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Daily / DFS Articles 2018:
By Dave Hunter

The Hunter Report - DFS Week 6

I suck right now.

I’m dropping like crazy in the FootballDieHards seasonal salary cap league. I’ve gone from 1st place (Week 1) to 27th place (Week 5) in a league with 46 entrants.

Sure, there’s plenty of time to regain my early season form, although I’ve got to stay away from my gut. It’s hard, because my gut is on the large side, but I’ve been going far too much with my gut and not sticking to the numbers. I have a system and I varied it in Week 5 – stupid, stupid, stupid.

Thankfully, I saved face in a 50/50 league on as I snagged 6th place out of 14 entrants ($33 league that paid $60), so the sting isn’t too bad right now. Thank you, Danny Woodhead. I must make things up in Week 6!

Check out my miserable Week 5 lineup:

QB – Matt Ryan, ATL
QB – Kirk Cousins, WAS
RB – C.J. Anderson, DEN
RB – Khiry Robinson, NO
WR – Jeremy Maclin, KC
WR – Julio Jones, ATL
TE – Rob Gronkowski, NE
FLEX – Allen Hurns, JAC
FLEX – Kamar Aiken, BAL
DEF – Buffalo Bills

Yep, the lovely lineup above was worth a whopping 92.52 points. Ugh. Rob Gronkowski and Julio Jones decided to go frolicking in the fields and pick daisies for the weekend, while my gut-plays in C.J. Anderson and Khiry Robinson were a disaster.

Kudos to “Makisupa” for putting up the high this week, with a 181.26 showing! Nice, dude, or, dudette.

Let’s look to Week 6 now, before I lose it.

Bye Week: Dallas Cowboys; Oakland Raiders; St. Louis Rams; Tampa Bay Buccaneers


Top Level

Eli Manning, NYG @ Philadelphia Eagles ($132,900) – Okay, yeah, maybe I’m piling on the Eli Manning bandwagon after Week 5, but so what? I like the matchup, like what Eli has done of late and expect more good things to come with Odell Beckham as his main target. The price tag isn’t bad, although I wouldn’t go as far as to say he’s a value.

Other choices: Peyton Manning, DEN @ Cleveland Browns ($128,400); Aaron Rodgers, GB vs. San Diego Chargers ($149,800)


Ryan Fitzpatrick, NYJ vs. Washington Redskins ($118,100) – Fitzpatrick is anything but inconsistent, so it’s nice to see some success from him considering years past. I like the matchup and think you could do a lot worse in Week 6. Did you know Fitzy is averaging almost 15 FPPG this season? Nice, eh?

Other choices: Jay Cutler, CHI @ Detroit Lions ($118,900)


Matthew Stafford, DET @ Chicago Bears ($112,600) – Okay, the Lions are 0-5 to start the season. And, maybe it’s not Stafford’s fault. But, maybe it is. At this point we don’t really care; we just want a good DFS performance, right? I like Stafford to pump up his production facing da Bears.

Other choices: Brian Hoyer, CLE @ Jacksonville Jaguars ($108,700)


Tom Brady, NE @ Dallas Cowboys ($158,400) – Okay, will Brady continue his 25.97 FPPG average against the Colts in Indianapolis? Hard to say, but I’m not willing to spend the dough to find out. I mean, come on… he’s got to slow down sometime, eh? Go ahead and roster Brady if you wish, just don’t expect me to get all squishy about your decision to do so.


Top Level

Adrian Peterson, MIN vs. Kansas City Chiefs ($138,900) – Okay, so the matchup isn’t great. I get that. Still, AP is one of a few running backs I trust to put up points in Week 6 even facing a Chiefs defense that isn’t bad against the run. Who do you trust on Sunday? I trust AP.

Other choices: Arian Foster, HOU @ Jacksonville Jaguars ($138,900); Eddie Lacy, GB vs. San Diego Chargers ($121,900)


DeMarco Murray, PHI vs. New York Giants ($114,700) – I see a Monday Night Football showdown for Murray this week and think you’re nabbing a steal here. Murray has obviously been a huge disappointment to this point in the year, although it was nice to see a 20-point plus day from Murray in Week 5. I love these divisional matchups where there’s really something on the line. Expect Murray to bring his A-game.

Other choices: Danny Woodhead, SD @ Green Bay Packers ($107,700)


Isaiah Crowell, CLE vs. Denver Broncos ($76,900) – Consistency from Crowell? Sort of hard to believe, isn’t it? I’m not expecting super-hero numbers from him in Week 6, although a 12-15 fantasy point day isn’t out of the question. Crowell is going to be ignored by many other DFS’ers, giving you a decent contrarian play facing the Broncos.

Other choices: Shane Vereen, NYG @ Philadelphia Eagles ($66,700)


Charcandrick West, KC @ Minnesota Vikings ($95,400) – West is Jamaal Charles’ potential replacement moving forward after Charles suffered a season-ending knee injury. Do you feel confident spending $95.4 K on him in Week 6? Not me. I want to see some numbers first, even with the matchup at hand. I’m passing. I hope you do too.


Top Level

DeAndre Hopkins, HOU vs. Jacksonville Jaguars ($139,200) – There just isn’t a receiver in the game that’s hotter than Hopkins is right now. And, no, don’t argue with me. With three 20-plus FPPG performances over his last three games, Hopkins can produce without having an A-1 quarterback. Will he put up another 20-point day? I’m thinking so, facing the Jaguars. I REALLY love Hopkins to get tons of looks in the Texans offense. Lock him in.

Other choices: Demaryius Thomas, DEN @ Cleveland Browns ($127,900); Keenan Allen, SD @ Green Bay Packers ($119,300)


Brandon Marshall, NYJ vs. Washington Redskins ($114,500) – Consistency – it’s nothing new from Marshall; however, he is aging and there is some doubt that crops up in my mangy mind from time-to-time, but for $114.5 K and facing the Redskins? I’m SO good with Marshall here. This is a very sexy play. Marshall = sexy. Boom! By the way, don’t get too caught up in what Matt Ryan and the Falcons passing game couldn’t do against the Skins in Week 5. Why? A down week – that is all.

Other choices: Calvin Johnson, DET vs. Chicago Bears ($111,200); Allen Hurns, JAC vs. Houston Texans ($101,500)


Jarvis Landry, MIA @ Tennessee Titans ($92,400) – Did you see Allen Hurns above for $101.5 K? Yeah, dude is on my hot list right now. He’s a Value, even in the Mid-Range price tag area. Just in case you were wondering. Landry is nice option, however, if you don’t want to spend the bigger bucks on Hurns or another wide receiver play. The Titans really aren’t bad against the pass, but maybe it’s because they’ve been so porous against the run? Hmm. Wait. The Titans are actually BETTER against the run. Still, I’m digging Landry here… and YES, maybe my big, fat gut is eking in but I don’t care. I love Landry in Week 6.

Other choices: Donte Moncrief, IND vs. New England Patriots ($89,100)


Larry Fitzgerald, ARI vs. Pittsburgh Steelers ($128,100) – I LOVE what Fitzy has done to this point and appreciate him so much since I drafted him in quite a few seasonal leagues, although I just can’t see him being dominant at $128.1 K this week. I can see a 12-14 fantasy point day from Fitzy, but is that worth $128.1 K? Not in my book. If I’m spending this kind of dough on a player I want massive point potential.


Top Level

Martellus Bennett, CHI @ Detroit Lions ($109,800)


Charles Clay, BUF vs. Cincinnati Bengals ($94,100)


Gary Barnidge, CLE vs. Denver Broncos ($91,700)


Tyler Eifert, CIN @ Buffalo Bills ($100,300)

Good luck in Week 6! Feel free to stalk me on Twitter: @TheRolyPolyBoy