck is about as healthy at he’s been all season long. In fact, the Saints are one of the worst against fantasy quarterbacks this season. If you like going with superstar stud quarterbacks, here you go.

Other choices: Philip Rivers, SD vs. Oakland Raiders ($136,700)


Derek Carr, OAK @ San Diego Chargers ($119,500) – Yeah, this isn’t a boo-yah play but I’m okay with that. I like Carr, love that he’s throwing to Amari Cooper, but admittedly Carr isn’t exactly a “reliable” play. Still, I’m okay with that. The matchup between the Chargers and the Raiders historically has been a bit feisty and means good things.

Other choices: Ryan Tannehill, MIA vs. Houston Texans ($118,900)


Alex Smith, KC vs. Pittsburgh Steelers ($112,000) – I’m confident that Smith is worth more than he’s shown as the Chiefs quarterback, even with their struggles to this point in 2015. Smith will bounce back from his erroneous ways and give DFS owners something to get excited about. I love Smith in Week 7 and expect him to be the deciding factor in a ton of lineups. Of course, if you dare to use him. Boom!

Other choices: Kirk Cousins, WAS vs. Tampa Bay Buccaneers ($101,200)


Landry Jones, PIT @ Kansas City Chiefs ($111,800) – Don’t you believe in! Come on, do you really expect Jones to be as wondrous as he was in Week 6? There are much better options to look at. Please, steer clear if you’re smart enough to do so.


Top Level

Adrian Peterson, MIN @ Detroit Lions ($126,400) – Man, were you bent that AP did nothing last week? I know I was, but I’m expecting a MAJOR bounceback Week 7. The Lions are susceptible against the run and AP is arguably the best in the league. I love this play. You should too.

Other choices: Todd Gurley, STL vs. Cleveland Browns ($128,900)


Mark Ingram, NO @ Indianapolis Colts ($118,400) – Ingram is giving DFS owners 14.87 FPPG this season. Can you say “Wow”? I mean, I’m shocked that we’re getting this much from Ingram finally. Yeah, I know he has his detractors but it’s nice to see him succeed. I like Ingram in a lot of my lineups this week.

Other choices: Latavius Murray, OAK @ San Diego Chargers ($111, 300); Doug Martin, TB @ Washington Redskins ($108,900)


Melvin Gordon, SD vs. Oakland Raiders ($77,600) – Bounceback week from Gordon? Bounceback YEAR from Gordon? Me thinks so. The Raiders are porous on their run defense and Gordon has a chance to shine here. Dig it. Dig it real good.

Other choices: None


Devonta Freeman, ATL @ Tennessee Titans ($145,500) – Yikes, that’s a crap-ton of dough to pay for a running back, isn’t it? I love what Freeman has done to this point of the season but I just can’t bring myself along to roster him at this price. Maybe I’m wrong, but I’m fairly confident that I can build a solid lineup WITHOUT Freeman. Are you?


Top Level

DeAndre Hopkins, HOU @ Miami Dolphins ($151,400) – Okay, dude is a superstar now and his price tag reflects that at $151.4 K. I’m personally happy about Hopkins’ rise to success, mainly since I predicted his rise myself and drafted him in tons of leagues dating back to last year. Yeah, I like Hopkins. You should too. Can you build around this high price tag? Sure you can, if you can scour the values available. And, there are some good values out there. Hopkins is one player that I’m not holding back on. Use him. Please.

Other choices: Julian Edelman, NE vs. New York Jets ($124,500)


Antonio Brown, PIT @ Kansas City Chiefs ($121,400) – I know that Brown isn’t far from the above mid-range players at wide receiver, but let’s face it – Brown is not going to lay this low for long. Dude is going to explode, and I know he doesn’t have Big Ben Roethlisberger back yet, but Brown should be a smart play if you’re brave enough to give him a whirl in Week 7.

Other choices: T.Y. Hilton, IND vs. New Orleans Saints ($108,500); Amari Cooper, OAK @ San Diego Chargers ($104,600)


Rishard Matthews, MIA @ Houston Texans ($68,700) – Matthews gives owners 13.16 FPPG for practically nothing. I love this guy, especially if I’m building a Studs-and-Duds lineup this week. The matchup is solid and Matthews will be a bit of a contrarian play for owners.

Other choices: Kenny Stills, MIA vs. Houston Texans ($60,900)


Brandon Marshall, NYJ @ New England Patriots ($131,200) – Sure, Marshall has been quite groovy to this point, but can he keep it up? Nah, no way he can. I don’t mind rostering Marshall but not at this price. You can do better.


Top Level

Antonio Gates, SD vs. Oakland Raiders ($122,900)


Gary Barnidge, CLE vs. St. Louis Rams ($105,200)


Kyle Rudolph, MIN vs. Detroit Lions ($68,800)


Greg Olsen, CAR vs. Philadelphia Eagles ($115,400)

Good luck in Week 7! Feel free to stalk me on Twitter: