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Free-Agent Signing Tracker
PlayerPosNew TeamOld TeamLatest NewsNote
Feely, Jay (Profile)PKARIARI Jay Feely Re-Signs With Cardinals
Dwyer, Jonathan (Profile)RBARIFA Cardinals Sign Jonathan Dwyer
Carlson, John (Profile)TEARIMIN Cardinals Sign John Carlson To Two-Year Deal
Ginn, Ted (Profile)WRARICAR Cardinals Sign Ted Ginn
Hester, Devin (Profile)WRATLCHI Devin Hester Agrees To Three-Year Deal With The Falcons
Forsett, Justin (Profile)RBBALJAC Ravens Sign Justin Forsett To One-Year Deal
Pitta, Dennis (Profile)TEBALBAL Done Deal: Steve Smith Signs With Baltimore Ravens
Daniels, Owen (Profile)TEBALHOU Harbaugh Guarantees Owen Daniel Will Have A Big Role
Jones, Jacoby (Profile)WRBALBAL Done Deal: Steve Smith Signs With Baltimore Ravens
Smith, Steve (Profile)WRBALCAR Rivera Continues To Shoot Barbs At Steve Smith
Carpenter, Dan (Profile)PKBUFBUF Bills Re-Sign PK Dan Carpenter
Dixon, Anthony (Profile)RBBUFSFO Bill Sign Former 49ers RB Anthony Dixon
Caussin, Mike (Profile)TEBUFBUF Bills Re-Sign TE Mike Caussin
Williams, Mike (Profile)WRBUFTB This Just In: Mike Williams Has Some Growing Up To Do
Anderson, Derek (Profile)QBCARCAR Derek Anderson Will Remain A Panther
Dickson, Ed (Profile)TECARBAL Panthers Sign Former Ravens TE Ed Dickson
McNeill, Mike (Profile)TECARSTL Panthers Sign TE Mike McNeill
Avant, Jason (Profile)WRCARPHI Panthers Sign WR Jason Avant To A One-Year Contract
Cotchery, Jerricho (Profile)WRCARPIT Jerricho Cotchery Joining The Panthers; Veteran Now Carolina's Top Receiver
Underwood, Tiquan (Profile)WRCARTB Panthers Add Tiquan Underwood To Receiving Corps
Palmer, Jordan (Profile)QBCHICHI Bears Re-Sign QB Jordan Palmer
Bush, Michael (Profile)RBCHICHI Michael Bush To Visit Patriots
Rosario, Dante (Profile)TECHICHI Dante Rosario Re-Signs With Bears... Again
Mulligan, Matthew (Profile)TECHIFA
Hixon, Domenik (Profile)WRCHICAR Bears Sign Domenik Hixon To One-Year Deal
Sanzenbacher, Dane (Profile)WRCINCIN Dane Sanzenbacher Re-Signs With Bengals
Cundiff, Billy (Profile)PKCLECLE Browns Re-Sign Billy Cundiff
Pressley, Chris (Profile)RBCLECIN Browns Signing Former Bengals FB Chris Pressley
Tate, Ben (Profile)RBCLEHOU Ben Tate's Real Contract Numbers Not Quite As Impressive As Initial Report
Dray, Jim (Profile)TECLEARI Browns Sign TE Jim Dray Away From Cardinals
Burleson, Nate (Profile)WRCLEDET Nate Burleson Signs With Browns
Weeden, Brandon (Profile)QBDALCLE Brandon Weeden Thinks He Tried To Do Too Much In Cleveland
Caldwell, Andre (Profile)WRDENDEN WRs Still Shuffling; Sanders Signs With Broncos; Patriots Land LaFell
Sanders, Emmanuel (Profile)WRDENPIT Emmanuel Sanders Dismisses Talk Of Agreement With Chiefs
Collins, Jed (Profile)FBDETNOR Lions Sign FB Jed Collins
Orlovsky, Dan (Profile)QBDETTB Lions Sign Dan Orlovsky To Back Up Stafford
Bell, Joique (Profile)RBDETDET Done Deal; Joique Bell Gets Two-Year, $7 Million Deal From Lions
Pettigrew, Brandon (Profile)TEDETDET Brandon Pettigrew Thinks New Staff Will Look To Get Him More Touches
Tate, Golden (Profile)WRDETSEA Golden Tate Thinks He'll Be A Better Fit In Detroit Than He Was In Seattle
Kuhn, John (Profile)FBGNBGNB Packers Re-Sign FB John Kuhn
Flynn, Matt (Profile)QBGNBGNB Matt Flynn Re-Signs With Packers
Starks, James (Profile)RBGNBGNB Done Deal: James Starks Will Indeed Return To Packers
Quarless, Andrew (Profile)TEGNBGNB Packers Re-Sign TE Andrew Quarless
Vinatieri, Adam (Profile)PKINDIND Colts Re-Sign Adam Vinatieri
Bradshaw, Ahmad (Profile)RBINDIND Fantasy Notebook: AFC South Preview Featuring Nicks, Gerhart & More
Nicks, Hakeem (Profile)WRINDNYG Fantasy Notebook: AFC South Preview Featuring Nicks, Gerhart & More
Henne, Chad (Profile)QBJACJAC Henne Re-Signs With Jaguars; Likely Week 1 Starter At QB
Gerhart, Toby (Profile)RBJACMIN Bradley Reiterates Again: Toby Gerhart Will Be Busy
Doss, Tandon (Profile)WRJACBAL Jaguars Sign Former Ravens WR/KR Tandon Doss
Moreno, Knowshon (Profile)RBMIADEN Knowshon Moreno Know He'll Have To Compete For Starting Job In Miami
Cone , Kevin (Profile)WRMIAATL Former Falcons WR Kevin Cone To Sign With Dolphins
Williams, Damian (Profile)WRMIATEN Dolphins Sign WR Damian Williams
Webb, Joe (Profile)QBMINMIN Joe Webb Signs With Panthers... As A QB
Cassel, Matt (Profile)QBMINMIN Vikings Re-Sign Cassel; Ponder's Future In Minnesota Next Question
Asiata, Matt (Profile)RBMINMIN Vikings Re-Sign RB Matt Asiata
Reisner, Allen (Profile)TEMINJAC
Jean, Lestar (Profile)WRMINHOU Vikings Sign Former Texans WR Lestar Jean
Hoomanawanui, Michael (Profile)TENWENWE Patriots Re-Signing TE Michael Hoomanawanui
LaFell, Brandon (Profile)WRNWECAR Brandon LaFell Gives Patriots Wide Receiving Corps Size; What Role Will He Play?
Edelman, Julian (Profile)WRNWENWE Patriots Re-Sign Julian Edelman
Lorig, Erik (Profile)FBNORTB Saints Sign FB Erik Lorig To Four-Year Deal
McCown, Luke (Profile)QBNORNOR Saints Re-Sign Luke McCown
Thomas, Pierre (Profile)RBNORNOR Fantasy Notebook: NFC South Preview Featuring Graham, Julio & More
Meachem, Robert (Profile)WRNORNOR The Saints Re-Sign Robert Meachem
Meachem, Robert (Profile)WRNORNOR The Saints Re-Sign Robert Meachem
Morgan, Joe (Profile)WRNORNOR Saints Re-Sign Joe Morgan
Freeman, Josh (Profile)QBNYGMIN Josh Freeman, Giants Agree To Terms
Hynoski, Henry (Profile)RBNYGNYG Giants Re-Sign FB Henry Hynoski
Hillis, Peyton (Profile)RBNYGNYG Giants Re-Sign Peyton Hillis
Jennings, Rashad (Profile)RBNYGOAK Rashad Jennings Signing With The Giants
Davis, Kellen (Profile)TENYGFA Giants Sign TE Kellen Davis
Manningham, Mario (Profile)WRNYGSFO Eli Manning Has Ankle Scoped; Will Miss 6 Weeks
Folk, Nick (Profile)PKNYJNYJ Nick Folk Signs Multi-Year Deal With Jets
Vick, Michael (Profile)QBNYJPHI Chris Johnson Agrees To Two-Year Deal With The Jets
Johnson, Chris (Profile)RBNYJTEN Report: Chris Johnson's Knee Normal For A RB After Six Years Of NFL Play
Cumberland, Jeff (Profile)TENYJNYJ Jets Agree To Three-Year Deal With Jeff Cumberland
Decker, Eric (Profile)WRNYJDEN Chris Johnson Agrees To Two-Year Deal With The Jets
Ford, Jacoby (Profile)WRNYJOAK
Schaub, Matt (Profile)QBOAKHOU Matt Schaub's New Deal Makes It Easy For Oakland To Pull The Plug Early
Stewart, Jeremy (Profile)RBOAKOAK Oakland Re-Signs RB Jeremy Stewart
McFadden, Darren (Profile)RBOAKOAK Is Darren McFadden Likely To Open 2014 As The Starter Over MJD?
Jones, James (Profile)WROAKGNB Raiders Trade For Schaub; Former Texan On Board To Start In Oakland
Sanchez, Mark (Profile)QBPHINYJ Mark Sanchez Understands His Role With Eagles, But...
Sproles, Darren (Profile)RBPHINOR McCoy Believes Darren Sproles Will Help Eagles Offense
Tate, Brandon (Profile)WRPHINOR Bengals Re-Sign Brandon Tate
Cooper, Riley (Profile)WRPHIPHI Eagles Release Jackson; WR Denies Gang Affiliations
Maclin, Jeremy (Profile)WRPHIPHI Jeremy Maclin's Bet On Himself Starting To Look Like A Good Choice
Blount, LeGarrette (Profile)RBPITNWE Steelers Sign LeGarrett Blount To A Two-Year Deal
Heyward-Bey, Darrius (Profile)WRPITIND Darrius Heyward-Bey Signs One-Year Deal With Steelers
Moore, Lance (Profile)WRPITNOR Lance Moore Signs With Steelers
Hill, Shaun (Profile)QBSTLDET Rams Sign Shaun Hill
Britt, Kenny (Profile)WRSTLTEN Kenny Britt's Deal With St. Louis The Definition Of A Prove-It Contract
Clemens, Kellen (Profile)QBSDGSTL Kellen Clemens Signs With Chargers
Brown, Donald (Profile)RBSDGIND Chargers Sign RB Donald Brown
Dawson, Phil (Profile)PKSFOSFO Phil Dawson Re-Signs With 49ers
Gabbert, Blaine (Profile)QBSFOJAC Blaine Gabbert Traded To San Francisco
Osgood, Kassim (Profile)WRSFOSFO 49ers Re-Sign Kassim Osgood
Boldin, Anquan (Profile)WRSFOSFO Details On Anquan Boldin's Deal Emerge; WR Gets $12 Million
Lloyd, Brandon (Profile)WRSFOFA 49ers Sign WR Brandon Lloyd
Hauschka, Steven (Profile)PKSEASEA Seahawks Re-Sign Steven Hauschka
Jackson, Tarvaris (Profile)QBSEASEA Tarvaris Jackson Returning To Seattle For Another Season
McCoy, Anthony (Profile)TESEASEA TE Anthony McCoy Re-Signs With Seahawks
Price, Taylor (Profile)WRSEAJAC Seahawks Sign WR Taylor Price
McCown, Josh (Profile)QBTBCHI Buccaneers Sign Josh McCown; Name Him Their Starting QB
Lane, Jorvorskie (Profile)RBTBMIA FB Jorvorskie Lane Signs With Buccaneers
Rainey, Bobby (Profile)RBTBTB Buccaneers Sign Bobby Rainey To Two-Year Deal
Myers, Brandon (Profile)TETBNYG Buccaneers Sign TE Brandon Myers To Two-Year Deal
Murphy, Louis (Profile)WRTBNYG Buccaneers Sign WR Louis Murphy
Hawkins, Lavelle (Profile)WRTBFA Done Deal: Buccaneers Sign WR Lavelle Hawkins
Whitehurst, Charlie (Profile)QBTENSDG Charlie Whitehurst Signs With Titans
Washington, Leon (Profile)RBTENTEN Titans Re-Sign Leon Washington
Battle, Jackie (Profile)RBTENTEN It's Official: Titans Release Chris Johnson
McCluster, Dexter (Profile)WRTENKAN Teammates, Coaches Excited By Dexter McCluster
McCoy, Colt (Profile)QBWASSFO Colt McCoy Signs With Redskins
Roberts, Andre (Profile)WRWASARI Fantasy Notebook: NFC East Preview; RG3 Rising. Eli Declining & More
Jackson, DeSean (Profile)WRWASPHI Fantasy Notebook: NFC East Preview; RG3 Rising. Eli Declining & More
Moss, Santana (Profile)WRWASWAS Fantasy Notebook: NFC East Preview; RG3 Rising. Eli Declining & More
Fitzpatrick, Ryan (Profile)QBHOUTEN Texans Sign Ryan Fitzpatrick To A Two-Year Contract
Brown, Andre (Profile)RBHOUNYG Andre Brown Signs One-Year Deal With Houston Texans
Potter, Zach (Profile)TEHOUJAC Texans Signing Former Jags TE Zach Potter
Graham, Garrett (Profile)TEHOUHOU Texans Retain TE Garrett Graham
Leach, Vonta (Profile)FBFABAL Ravens Releasing Veteran FB Vonta Leach
McClain, LeRon (Profile)FBFASDG Chargers Releasing FB Le'Ron McClain
Tynes, Lawrence (Profile)PKFATB Buccaneers Release PK Lawrence Tynes
Bironas, Rob (Profile)PKFATEN Titans Releasing PK Rob Bironas
Kolb, Kevin (Profile)QBFABUF Kevin Kolb Released By Bills
Campbell, Jason (Profile)QBFACLE Jason Campbell Signs On With Bengals
Bess, Davone (Profile)WRFACLE Browns Release Davone Bess
Austin, Miles (Profile)WRFADAL Report: Cowboys Will Release Miles Austin
Childs, Greg (Profile)WRFAMIN Vikings Release WR Greg Childs
Holmes, Santonio (Profile)WRFANYJ Report: Santonio Holmes In No Hurry To Pick His Next Team
Rice, Sidney (Profile)WRFASEA Sidney Rice To Make Just Over Veteran Minimum
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