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DFS Busts - Week 15

By Muntradamus


Last week I switched up BUST of the week compared to all the Experts to all the Top Plays on FanDuel. Got some good responses from the article so we will continue the trend. If you listened last week you would of avoided plays like Julio Jones and Devonta Freeman who did nothing against that fierce Panthers Defense. In fact all of the players I listed including QB Philip Rivers, all scored zero Touchdowns.

#7 QB according to FANDUEL
By now you all know how fierce this Broncos Defense is. One that has carried many VIPs this far into the season. Big Ben will constantly be forced to throw the ball quickly as Wade Phillips has this defense getting to the QB in record speed. If Big Ben has to throw the ball quickly, Aqib Talib and Chris Harris Jr. will be making plays that could easily lead to game changers. Big Ben is a long shot to have a vintage Big Ben day.

#6 RB according to FANDUEL
Like I mentioned above, the Broncos Defense is fierce. They stop the pass, they definitely stop the run. Last week facing the #5 leading rusher in the NFL Latavius Murray, Tavius failed to rush for over 30 yards and D-Will could easily find himself in the same boat. This is not a good day to start your Steelers, yet alone play them on FanDuel.

BUCK ALLEN vs. KC - $6600
#9 RB according to FANDUEL
Easily the pickup of the year when I suggested it on BEAST DOME. Top Fantasy Article of the year: Young Buck (Waiver Wire Week 5)

Buck once again finds himself on this list for the 2nd week in a row. The Chiefs Defense is playing their best Football all year for the past month, and a Jimmy Clausen offense is not promising, even at home. While Buck will get his 15+ Touches, the Chiefs Defense will do their part in making sure they contain him and keep him from breaking out any big plays.

#1 WR according to FANDUEL
Josh Norman has shutdown pretty much every big time WR all season long. While ODB JR. is amazing and he could very well be the #1 Fantasy WR on my list next season, this is a matchup where it is best to look somewhere else on FanDuel. While ODB JR. is a Must-Start in seasonal leagues, to expect him to get #1 WR production for the Week is too much of a stretch in my eyes. Especially considering he is the most expensive player on FanDuel.

#2 WR according to FANDUEL
A-Brown is an amazing WR who could breakout in any matchup. However this week going up against either Talib or Chris Harris Jr., likely both, will result in a tough matchup. Big Ben is going to have to throw that ball quickly, and while it will work for a screen game which could lead to a big play. It will also take away Antonio Brown's biggest strength, getting open down the field. Brown could easily get 7+ Receptions which makes him a Must-Start in Season Leagues, but I will not be playing him on FanDuel this week in any contest.

#3 WR according to FANDUEL
Hopkins is a BEAST and it is amazing to think that Fitzmagic was throwing passes to him last season. Hopkins wishes Fitzmagic was back, or even Brian Hoyer, as TJ Yates barely qualifies as a good QB. The Texans are going to win Week 15 with their defense, and while Hopkins can definitely make some big time plays, he can also see less than 8 Targets this week as the Texans are not trying to run up any scoreboards. Hopkins is Must-Start in Season Leagues, but not Must-Start on FanDuel.

AJ GREEN @ SF - $8700
#4 WR according to FANDUEL
While AJ McCarron had a nice deep bomb to AJ Green against the Steelers last week, this week will be different. The Bengals will look to get a lead against SF, then protect their weak passing game and run out the clock against a less than average 49ers Defense. McCarron is just being used to win games and get out of there, with Andy Dalton possibly being back for their 1st playoff game if they can secure a 1st Round Bye, the Bengals will not look to tempt fate and see if AJ is the real deal and groom him to be anything more than a placeholder for Dalton.