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By Dave Hunter

The Hunter Report - DFS Week 14

I had no issue at all picking wide receivers for Week 13, but my “value” picks at running back and quarterback really stunk up the house. Ugh. I do love the Ted Ginn call, don’t you? Hopefully you found values like Ginn for your lineup but didn’t have to surrender in other areas with lame picks otherwise.

Week 14 represents a break-or-make week for some, although I think I’m pretty much done. I need to have a wonderful set of weeks from here on out to get close to a Top 5 finish. I’m not giving up. I just had too much of an up-and-down season and lacked consistency.

Check out my lineup from Week 13, where I scored 118.92 points for 26th place out of 46 teams. The weekly winner goes to “MOBYDICKLER”, who netted 176.12 points:

QB – Matt Hasselbeck, IND (4.86)
QB – Matt Ryan, ATL (13.16)
RB – Spencer Ware, KC (9.5)
RB – C.J. Anderson, DEN (5.9)
WR – Martavis Bryant, PIT (19.4)
WR – DeAndre Hopkins, HOU (17.3)
TE – Jordan Reed, WAS (4.8)
FLEX – Ted Ginn, CAR (22.5)
FLEX – Doug Martin, TB (14.5)
DEF – Chicago Bears (7)

Did you put together a better lineup than I did? Let’s hope so. I think I’m paying too much attention to matchups. I mean, DFS isn’t about matchups. That plays a part of setting a lineup but it’s not the end-all. You’ve got to find the best values, don’t you? But, even when you do sometimes you’re just going to have a bad week. Thanks, Jordan Reed. Thanks, Matt Hasselbeck.

Check out the yearly standings for yourself. I’m “TheRolyPolyBoy” and I dropped to 12th place overall out of 46 teams for the year from last week in the NFL $22 Season League:


Top Level

Cam Newton, CAR vs. Atlanta Falcons ($158,100) – Three out of the last five weeks of play, Newton has scored over 30 fantasy points. Superstar, eh? I’m not usually into paying this kind of salary for quarterback although I won’t blame you one bit if you go with Newton. Dude earns every bit of his salary.

Other choices: Ben Roethlisberger, PIT @ Cincinnati Bengals ($152,900); Russell Wilson, SEA @ Baltimore Ravens ($140,400)


Ryan Tannehill, MIA vs. New York Giants ($122,800) – The matchup is good and Tannehill is averaging just a bit under 16 FPPG. Expectations were certainly higher for Tannehill at the start of the season, right? I mean, I was expecting a boom-year from him, but the inner turmoil within the Dolphins organization certainly had an effect. Still, I like Tannehill enough to play him facing the Giants.

Other choices: Alex Smith, KC vs. San Diego Chargers ($121,900); Kirk Cousins, WAS @ Chicago Bears ($116,900); Brock Osweiler, DEN vs. Oakland Raiders ($115,800)


Blaine Gabbert, SF @ Cleveland Browns ($106,200) – You have to be impressed about Gabbert’s production since he took over the starting role for the Niners. I’m not expecting dominant numbers facing the Browns, so keep your expectations tempered. I like the price, however, and Gabbert’s massive running ability. Score!

Other choices: Johnny Manziel, CLE vs. San Francisco 49ers ($113,800)


Jameis Winston, TB vs. New Orleans ($133,200) – I like Winston but I have confidence issues in spending $113.2 K on him for Week 14. There are better values. And, yes, the Saints are horrible against the pass but will Winston do enough to fulfill that $133.2 K price tag? No way.


Top Level

LeSean McCoy, BUF @ Philadelphia Eagles ($129,800) – I dig the grudge match facing McCoy’s old club. Plus, McCoy has been awesome since Week 8 of this season. The price tag is actually a value in my mind, so I’m locking in McCoy in just about EVERY one of my lineups. Yeah, you should too.

Other choices: Doug Martin, TB vs. New Orleans Saints ($128,800)


Todd Gurley, STL vs. Detroit Lions ($121,600) – Okay, so Gurley hasn’t exactly been lighting the world up with his running ability over the last few weeks. I get it. You get it. Still, there’s no denying his ability to break a game open and his $121.6 K salary is worth the lock. I dig the matchup too.

Other choices: Matt Forte vs. Washington Redskins ($114,300); Lamar Miller, MIA vs. New York Giants ($112,400)


Shaun Draughn, SF @ Cleveland Browns ($108,900) – You know what I like about Draughn? It’s his ability to receive the ball out of the backfield. Talk about added value, huh? The Browns are awful against the run, so Draughn’s value takes a nice bump overall. Look for Draughn to really take advantage of a weak Cleveland run defense.

Other choices: Charcandrick West, KC vs. San Diego Chargers ($91,200); DeMarco Murray, PHI vs. Buffalo Bills ($79,900)


Devonta Freeman, ATL @ Carolina Panthers ($131,900) – Sure, Freeman is a stud-muffin player. We all know that. Do you like the matchup facing the Panthers defense? I don’t. And, I don’t feel like spending $131.9 K to lock him in either.


Top Level

Antonio Brown, PIT @ Cincinnati Bengals ($146,500) – At this point, Brown is playing at a superstar level and I see him really stepping up to face the Bengals in Week 14. Three out of his last four weeks of play Brown has averaged a bit over 30 FPPG. Yowza!

Other choices: Allen Robinson, JAC vs. Indianapolis Colts ($137,700); A.J. Green vs. Pittsburgh Steelers ($135,100); Brandon Marshall, NYJ vs. Tennessee Titans ($131,200)


Julio Jones, ATL @ Carolina Panthers ($125,100) – Jones hasn’t found the end zone since November 1, when he faced the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, even though he’s managed to net 32 receptions over his last four games. Not bad, eh? Just in case you need help with the math, that’s an 8 reception average! I’ll take that every time. Jones will find the end zone, and I’m not worried about the Carolina defense enough to ignore Jones.

Other choices: Alshon Jeffery, CHI vs. Washington Redskins ($118,400); Martavis Bryant, PIT @ Cincinnati Bengals ($111,200)


Jarvis Landry, MIA vs. New York Giants ($109,900) – Landry has had an up-and-down season, mainly due to injury and the inner turmoil in the Dolphins organization. Still, I have enough faith in Landry to give him a whirl at this price facing the Giants.

Other choices: Sammy Watkins, BUF @ Philadelphia Eagles ($105,900); Randall Cobb, GB vs. Dallas Cowboys ($91,900)


Dez Bryant, DAL @ Green Bay Packers ($115,200) – I’m sticking with my Bryant overvalue play from last week. He’s just not a good play from here on out, and no way do you pay $115.2 K for him in Week 14. Yikes. No Romo equals no Bryant for me. Blah.


Top Level

Greg Olsen, CAR vs. Atlanta Falcons ($115,500)


Scott Chandler, NE @ Houston Texans ($87,800)


Austin Seferian-Jenkins, TB vs. New Orleans Saints ($75,700)


Delanie Walker, TEN @ New York Jets ($116,200)

Good luck in Week 14! Feel free to stalk me on Twitter: