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Vincent Jackson All But Certain To Test Free Agent Market Thursday, February 9, 2012 | Time: 10:27 PT |  Reported by the San Diego Union-Tribune
The Facts: Following up on the ongoing story. ... The Chargers will almost certainly allow Jackson to hit the free agent market next month, and there is expected to be a line of teams ready to deal with him.
Diehards Line:According to Union-Tribune beat writer Kevin Acee, the Chargers will reach out to Jackson’s agents well in advance of the free agency period beginning on March 13 and say they are interested in being in the mix along with other teams. But even if the official word from both sides will be that they are open to reuniting – and the Chargers could become players once they see where the market has been set – Acee considers it unlikely Jackson will be a Charger once other teams get in the bidding. And that bidding is expected to go quickly. Jackson is the consensus No.1 receiver on the market, and sources predicted yesterday he would be signed in the first few days of free agency. For what it's worth, NFL Network insider Jason La Canfora agrees with Acee. “I don’t see any way he’s back [in San Diego],” La Canfora said on Wednesday. “There’s been acrimony between the two sides over the years and there are too many teams that need receiving help, St. Louis, San Francisco and Tampa are some teams off the top of my head. Somebody is going to give him big bucks. ...” Jackson was asking for $10 million a year more than a year ago. Assume his price this year will be higher.