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Daily / DFS Articles 2018:
By Dave Hunter

The Hunter Report - DFS Week 2

Week 1 was mine – all mine!

That’s right – I raked and snatched first place in the “Beat the Expert” Season League. I would’ve been happy with a Top 5 finish, out of 46 total entries, but I was able to pull down 191.18 points for the win. Who was the closest team behind me? “Losercore” pulled down 168.7 points, for a difference of 22.48 points. It really wasn’t close.

Am I gloating? Of course I am.

I haven’t been able to verify it with as of yet, but I may have put up the highest Week 1 score for the entire site. I’m still waiting to hear back. Yeah, I know how anxious you are to find out. Ahem.

Most of my lineup was based on last week’s previous write-up, so get your lineup-building edge and be sure to read each and every week. Oh, and please, tell a friend.

Here was my Week 1 winning lineup, in case you were wondering:

QB – Matt Ryan, ATL
QB – Marcus Mariota, TEN
RB – Carlos Hyde, SF
RB – Jeremy Hill, CIN
WR – Julio Jones, ATL
WR – Jarvis Landry, MIA
TE – Austin Seferian-Jenkins, TB
FLEX – Andre Ellington, ARI
FLEX – Amari Cooper, OAK
DEF – San Francisco

You have to love my Marcus Mariota call, right? Here’s what I said last week:

“I know there isn’t statistical basis in suggesting Mariota this week considering his lack of NFL experience, but I’m licking my chops here. The value-price on Mariota is way worth taking a chance on and I see a nice pairing with a stud quarterback in my lineups. If there’s one value-QB I’m looking at for a home run its Mariota. Oh, and the defensive matchup is positive enough for me to push this gut feeling into a validated recommendation. But, hey, there’s nothing wrong with gut feeling from time-to-time, eh?”

I hope some of you took a chance.

What about Carlos Hyde? More from last week:

“Hyde is really more about the price for me than anything, and that the Niners in the past have been a run-first team. Hyde should get at least 15 touches as a runner, although his role as the goal line back makes him extra enticing. Hyde may not be used in a ton of receiving situations out of the backfield with Reggie Bush in town, but he is a bit underrated in that regard.”

With Week 1 officially in the books, we can now take a look at Week 2. Keep in mind that my lineups will be a mix of the suggestions I list below, although I’m not going to tell you my exact roster beforehand. Still, you’ll at least have the necessary tools to put a competing lineup together.

Good luck!


Top Level

Drew Brees, NO vs. Tampa Bay Buccaneers ($159,200) – It will cost you a pretty penny to lock Brees up for Week 1, although I’m totally fine paying this kind of dough for him. Brees faces the Buccaneers pass defense that gave up four touchdown passes to Marcus Mariota and the Titans. Does that mean if Mariota can throw four touchdown passes in Week 1 of his rookie season that Brees will throw eight? We can dream, right? I’ll settle for a 3-4 TDs day and 300-plus yard game from the cagy veteran.

Other choices: Matt Ryan, ATL @ New York Giants ($148,700), Andrew Luck, IND vs. New York Jets ($164,300)


Carson Palmer, ARI @ Chicago Bears ($143,200) – I’m stretching things a bit by listing Palmer as a mid-range guy considering the $143.2 K salary. Still, there are five QBs ahead of Palmer with higher salaries. So, I’m running with it here. I love the matchup for Palmer, and I’ve figured out that he can throw to just about any receiver in this offense, i.e. – John Brown, who was highly underrated heading into the season. Since I’m sort of cheating listing Palmer as a mid-ranger, I’ll list three more options below at a more affordable salary level.

Other choices: Eli Manning, NYG vs. Atlanta Falcons ($135,400), Phillip Rivers, SD @ Cincinnati Bengals ($133,900) and Ryan Tannehill, MIA @ Jacksonville Jaguars ($133,900)


Nick Foles, STL @ Washington Redskins ($121,900) – I know Foles is flawed and he got away with some funky stuff on Sunday against the Seahawks, but this play is all about the matchup for me facing the Redskins pass defense. Look for Foles to take advantage by using his entire receiving corps, as he did in Week 1.

Other choices: Joe Flacco, BAL @ Oakland Raiders ($129,800), Jameis Winston, TB @ New Orleans Saints ($117,500)


Tom Brady, NE @ Buffalo Bills ($135,300) – Call me crazy, but I really don’t like Brady this week. Why? The Bills defense is one of the best in the league and you can find better overall value. What does that mean exactly? You can get more statistical production out of a guy like Carson Palmer or Ryan Tannehill for similar pricing, without having to face an incredibly tough defensive unit like the Bills.


Top Level

Jeremy Hill, CIN vs. San Diego Chargers ($132,600) – This guy is a scoring machine, one that continues to rack up the touchdowns. I won’t be surprised at all to see Hill find the end zone twice more facing the Chargers, although I’d settle for one TD and 100-plus yards. The matchup is decent for Hill, although there are better matchup plays if that’s your main concern. Keep in mind that Hill is one of the best goal line backs in the game.

Other choices: DeMarco Murray, DAL vs. Dallas Cowboys ($131,800)


Justin Forsett, BAL @ Oakland Raiders ($126,300) – Forsett will feast on the Raiders front – count on it. At some point the Raiders will get stronger but it’s not going to happen in Week 2 and I see a very nice bounceback week from Forsett. Expect over 100 yards and one TD; plus, don’t forget about Forsett’s ability to catch balls out of the backfield.

Other choices: Mark Ingram, NO vs. Tampa Bay Buccaneers ($121,000)


Lamar Miller, MIA @ Jacksonville Jaguars ($116,600) – Things will get better for Miller moving forward, eh? As disappointing as Miller’s Week 1 performance was there is hope. The Dolphins threw the ball a ton, but they were in a position where they needed to as the Redskins were decent against the run. Miller will have better success facing the Jaguars.

Other choices: Doug Martin, TB @ New Orleans Saints ($112,900), Ameer Abdullah, DET @ Minnesota Vikings ($109,200), Melvin Gordon, SD @ Cincinnati Bengals ($71,100)


Eddie Lacy, GB vs. Seattle Seahawks ($133,400) – Normally I’d build a lineup around Lacy, and I’d be right to do so, but you have to figure the Seahawks are going to recover from their overtime loss to the Rams. I do expect an angry defensive front. I just don’t see Lacy getting his way here. If the salary was a bit lower maybe I’d take a chance. What to expect from Lacy? I can see a goal line TD score, but his combined yardage held in check around 70 or so. I mean, that’s not a bad day but do you want to pay $134.4 K for Lacy?


Top Level

Odell Beckham, NYG vs. Atlanta Falcons ($142,100) – No acrobatic catches. No miracle working. Beckham and the Giants passing game were shut down last week. If there’s ever a bounceback candidate, it’s Beckham. Even with Desmond Trufant covering the Giants superstar receiver, I’m confident you’ll find him in the end zone at least once on Sunday. The overall matchups serves the Giants’ receivers well.

Other choices: Julio Jones, ATL @ New York Giants ($150,100), DeAndre Hopkins, HOU @ Carolina Panthers ($128,500)


John Brown, ARI @ Chicago Bears ($99,100) – I still expect Michael Floyd to be limited, so that means Brown has a great shot of taking advantage of a suffering Bears secondary. With Carson Palmer throwing the ball, there’s always a chance of a huge game. Brown is highly intriguing and should be targeted often enough to make a difference in your lineup.

Other choices: Vincent Jackson, TB @ New Orleans Saints ($97,900)


Donte Moncrief, IND @ New York Jets ($83,200) – Who is Andrew Luck going to throw to if T.Y. Hilton is laid up and can’t play? I say Moncrief! Well, it’s not that unobvious, is it? Sure, Luck has others to toss the ball to, mainly his tight ends, although Moncrief offers a downfield presence at a very affordable price tag.

Other choices: Tavon Austin, STL @ Washington Redskins ($60,000)


Keenan Allen, SD @ Cincinnati Bengals ($119,600) – This is all about Allen NOT catching 15 passes for 160-plus yards like he did in Week 1. Some of you out there are going to overpay due to Allen’s performance last week – don’t let it be you. Sure, Allen’s salary may not seem that out of whack on the surface but it is. Be cautious here.


Top Level

Jimmy Graham, SEA @ Green Bay Packers ($127,400)


Martellus Bennett, CHI vs. Arizona Cardinals ($110,800)


Zach Ertz, PHI vs. Dallas Cowboys ($64,000)


Rob Gronkowski, NE @ Buffalo Bills ($149,100)

Good luck in Week 2! Feel free to reach out to me on Twitter: @TheRolyPolyBoy