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Youre On the Clock Allen Robinson

By Armando Marsal
Armando Marsal As fantasy owners, we tend to place a lot of emphasis on the previous season statistics in our decision making process and sometimes a little too much, if you ask me. Yes, it is very important to look at last year’s numbers, but before deciding on whether or not to draft a player, make sure to dig deep into these numbers and see what truly went wrong or right. For instance, Allen Robinson went from scoring the 13th most fantasy points in 2015, to finishing outside of the top 50 in 2016. This was a significant drop for Robinson as he scored nearly seven fewer fantasy points per game from one year to the next. What happened, you might be asking? Regression was inevitable after his superb sophomore season, but this was a bit more than was expected if you ask me. If you look at the ... Premium subscription is needed