Fantasy Football Testimonials
Daily / DFS Articles 2018:
By Dave Hunter

The Hunter Report - DFS Week 1

Can you dig it?

Yep, someone is enjoying their free Labor Day Weekend on EPIX, checking out one of the best cult films ever made: The Warriors. I dig it. You dig it. We all dig it; however, I’m not just talking about The Warriors, albeit a bitchin’ enough reason to stay glued to the TV over a long weekend, so if you’re a DFS guy like me you love that the NFL season is only a few short days away.

The wonderful thing about fantasy sports and DFS play especially, is that there is so much riding on each game, team and player. You’re invested as a fan following your favorite team, but when there’s money on the line? You’re super invested.

I’m super-dee-duper invested this season myself, mainly since I’ll be competing against all of YOU on in a season long salary cap contest. And, let’s not forget there will be weekly winners that pay out as well. Boom!

I can’t give away my exact lineup every week, although you’ll have a rough idea of what my strategy is and the players I’m leaning towards. How, you ask? Just read my write-up each and every week on for the range of players I dig. Keep in mind all suggestions are not equal, but players that I like for particular lineup builds.

Without further adieu, here are your Week 1 suggestions:


Top Level

Matt Ryan, ATL vs. Philadelphia Eagles ($142,100) – Defenses always make changes from year-to-year, but it’s hard to ignore the fact that the Eagles gave up 30 passing TDs in 2014, while finishing with the 31st ranked pass defense. If you’re looking to spend the bucks at QB, Ryan is a lovely top level option to build your lineup around. I won’t be surprised to see a 3 TD day for Ryan, taking advantage of Julio Jones’ downfield domination.

Other choices: Tony Romo, DAL vs. New York Giants ($138,400), Drew Brees, NO @ Arizona Cardinals ($137,700)


Ryan Tannehill, MIA @ Washington Redskins ($131,600) – Tannehill is everyone’s trendy breakout pick at quarterback this season, and I can’t say that I don’t disagree. You get a kid coming off a very solid season already, throwing for over 4,000 yards and 27 TD in 2014, and ending the season as a Top 10 fantasy quarterback. I dig Tannehill in this one, facing the Redskins extremely subpar defense.

Other choices: Carson Palmer, ARI vs. New Orleans Saints ($129,700)


Marcus Mariota, TEN @ Tampa Bay Buccaneers ($109,500) – I know there isn’t statistical basis in suggesting Mariota this week considering his lack of NFL experience, but I’m licking my chops here. The value-price on Mariota is way worth taking a chance on and I see a nice pairing with a stud quarterback in my lineups. If there’s one value-QB I’m looking at for a home run its Mariota. Oh, and the defensive matchup is positive enough for me to push this gut feeling into a validated recommendation. But, hey, there’s nothing wrong with gut feeling from time-to-time, eh?

Other choices: Derek Carr, OAK vs. Cincinnati Bengals ($111,400)


Andrew Luck, IND @ Buffalo Bills ($151,500) – Listen, I’m not saying DON’T roster Luck but what I am saying is don’t expect a 300 yard, 3 TD day out of him. I’m not crazy about Luck heading into Buffalo anyway, and if I’m spending $151.5 K to lock him in I want to feel very positive about Luck giving me superstar numbers. I don’t see it.


Top Level

Jeremy Hill, CIN @ Oakland Raiders ($127,600) – The Raiders allowed 17 rushing TDs last season, and while their defense may have improved a bit it’s not going to be enough to keep Hill out of the end zone. I feel confident Hill will get DFS owners 100 yards and 2 TD. Look for Hill to showcase some of his new lower body strength by busting some tackles.

Other choices: Eddie Lacy, GB @ Chicago Bears ($137,300), Jamaal Charles, KC @ Houston Texans ($133,000)


Lamar Miller, MIA @ Washington Redskins ($105,200) – Did you know Miller had a 5.1 YPC average last season? Not bad at all. Dude is a useful play in lineups if you’re just looking to stay solid at running back so you can leave salary dollars available elsewhere. Give me Miller.

Other choices: Andre Ellington, ARI vs. New Orleans Saints ($103,000)


Carlos Hyde, SF vs. Minnesota Vikings ($93,600) – Hyde is really more about the price for me than anything, and that the Niners in the past have been a run-first team. Hyde should get at least 15 touches as a runner, although his role as the goal line back makes him extra enticing. Hyde may not be used in a ton of receiving situations out of the backfield with Reggie Bush in town, but he is a bit underrated in that regard.

Other choices: Latavius Murray, OAK vs. Cincinnati Bengals ($98,200), Bishop Sankey, TEN @ Tampa Bay Buccaneers ($84,500)


C.J. Anderson, DEN vs. Baltimore Ravens ($122,600) – I would be careful here with Anderson. I think most will remember Anderson’s excellent play at the end of the season, with 4 TD over his last two games, but don’t get carried away thinking he’ll tear up the Ravens defense. In fact, I’m calling it now – Anderson won’t have any TDs in Week 1 facing the Ravens.


Top Level

Julio Jones, ATL vs. Philadelphia Eagles ($138,400) – If you’re the type of DFS owner that loves to roster a hook-up, then Jones paired with Matt Ryan this week is highly attractive. Jones will cost you a pretty penny, but there are some good values to squeak in at other positions. Take advantage of Week 1 when looking for values, as salaries adjust due to output. There were only four receivers in the NFL last season that secured more than 100 receptions and Jones was one of them with 104, good for third in the league. What’s not to like about Jones in this one?

Other choices: Dez Bryant, DAL vs. New York Giants ($138,200), Odell Beckham, NYG @ Dallas Cowboys ($138,200)


Mike Evans, BUF vs. Tennessee Titans ($111,600) – Evans is an outstanding mid-range play, although I also like him as an underrated value play. If Evans was at $120 K I wouldn’t flinch, considering that reasonable, so seeing him at $111-plus? Cha-ching! Keep in mind that Evans is fighting a hamstring injury, so don’t just blindly roster him without checking his pre-game injury status. The matchup is favorable as well and you have to love Evans’ 15.5 YPC average in 2014.

Other choices: DeAndre Hopkins, HOU vs. Kansas City Chiefs ($113,800), Sammy Watkins, BUF vs. Indianapolis Colts ($96,700)


Jarvis Landry, MIA @ Washington Redskins ($86,700) – Okay, so maybe I’m getting a bit Dolphins-happy, now suggesting Landry in addition to Ryan Tannehill and Lamar Miller, but the defensive matchup plays a huge part. You’re not going to see big-game plays out of Landry, so it’s a bonus considering his 9.0 YPC average. Still, there’s value here considering the looks Landry will get from Tannehill and that he’s an excellent possession receiver. I see Landry’s TDs jumping way up this season.

Other choices: Larry Fitzgerald, ARI vs. New Orleans Saints ($84,100)


Jeremy Maclin, KC @ Houston Texans ($107,100) – I’m not convinced that the Chiefs have solved their wide receiver woes with Maclin. The matchup alone is very tempting, so I won’t blame you if you slot Maclin into your lineup, but I just don’t think the risk is worth the $107.1 K. Do you?


Top Level

Greg Olsen, CAR @ Jacksonville Jaguars ($108,100)


Jason Witten, DAL vs. New York Giants ($77,900)


Jordan Cameron, MIA @ Washington Redskins ($70,700)


Jimmy Graham, SEA @ St. Louis Rams ($116,800)

Good luck in Week 1! Feel free to reach out to me on Twitter: @TheRolyPolyBoy