Daily / DFS Articles 2018:
Building a DraftKings Lineup Using Opposing Receivers
By Jen Ryan

(Lineup Tool: http://www.footballdiehards.com/fantasyfootball/dailygames/Lineup-Generator.cfm)

Building a DraftKings Lineup Using Opposing Receivers

Each week when I play daily fantasy I enter at least one lineup where I use an out-of-the box strategy. It is usually something I come up with on my own to get creative and have a little fun with but every now and then it works out and I win a few dollars. This week I thought I would take a common DFS practice of using Vegas lines and trying to think about it in a different context. What would happen if I took the game with the highest point line and played the top receiver from both teams? Logic tells me if Vegas projects a high scoring game then theoretically the receivers should both be in for big games, right? I am not sure, but I am excited to find out. I’ve decided the best way to put this theory to test would be to join a head to head contest against a top DFS player. This week I will test my chops against Adam Levitan of Rotoworld, DraftKings Playbook, and Fantasy Labs to name a few.

Vegas has the Cowboys/Patriots game at 49.5 points, the highest of any game this weekend. Below is a lineup I constructed using a receiver from each team.

Let’s start with the two receivers I built this lineup around.

Julian Edelman - $7,000
Edelman is a PPR machine and the most targeted player (42) on the New England Patriots. He is just one point short (69) of being the top scorer in New England behind Tom Brady (Gronk has 70 total points). With the expected high point total and the way the Dallas defense has been collapsing in the second half of games Edelman makes an excellent play this week. Greg Hardy and Rolando McClain will be returning from suspension this week and provide the pass rush the Cowboys desperately need. This makes Edelman even more valuable fur to his usage in the short passing game. Extra attention is sure to be shifted in Gronkowski’s direction and Edelman could have a field day against this below average defense.

Terrance Williams - $4,300
It would have been nice to use Dez Bryant here but we are not quite there yet. Terrance Williams is the default WR1 in Dallas but his fantasy contributions have been less than stellar. He is truly touchdown dependent and I am banking on a garbage time score from him this week. The Cowboys will stick to the run to keep the ball out of Brady’s hands as much as possible but by the time the fourth quarter rolls around they will have no choice but to throw. Weeden looks at Williams in the red zone and a score is the only hope to save his fantasy day.

Emmanuel Sanders - $7,400
Sanders jumped off the screen at me due Demaryius Thomas being dinged up. I expect Thomas to play but Sanders is $700 cheaper. I think both receivers could have huge days against Oakland this weekend I am just hoping Sanders has the bigger one.

Justin Forsett - $5,800
Forsett finally received bell cow carries last week and took 27 of them for 150 yards. With Steve Smith, Sr. and Crockett Gilmore both out this week, Flacco could lean heavily on Forsett. If the volume is there and he scores he will exceed the value of his price tag.

Danny Woodhead - $4,600
I have a hard time building a lineup without Woodhead in it. He remains a cheap option in a high octane offense where he is the receiving and goal line back. I love his matchup against the Steeler’s this week and expect him to be heavily used in the passing game and in scoring situations.

Jay Cutler - $5,300
A healthy Cutler is an effective Cutler and he has yet to have a 300 yard game with no turnovers. The Chief’s defense has not been able to stop quarterbacks at all this season. Cutler is due for his big game and this week presents his best opportunity yet.

Martellus Bennett - $5,000
It is looking like Alshon Jeffery will miss yet another game. In his absence no one has been targeted more than Martellus Bennett. The Chiefs are actually stout against tight ends but at this point I consider Bennett a tight end in name only. He is the WR1 in Chicago until Jeffery returns. I love pairing a quarterback with one of his receivers, or tight end in this case, so Bennett makes total sense for me here.

Keenan Allen - $7,200
I have Allen in my flex for a few reasons. First, Stevie Johnson is looking doubtful and while Malcom Floyd will contribute, this is still the Allen show. Second, I like to use my flex spot in its literal sense and I have a ton of flexibility here. If Adam is crushing me during the 1PM games I can afford to throw Rob Gronkowski in my flex before the afternoon game. If I keep Allen in there I still have a variety of options between the Sunday night and Monday night games.

Giants - $2,900
My logic here is that there is no better team against the run in the NFL than the New York Giants. Currently the San Francisco 49ers have one top offensive skill player and that is Carlos Hyde. Not only do I think the Giants defense will bottle up Hyde but I think they have the upside to generate a turnover or two and have a kick returner who is always a threat to break on off for a score.

I’ll know by Monday night if this out-of-the-box lineup strategy is at all effective. Maybe it would be successful against an average player which is exactly why I decided to play this team against Adam Levitan, who I highly respect. I wish Adam the best of luck, I just hope I have a little more luck than he does this weekend.