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Football Diehards has a wonder staff of writers with decades of fantasy football experience they are very happy to share with our readers. Our columns are free and many are part of our premium service that include preseason and regular season of the NFL - from draft preparation with mock drafts, rookie review and draft tools to regular season free agent ideas, sit start, injury reports, camp news, rankings and cheat sheets to help you compete at a high level in your draft!

2017 Football Diehards Staff fantasy football Draft Analysis

By Jen Ryan
Jen Ryan We all love our home leagues and they are near and dear to us, but the Football Diehards staff league is as close to my heart as my family league. I am fortunate to be surrounded by and work with (and for) some of the most brilliant minds in fantasy football. When we participate in our staff draft e Full Story

Strength of schedule and breakout predictor, 2017—2018

By Adam Hall
Adam Hall What’s the best way to succeed that no one considers? When you close your eyes and think hard about what makes for a successful fantasy team what comes to mind? An elite quarterback, a receiving corps like the Giants perhaps? Or maybe it’s an offensive line like the Cowboys from last year? All of Full Story

Stomp prep for SBFFC draft 2017

By Emil R Kadlec
Emil R Kadlec Here’s another video using the stomp draft tool. I have a draft tonight in the SB FFC, Southern Bluegrass Fantasy Football Championship in Kentucky -- I’m drafting online. My top plan right now as I go into the draft is I’d like to get Michael Thomas who’s been going basically the last pick in the f Full Story

Daily Fantasy Tips and Strategies

By Jen Ryan
Jen Ryan This year, I am back on the grind chasing those elusive million dollars that have eluded me since I saw the commercials promising to make me a millionaire by playing daily fantasy football. I love every aspect of chasing that top prize, and every other prize in between. The Sunday sweat is fun and r Full Story

DFS Strategy 2017

By Armando Marsal
Armando Marsal Some Basic Information For Those Ready To Dive Into The Daily Game Daily Fantasy Sports, also known as DFS, continues to grow at a rapid pace despite some bumps in the road. On DraftKings, there are tournaments that pay a million dollars for first place in both football and golf. In football, th Full Story

2017 The Curse Of 370

By Gary Davenport
Gary Davenport What It Is And Why You Need To Know About It In 2017 I’m as big a backaholic as anyone. An old-school fantasy football enthusiast who places a lot of importance on assembling a strong stable of running backs on draft day. While it’s become trendier to draft one or even two wide receivers in the f Full Story

ESPN Draft Analysis 1 2017 Pt two

By Michael Valverde
Michael Valverde Click to: ESPN Draft Analysis part 1 click to: Check out the draft video ROUND 11 Adam Thielen came on strong late last season. He could continue to surprise or just slip into oblivion. Kareem Hunt fits the Kansas City Chiefs system like a glove, however, he is just a rookie. How Full Story

ESPN Draft Analysis 1 2017 Pt one

By Michael Valverde
Michael Valverde Click to: ESPN Draft Analysis part 2 Click to: Check out the draft video Doing a free mock draft usually leads to the thought so famously given by Forrest Gump, “Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you are going to get?” I joined one of the better master minds Full Story

Quick hits pre-season week 1 2017

By Chad Stapley
Chad Stapley Deshaun Watson came out firing like he isn’t a rookie QB playing in his first NFL game ever. Watson went 15/25 for 179 yards and he added 24 yards rushing with a TD. Watson looks like a draft able QB in the later rounds for fantasy football, as he is most likely going to start the season as QB2 for Full Story

Football Diehards Staff PPR Draft with Analysis 2017

By Emil R Kadlec
Emil R Kadlec Football Diehards Staff PPR 2017 Draft with Analysis With experts Bob Harris, Mike Dempsey, Gary Davenport, Jen Ryan, Brad Kruse, Armando Marsal, Justin Lonero, John Laub, Lisa Ann, Evan Tarracciano, Chad Stapley and Emil Kadlec Here is a video of Football Diehards Staff PPR draft 2017. Jen Ry Full Story

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