Fantasy Football Diehards Weekly Challenge Rules

Football Diehards Challenge Rules

Lineup Requirments

Tier Style

The Football Diehards Challenge is a Tier system with unique players on each Tier. This is similar to a Salary Cap system but you don't have to worry about managing salaries, rather finding your best player in each Tier.
Maximum Entries: 10,000 teams

Tier Levels

PositionNo. of Players
QBs 2
RBs 2
WRs 3
TEs 1
PKs 1
DEFs 1


Scoring Details

Passing TD: 4 points each
Rushing TD: 6 points each
Receiving TD: 6 points each
Passing yards: .05 points/1 yard
Rushing yards: .1 points/ 1 yard
Receiving yards: .1 points/ 1 yard
Receptions: 1 point / recpt
Interceptions: -1 point per Int
Defensive Team:
TDs6 points each
Safeties2 points each
Sacks2 points each
Turnovers2 points each
shutout5 points
between 1-5 points2 points
between 6-10 points1 point