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Building a Draft Kings Lineup with Both Allen’s
By Jen Ryan

(Lineup Tool: http://www.footballdiehards.com/fantasyfootball/dailygames/Lineup-Generator.cfm)

For my fun, non-research related, out of the box Draft Kings lineup this week I am living on the edge a little bit. Each week, one of the Allen’s from Jacksonville inevitably winds up on a few of my rosters. Both are usually worth their price and both are productive receivers. I am not ashamed to admit that I have literally flipped a coin in the past to determine which Allen I want to play. This week I decided to get a little crazy. Rather than decide between which Allen to play I will be experimenting with playing both Allen’s. This is a risky move. Hurns could be a game-time decision but for now it looks like he may play. I’ll monitor his status but if he is active I am rolling out both Jacksonville receivers against the porous Baltimore Ravens secondary. Below is the lineup I constructed with the Allen’s.

QB – Kirk Cousins - $5,200
Cousins has nine interceptions to his 10 touchdowns this season so this is a bit of a risky play. He is also a cheap play and fits nicely into my lineup considering his matchup. The New Orleans Saints have allowed everyone and anyone to throw on them. Kirk Cousins is not a great quarterback but he can have a nice fantasy day for me. I have strategically paired him with his elite tight end.

RB – James Starks - $4,900
His coach declared him the starter and I have bought in. Starks has out played Eddie Lacy and earned the title of RB1. Lacy will still see his touches but Starks should carry the bulk of the load. His real appeal comes in the passing game. The Detroit Lions are one of the worst teams in football and Starks could have a huge game against them, especially if the Packers take an early lead.

RB – Doug Martin - $5,600
Martin is coming off of back to back clunkers. He is losing touches to Charles Sims and has cooled down after his hot start to the season. Perhaps he needs a confidence boost? He will have one this week. The Cowboys’ defense is not as good as advertised and running backs have had no problem running on them. I like Martin to bounce back this week and return value.

WR – Stefon Diggs - $5,100
My logic here is that many people will be off Diggs this week after his poor performance last week. Teddy Bridgewater has made Diggs his top receiver and he should return to the top contributor this week. Despite Bridgewater literally being knocked out last week he seems to be on track to play this weekend. As long as Teddy plays I will be playing Diggs at his discounted price.

TE – Jordan Reed - $4,600
Reed is the reason I am also playing Kirk Cousins. He wears the tight end tag but he is, in my eyes, the WR1 in Washington. The Saints are a great matchup for him and I expect him to dominate as he usually does. I will need Cousins to play at least above average and he should be able to against New Orleans. In a perfect world, Reed will put up receiver-type numbers and score for me, maybe even twice.

Flex – DeAndre Hopkins - $8,700
As always I will be utilizing flexibility in my flex which is why I have Hopkins in here, who plays on Monday Night. I have the funds to swap him out for anyone on the Bengals, Cardinals, or Seahawks offense. Hopkins does not have a great matchup against the undefeated Bengals but he is matchup-proof. I have a feeling he will still be in my flex come Monday night.

DST – Broncos - $3,400
The Broncos are one of the best defenses and are playing against a team without Jamaal Charles and with a quarterback who spends as much time on the ground as he does in the pocket. I realize they will be without playmakers Aquib Talib and DeMarcus Ware but I have no hesitation paying up for them this week. They will sack Alex Smith, generate turnovers, and limit the scoring on the other side of the ball.

The hope of this lineup lies in the foot of Allen Hurns. He has played through injuries in the past and I expect him to suit up on Sunday. Rather than make myself crazy trying to figure out which Allen to play I am going out on a limb and playing both. In the event he is not active this lineup will look different but for now I am confident in the Jacksonville receivers.